Kansas City Manuscript Collections

Number Title
K0001 Women's Association of the First Congregational Church, Kansas City, MO Records, 1886-1933
K0002 Women's Home Missionary Union of Missouri Records, 1885-1914
K0003 Kansas City Browning Society Records, 1927-1988
K0004 Alfred Edward Barnes (1892-1960) Architectural Records, 1888-1959
K0005 Missouri Valley Chapter-Society of Architectural Historians (MVC-SAH) Records, 1966-1981
K0006 Missouri Valley Chapter-Society of Architectural Historians (MVC-SAH) Architectural Records
K0007 Jackson County Charter Commission Records, 1970
K0008 John R. Gibson (1925- ) Papers, 1970
K0009 Missouri Architectural Collection, 1903-2003
K0010 Mary Rockwell Hook Papers
K0011 Andrew Theodore Brown (1923-1983) Collection, 1960-1963
K0012 Kansas City Jazz Oral History Collection, 1977-1980
K0013 Herbert Perry Wright (1865-1945) Papers, 1896-1945
K0014 William E. Rider (1875-1952) Papers, 1893-1953
K0015 Dix Teachenor (1892-1961) Papers, 1911-1935
K0016 William Wagner (1901-1977) Papers, 1883-1966
K0017 Charles C. Tapp (1885-1981) Papers, 1887-1975
K0018 Daniel Lewis James, Jr. Papers
K0019 Louis Edward Holland (1878-1960) Papers, ca. 1916-1960
K0020 United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC)-Jefferson Davis Chapter Scrapbook, ca. 1924-1936
K0021 S. Patti Construction Company Records, 1916-1976
K0022 Liberty Memorial Association Records
K0023 Samuel Johnson McCulloch Papers
K0024 Mildred Kittell (Mrs. Sam) Ray Collection (1895-1996) Collection, ca. 1855-1882
K0025 Robert M. Snyder Jr. (1876-1937) Collection, 1849-1932
K0026 SHSMO-KC Picture Collection, ca. 1870-ca. 2010
K0027 SHSMO-KC Library Collection
K0028 Charles Bertan Wheeler, Jr. Papers
K0029 Albert Burr Fuller (1889-1964) Architectural Records, 1914-1963
K0030 Earle B. Jewell (1896-1985) Papers, 1914-1977
K0031 Blevins Davis Papers
K0032 Louise Wilder Smith Tierney Papers
K0033 Thomas Jefferson Eaton Papers
K0034 Emmy Maria Eriksson Papers
K0035 Rosa Barker Papers
K0036 Girard Thompson Bryant (1905-1993) Papers, ca. 1954-1980
K0037 Patricia Youmans Wagner (1925- ) Papers, ca. 1959-ca. 1962
K0038 Charles Nelson Glaab (1927-2009) Papers, 1956-1991
K0039 Lyle Wesley Dorsett (1938- ) Papers, 1962-1979
K0040 Jonathan B. Fuller (1842?-1928) Papers, 1851-1873
K0041 Nelle E. Peters Architectural Records
K0042 Frank Morgan Cortelyou (1886-1976) Papers, 1855-1976
K0043 William A. Goff Papers
K0044 Charles Colville, Jr. (1894-1955) Papers, 1917-1919
K0045 Jeanette McVey Luhnow (1899-1987) Collection, 1934-1979
K0046 William Henry Wilson (1935- ) Papers, 1909-1963
K0047 Kansas City Monarchs Oral History Collection, 1978-1981
K0048 Karl Hickman Klein (1913- 2000) Collection, 1901-1990
K0049 Barbara Rosa Barnett (Mrs. William W.) Shelley (1889-1980) Family Papers, ca. 1850-1980
K0050 Lyle Kennedy Papers
K0051 Armour and Company Report
K0052 Thomas Johnson Diary
K0053 Vera Haworth (Mrs. William) Eldridge (1910-1988) Collection, 1825-1920
K0054 J.C. Nichols Company Scrapbooks, 1910-1997
K0055 Charles Newton Kimball (1911-1994) Papers, 1911-1991
K0056 Robert Gillham (1855-1899) Papers, 1887-1890
K0057 Laurie Perry Cookingham (1896-1992) Papers, 1932-1980
K0058 William James Anderson, Jr. (1884-1967) Papers, 1840s-ca. 1965
K0059 William Volker and Company Records, ca.1893-1964
K0060 MidAmerican Coalition for Energy Alternatives (MACEA) Records, 1973-1981
K0061 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition Records, 1971-2001
K0062 Alfred Fenton and Brother Records, 1849-1884
K0063 Kansas City Board of Trade Records, 1873-1978
K0064 Phoebe Jane Ess (1850-1934) Foundation Records, 1934-1939
K0065 Boller Brothers Architectural Records
K0066 Kansas City Area Archivists (KCAA) Records, 1978-2007
K0067 George Ehrlich Papers
K0068 Addie Aldridge Gordon (1887-1973) Papers, 1855-1943
K0069 Oscar David Nelson (1895-1981) Papers, 1914-1980
K0070 Pegasus Air Transport Records, ca.1981
K0071 Civil Research Institute Records, 1920-1966
K0072 Albert Isaac Beach (1883-1939) Papers, 1924-1931
K0073 Helen Faye Smither (1900-1995) Collection, ca. 1740-1960
K0074 Frank A. Faxon (1848-1912) Papers, 1900-1911
K0075 Myrtle Mae Duval Mosman (1883-1974) Papers, 1900-1928
K0076 American Association of University Women (AAUW)-Kansas City Chapter Records, 1901-2014
K0077 Penn Valley Meeting of Friends Records, 1943-1998
K0079 Charles H. Smith (1836?-1863) Letters, ca.1833-1863
K0080 George A. Fuller Company Photograph Collection, 1911-ca. 1922
K0081 John K. Samuel (1909-1995) Collection, 1839-1981
K0082 Asa Beebe Cross (1826-1894) Papers, 1855-1940
K0083 Theodore C. Sparks (1871-1930) Family Papers, ca. 1750-1960
K0084 Elmer F. Pierson (1896-1982) Papers, 1938-1981
K0085 Perry C. Phillips (1862-1923) Papers, 1882-1909
K0086 Committee FOR Annexation Records, 1963-1965
K0087 James William Earp (1888-1958) Papers, 1910-1957
K0088 Jackson County Medical Society Collection, 1859-1838
K0089 Ohio Riverboat Diary, 1870
K0090 Lena Kathryn Alton Depher (1900-1988) Collection, 1869-1946
K0091 Edwin Vincent O’Hara (1881-1956) Papers, ca. 1902-ca. 1956
K0092 Arthur Mag (1896-1981) Papers, 1921-1981
K0093 "City of Kansas City" Records, 1947
K0094 Serina Levin Lorsch (1906-1997) Papers, 1963-1991
K0095 International Relations Council (IRC) Records
K0096 Henry Cummings Haskell Papers
K0097 Hazel Call Page (1897-1991) Papers, 1938-1981
K0098 Boothe Coal Company Records, ca.1936-1953
K0099 Missouri Association of Architects (MAA) Records, 1944-1984
K0100 Young Matrons of Kansas City Records, 1917-1964
K0101 Eric Douglas Macwilliam Remington (1893-1975) Papers , ca. 1920-ca. 1950
K0102 Wynkoop Kiersted Papers
K0103 Eliot S. Berkley (1924-2012) Papers, ca.1935-2007
K0104 Walter J. Berkowitz (1892-1966) Papers, 1924-1965
K0105 Benson Manufacturing Company Records, ca.1920-1970
K0106 J.C. Nichols Company Records
K0107 LeRoy Daniel MacMorris (1893-1981) Papers, ca.1893-ca. 1980
K0108 Thomson and McKee Mercantile Records, 1860-1866
K0109 Missouri Temperance Union, Prathersvile, Missouri, Records, 1887-1888
K0110 Kansas City Branch, American Postal Workers Accident Benefit Association Records, 1927-1991
K0111 Nathaniel Chapman Medical Lectures
K0112 Jefferson Davis Griffith Chapter-Association of Military Surgeons of the United States Records
K0113 Edward L. Stewart Papers
K0114 David Lewis Day (1822-1888) Papers, 1762-1885
K0115 Mary Bullock Aker (1892-1985) Papers, c1930-1984
K0116 Municipal Photograph Collection, 1930s-1960s
K0117 Charles K. Parsons (1886-1978) Papers, 1904-1983
K0118 Leslie S. Barber (1885-1966) Papers, 1950-1966
K0119 140th F Club Records, ca. 1927-ca. 1982
K0120 Hyatt Howe Waggoner (1913-1988) Letter, 1949
K0121 Folly Theater Records, 1953-1957
K0122 C.W. Hoffman Papers
K0123 George Washington McCrary (1835-1890) Collection, 1877-1878
K0124 William L. Thomas (1846-1918) Collection, 1898-1901
K0125 Lawrence Dudley Bailey (1819-1891) Collection, 1855-1881
K0126 John Irwin Billman (1870-1934) Collection, 1916-1932
K0127 Richard H. Lindsay (1865-1908) Scrapbook, 1894-1896
K0128 Liberty Ladies College Records
K0129 Ovid H. Corbin Papers
K0130 Philip Shelley Brown Papers
K0131 George Woodward Warder Papers
K0132 Scrapbook, 1865-1882, 1865-1882
K0133 Hughes/Simmons Drug Store Records, ca. 1872-1960
K0134 Parkville Presbyterian Church Records, ca. 1845-1981
K0135 Preston Family Papers, ca. 1827-1937
K0136 Lyle Welles Underhill (1890-1983) Architectural Records, 1909-1939
K0137 Gash Family Papers, 1769-1952
K0138 Paul Nugent Johnstone (1900-1973) Papers, 1956-1967
K0139 Mary Johnson Bland (1892-1977) Papers, 1821-1964
K0140 Frank Harold Backstrom (1902-1990) Papers, 1923-1984
K0141 Nellie Hall Williams Papers
K0142 Kenneth Eardley Midgley (1903-1990) Papers, 1941-1950
K0143 Carnegie Cultural Club Records, ca. 1903-1982
K0144 Mattie P. Burton (1882-1982) Papers, 1958
K0145 Greater Kansas City Section, National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) Records, 1893-2004
K0146 Frank B. Dolsen (1867-1924) Scrapbook, 1905-1919
K0147 Fort Osage Records, 1808-1815
K0147 Fort Osage Records, 1808-1815
K0148 James W. Parker (1822-1907) Records, 1851-1872
K0149 Amanda Elizabeth Evans Rivard (1899-1988) Papers, 1918-1983
K0150 State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-Kansas City Records, 1980-2012
K0151 Leason Business Records, 1832-1864
K0152 United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), Robert E. Lee Chapter Records, 1916-1917
K0153 Kansas City Athletic Club (KCAC) Records, 1931-1942
K0154 Harold Roe Bartle (1901-1974) Papers, 1937-1974
K0155 Fort Osage Restoration Records, 1808-1979
K0156 Gordon-Cox Family Papers
K0157 Northside Telephone Company Records, 1899-1983
K0158 Kansas City Livestock Exchange Records, 1886-1958
K0159 Elizabeth Kreps Wilson (1891-19??) Dissertation, 1944
K0160 Albany Ledger, Gentry County, Missouri, Abstracts, 1884-1887
K0161 Lone Star School District Records, 1884-1895
K0162 SHSMO-KC Map Collection
K0164 Mount Gilead School Records, 1854-1859
K0165 Mount Gilead Church Records, 1854
K0166 Alonzo H. Shelton (1839-1930) Reminiscences, 1920
K0167 Wesley S. Davidson (1828-1915) Papers, 1858-1984
K0168 Daniel Burns Dyer (1849-1912) Papers, 1866-1913
K0169 Alexander Napier Thomas (1839-1904) Papers, 1862-1904
K0170 Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), Savannah Lodge # 14, Records, 1846-1965
K0171 Valley Hotel Register, 1883-1885
K0172 Oak Grove Telephone Company Records, 1902-1945
K0173 Albert Victor Hart (1884-1962) Marriage Records, 1941-1950
K0174 Andrew County School District #70, Deakin School Records, 1933-1936
K0175 Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney Case Records, 1942-1945
K0176 Andrew County Justice of the Peace Docket, State Cases, 1936-1939
K0177 Briet Family Reunion Records, 1937-1894
K0178 Bethel Baptist Church Records, 1840-1980
K0179 Woodford Martin (1843-1929) Papers, 1905-1926
K0180 Louise Graff (1877-1938) Scrapbook, 1909-1928
K0181 Logan Wood (1881-1952) Genealogical Records, ca. 1700-ca. 1980
K0182 Mabel Spielman (1878-1968) Papers, 1888-1968
K0183 Uraih Spray Epperson (1861-1927) Papers, ca.1880-1930
K0184 Francis Arthur Guy (1894-1961) Papers, 1938-1955
K0185 University Medical College of Kansas City Records
K0186 Kansas City Medical Library Club Records
K0187 Kansas City Academy of Medicine Records
K0188 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Kansas City Records
K0189 Man of the Month Fraternity Records, 1946-1985
K0190 Fordice M. Rogers (1908-1997) Family Collection, 1650-1986
K0191 Kansas City, Missouri, Real Property Ownership Plat Book, ca. 1929-ca. 1932
K0192 Saint Joseph Stockyards Company Records, 1896-1963
K0193 "Alternate News" Collection, 1982-1985
K0194 Integrity, Inc. Newsletters, 1984-1985
K0195 Chicago and Alton Railroad Plat Maps, 1880-1890
K0196 Community Survey for Kansas City Foundations Report, 1948
K0197 Coates House Management Company Records, 1890-1900
K0198 Alice Pearl Metzner Scrapbook
K0199 Franklin Hudson Letter
K0200 Combination Bridge Company Photographs, 1890-1896
K0201 George Bent Letters
K0202 Meredith Tarlton Moore Papers
K0203 William Elsey Connelly Letters
K0204 Henry Titus Canfield Papers
K0205 Fred Wolferman, Inc. Records, 1897-1972
K0206 Hare and Hare Company Records
K0207 Historic Kansas City Foundation Records, 1974-1995
K0208 Kansas City Typographical Union (ITU) #80 Records, 1880-1994
K0209 Gabriel Prudhomme (1789-1831) Estate Abstract, 1831-1858
K0210 Genevieve Lichtenwalter (1867-1951) Papers, 1889-1951
K0211 Matthew Rankin Walker Papers
K0212 Hinton and Walker Records
K0213 George B. Harris Papers
K0214 Coates House Restoration Records, 1886-1982
K0215 Jessie Benton Fremont Letter
K0216 Spring Valley Park Abstract, 1893
K0217 Shalor W. Eldridge Letters
K0218 John Brown Collection
K0219 John Litt Johnson Speech
K0220 Thomas Clement Fletcher (1827-1899) Letter, 1866
K0222 Carl Busch (1862-1943) Papers, 1885-1984
K0223 Donald Robert Lowe (1936- ) Papers, 1898-ca. 1970
K0224 John Titus Fetterman (1843-1928) Papers, ca. 1896
K0225 Russell Vincent Dye (1907-1979) Family Papers, 1850-1980
K0226 Eleanor (Ellen) Waddle McCoy (1818-1893) Papers, 1838-1863
K0227 Staples Family Papers, 1814-1865
K0228 John Alexander Martin Letter, 1885
K0229 Fields Trammel Bledsoe (1818-1880) Letter, 1851
K0230 Samuel Lathrop (1772-1846) Letter, 1820
K0231 Gideon Johnson Pillow Papers, 1861
K0232 John M. McConihe Papers, 1863
K0233 Burwell-Tate Family Papers, 1850-1930's
K0234 Bernice Tate Burwell (1883-1960) Collection, 1921-1946
K0235 Liberty Christian Church Records, 1824-1987
K0236 Black and Veatch Engineers/Architects Records, ca. 1917-1954
K0237 Sarah Lewis Bush (1920- ) Family Papers, 1888-1972
K0238 Lilian Kranitz (1923-2007) Papers, 1923-1983
K0239 City Movie Center Records, 1981-1987
K0240 Cruise Palmer (1917-2011) Papers, 1909-1977
K0241 Missouri Valley Series Papers, 1962-1965
K0242 Clara Theresa Schweiger (1878-1942) Trial Records, 1915-1917
K0243 Edward Buehler Delk (1885-1956) Collection, 1917-1962
K0244 Westport Scrapbook, 1889-1961
K0245 Nancy Whitnell Harris Papers, 1925-1988
K0246 Beverly S. Watkins (1917-2012) Collection, 1934-ca. 1983
K0247 Nursing Heritage Foundation Collection, 1890s-1994
K0248 Nathan Scarritt (1821-1890) Family Papers, 1839-1962
K0249 Frances Royster Williams (1900-1998) Papers, 1913-1997
K0250 Arthur A. Benson II (1944- ) Papers, ca. 1975-1986
K0251 William John Donath, Jr. Papers
K0252 Hope Casey Van Brunt (1865-1952) Papers, ca. 1830s-1998
K0253 Soroptimist International of Kansas City Records, 1926-2010
K0254 John Bailey Gage (1887-1970) Papers, 1943-1964
K0255 Tatiana Dokoudovska (1921-2005) Papers, 1957-1970
K0256 Charles Earl Hoffhaus Papers
K0257 Woman's City Club Records, 1917-1987
K0258 Edmund Jacques Eckel Papers
K0259 Kansas City Women's Chamber of Commerce Records, 1921-2000
K0260 United States Army Mothers National Association Records
K0261 Zygmund Przemyslaw Rondomanski (1908-2000) Papers, ca. 1933-1988
K0262 Edwin McKaig Clendening (1852-1930) Papers, 1887-1929
K0263 Katharine Wright Haskell (1874-1929) Papers, 1922-1928
K0264 Commercial Club of Kansas City Scrapbooks
K0265 American Royal Records, ca. 1899-1991
K0266 Reform Movement Oral History Collection, 1988
K0267 Abe Bograd Oral History Collection
K0268 Howard, Needles, Tammen, and Bergendoff (HNTB) Records, ca. 1931-ca. 1985
K0269 Kansas City Convention Hall Records, ca. 1899-1936
K0270 Henry Lee Jost (1873-1950) Papers, ca. 1898-1958
K0271 Arthur Wayland Ellison Scrapbooks
K0272 Kansas City Ten-Year Plan Records, 1870-1938
K0273 William Cullen Bryant School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Records, ca. 1913-1990
K0274 Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Minutes, 1856-1991
K0275 Pierre Menard Sr. (1766-1844) Collection, 1805-1905
K0276 Kansas City Musical Club Records, ca. 1899-2011
K0277 Barstow School Records, ca. 1892-1989
K0278 Hayes Ayres Richardson (1901-1971) Papers, ca. 1933-1971
K0279 Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City Records, 1931-2011
K0280 Leon Milton Birkhead (1885-1954) Papers, 1893-1980
K0281 Katherine Guilfoyle Edelman (1885-1968) Papers, 1918-1973
K0282 Woolf Brothers Company Records, 1910-1990
K0283 Ira B. McLaughlin (1888-1953) Scrapbooks, 1930-1938
K0284 Guy M. Edgecomb, Jr. (1913-1972) Collection, 1944-1945
K0285 Thomas Jefferson Jennings (1843-1922) Diary, 1843-1922
K0286 Vendla Johnson Frampton (1899-1994) Collection, 1919-1988
K0287 Joseph Van Clief Karnes (1841-1911) Papers, 1868-1937
K0288 Thomas Brockway Bullene (1828-1894) Papers, 1874-1894
K0289 Kivett and Myers Architectural Records, 1945-1984
K0290 SHSMO-KC Moving Image Collection
K0291 Maschel Manring (1825-1905) Papers, 1858-1880
K0292 Octave Chanute (1832-1910) Papers, 1860-1890
K0293 William Lee Crotty Papers
K0294 Johnston Lykins (1800-1876) and Martha Lykins Bingham (1824-1890) Collection, 1841-1950
K0295 Theodore Spencer Case Papers
K0296 John Calvin McCoy (1811-1889) Collection, 1871-1950
K0297 Robert Thompson Van Horn (1824-1916) Family Papers, 1832-1965
K0298 Henry Edward Hill (1863-1927) Diary, 1922-1923
K0299 Absolom J. Martin (1832-1914) and Eli T. Martin (1836-1927) Letters, 1863-1864
K0300 Harris Family Collection, 1914-1959
K0301 Silent Film Actors Scrapbooks, 1911-1926
K0302 Terence W. Cassidy Collection
K0303 Pleasant Grove Grange Records, 1873-1893
K0304 Kansas City Youth Political Collective Records, 1981-1991
K0305 Frederick C. Gunn Papers
K0306 Christopher Columbus Huffaker (1823-1873) Papers, 1852
K0307 Rosemary L. Smithson (1931- ) Papers, 1970-1982
K0308 Westport Branch/National League of Pen Women Records, 1936-1990
K0309 Lenore K. Bradley (1935-1998) Papers, 1966-1982
K0310 Ha Ha Tonka Collection, 1905-1942
K0311 Clear Boggy Oil and Gas Company Record, 1892-1930
K0312 Harold MacGregor Grove (1924- ) Collection, 1960-1971
K0313 Rebecca Morris Papers, 1972-1980
K0314 Women's Jazz Festival, Inc. Records, 1977-1986
K0315 Godfrey G. Swenson (1876-1946) Film Collection, 1930-1958
K0316 Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr. (1912-1990) Papers, 1902-1978
K0317 O. H. Cogswell and Company Records, 1855-1857
K0318 Eugene Payne Chatman (1902-1984) Records, 1932-1948
K0319 David R. Hardy (1917-1976) Papers, 1965-1976
K0320 Dorothy Richardson Nichols (1923-2004) Collection, 1923-1937
K0321 Jeffrey Paul Hillelson (1919-2003) Papers, 1947-1984
K0322 Frank Oliver Wiziarde (1916-1987) Papers, ca. 1887-1993
K0323 College Club of Kansas City Records, 1950-1996
K0324 Sammie G. Feeback (1913-1986) Film Collection, ca. 1970
K0325 Milgram Food Stores, Inc. Collection, ca. 1910-1995
K0326 Eugene R. Lewis (1853-1901) Papers, 1853-1901
K0327 Richard Lawrence Miller (1957- ) Papers, 1959-1991
K0328 Margaret E. Pierce Papers, 1917-1972
K0329 Joseph H. "Jack" Wally, Jr. Collection
K0330 Saint Mary's Jesuit Mission and College Records, 1832-1967
K0331 Ward Parkway Estates Garden Club Records, 1957-1992
K0332 Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) of Kansas City Records, 1878-2006
K0333 Virginia Lee McClelland Ehwa (1919-????) Papers, ca. 1919-1980
K0334 Drought Relief Campaign Records, 1930-1932
K0335 Andrew Drips (1790-1860) Collection, ca. 1824-1916
K0336 Kansas City Museum Collection, 1912-1954
K0337 Manual Society of Debate Collection, 1898-1961
K0338 Whiteman Air Force Base Dedication Collection, 1955
K0339 Buford and George Manufacturing Company Collection, 1898-1899
K0340 Oscar Braecklein (1831-1904) Papers, 1901-1903
K0341 Cahn and Block Records, 1844-1845
K0342 George L. Brown & Son Collection, 1905-1912
K0343 Office of Civilian Defense Records, 1942-1944
K0345 West Kansas City Land Company Records, 1867-1894
K0346 George W. Brownson (1858-1950) Papers, 1929
K0347 Frederick W. Moody (1838-1937) Reminiscence, 1838-ca. 1869
K0348 Russell Robert Rine (1903-1978) Papers, 1974
K0349 Collapse of the Women's Prison at 15th and Grand Collection, 1863-1956
K0350 Daniel M. Geary (1835-1924) Letter, 1915
K0351 Survey of Christian Glanz Estate by A. M. Allen, n.d.
K0352 Kansas Town Company Records, 1839-1957
K0353 Liberty Memorial and Allied Charities Campaign Collection, 1919
K0354 Missouri River Navigation Association Records
K0355 George Edward Kessler (1862-1923) Papers, 1886-1923
K0356 Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Civic Department Scrapbooks, 1922-1927
K0357 Kate Leila Gregg (1883-1954) Papers, 1950s
K0358 Kenkichi Furuichi Papers, 1921-1924
K0359 John C. Taylor (1883-1968) Papers, 1927-1928
K0360 Torey Southwick (1930- ) Collection, 1960s-1970s
K0361 Barton County Work Farm Ledger, 1899-1903
K0362 Summers and Company Records, 1852-1860
K0363 Emelie Levin Papers
K0364 Downtown (Kansas City, Missouri) Kiwanis Club Records, 1918-2002
K0365 Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri Records, 1914-2000
K0366 Meyn and Fennel Architectural Records, ca.1954-1982
K0367 Standard Oil Company of Indiana - Kansas City, KS Office Records, 1915-1923
K0368 Third Regiment Missouri National Guard (Kansas City, MO) Records, 1900-1910
K0369 City of Kansas Public Works Account Journal, 1872-1874
K0370 Kansas City Municipal Court Dockets, 1902-1915
K0371 Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department Records, 1883-1888
K0372 City of Kansas Auditors Land Tax Register, 1880-1881
K0373 Kansas City Assessors Office Records, 1833-1908
K0374 Robert Martin Perkins (1904-2002) Collection, 1925-1932.
K0375 Ilus Winfield Davis (1917-1996) Papers, 1925-1995
K0377 Harrison H. George (1858-1929) Photograph Collection, 1900-ca. 1903
K0378 Robert Wilhelm Fraker (1901-1956) Papers, 1920s-1950s
K0379 Kansas City Star Photograph Collection, 1980-1999
K0380 Joshua George Lowe (1869-1954) Papers, 1908-1911
K0381 Robin Humphrey (1922-1998) Papers, 1960s-1980s
K0382 Kay Norton / Marian Peterson Papers, 1984-1995
K0383 James Edward Goodrich (1871-1952) Papers, 1904-1950
K0384 Marlam Construction Company Records, ca. 1908
K0385 Union Cemetery Association Records
K0386 Kansas City Century Box Collection, 2001
K0387 Grace Matthews White (1859-1937) Scrapbook, 1909-1924
K0388 Institute for Studies in American Music Records, 1970s
K0389 Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt (1907-2005) Papers, 1930-1990
K0390 KC150 Sesquicentennial Committee Records, 1996-2001
K0392 Community Christian Church Records, c. 1880s-2000s
K0393 SHSMO-KC Abstract Title Collection
K0394 Television Preview Magazine Collection, 1951-1954
K0396 "William James Anderson, Jr. (1884-1967) Westport Scrapbook",
K0397 Oakwood Country Club Records, 1893-1993
K0398 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-Western Missouri Records, 1960-2008
K0399 Dale A. Neuman (1936- ) Papers, 1960-1964
K0400 HistorySpeaks Oral History Collection, 2000-2002
K0401 Harold B. DeGood (1920-1995) Scrapbook, 1949-1964
K0402 Children's Literature Scrapbook, ca. 1870s
K0403 Community Video Advisory Board (CVAB) Records, 1969-1992
K0404 Northeast Industrial District Development Records, 1940-1942
K0405 William Lofinck (1843-1923) Papers, 1896-1901
K0406 United States Reserve Insurance Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri Records, 1921-1928
K0407 First Congregational Church of Cameron, Missouri, Records, 1879-1922
K0408 General Joe Bailey Women’s Relief Corps (WRC) #15-Nevada, Missouri Records, 1885-1918
K0409 Colfax Township, Osborn, Missouri Records, 1908-1921
K0411 Fannie A. (Mrs. Sidney) Reynolds Scrapbook, ca. 1880-1911
K0412 Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)-Elizabeth Benton Chapter Records, 1915-1992
K0414 Daniel Brook Bartlett (1937-2000) Papers, 1981-2000
K0415 Martin C. Nielsen (1875-1960) Architectural Collection, ca. 1940s-1950s
K0416 Robert Valentine Jones (1872-1949) Architectural Records, 1908-1909
K0417 Eugene Joseph Peltier (1910-2004) Papers, 1934-1991
K0418 Arthur Giles Carroll Mitchell (1906-1986) Papers, 1934-1982
K0419 George Randolph Barse, Jr. Papers
K0420 Catherine Ann (Bill) McQueeny Memoirs
K0421 Anti-Fascist/Anti-Communist Printed Material Collection
K0422 Philip Arthur Gambone Papers
K0423 Joseph John Maloney ( 1940-1999) Papers, 1924-1992
K0424 Jack Leonard Ralston (1929-2012) Papers, 1874-1996
K0426 Joseph A. Stornello Oral History Collection
K0427 Leawood Garden Club Records, 1952-2002
K0428 Leawood Women's Club Records, 1960-2013
K0429 Women’s Auxiliary, American Society of Mechanical Engineers-Kansas City Section Records, 1949-1991
K0430 Anita Boresow Loeb Jewish Cemetery Project, 1866-1999
K0431 Kansas City Federation of Musicians Local 34-627 Records, 1889-1983
K0432 SHSMO-KC Rotogravure Collection
K0433 Jewish Community Campus Oral History Collection, 1998-1999
K0434 Rose Lesky Stolowy (1911-2013) and Sol Stolowy (1908-1999) Papers, 1938-2002
K0436 Volker Remembrance Album, 2003
K0437 National League of American Pen Women, Kansas City-Westport Branch Records, 1931-2011
K0438 Kansas City Realty and Insurance Publications Collection, 1925-1926
K0439 Irvin R. and Laura Kirkwood Papers, 1911-1914
K0440 Jewish Community Archives Oral History Project
K0441 Samuel A. Montague (1912- ) Papers, ca. 1930-ca. 2000
K0443 James Alexander Reed (1861-1944) Papers, 1903-1950
K0444 Ellen “Nell” Quinlan Donnelly Reed Papers
K0445 Clay County, Missouri, History Papers, 1850-1956
K0446 Lenore Bea French Carroll (1939- ) Papers, ca. 1975-2005
K0447 Jewish Community Archives (JCA) Photograph Collection
K0448 Walter Scott McLucas (1875-1953) Papers, ca. 1930s
K0449 Charles Bertan Wheeler Jr. (1926- ) Missouri Senatorial Papers, 2002-2004
K0450 Vera Moore Schmitt (1913-1989) Papers, 1970-1988
K0451 Association of Fundraising Professionals Records, 1974-2003
K0452 Irene Whitley Marcus (1919- ) Collection, 1920's-1999
K0453 Trans World Airlines (TWA) Records
K0454 International Theatre Program Collection, 1930-1981
K0455 American Family Records Association (AFRA) Records, 1978-2004
K0456 Santa Fe Place Historic District Collection
K0457 William James Ryan (1940- ) Papers, 1914-1996
K0458 United Garment Workers of America, Local 47 Records, 1898-1915
K0459 Nathan Julius Stark (1920-2002) Papers, 1948-1992
K0460 Kansas City Photo View Company Photographs, ca.1912
K0461 Kansas City Photograph Scrapbooks, 1963-1998
K0462 Native Sons of Kansas City Map Collection
K0463 Jack Dean MaGee (1925-2006) Papers, 1957-1991
K0464 Melbern E. Wiyninger (1915-2006) Papers, 1950s-1980s
K0465 Native Sons of Kansas City Collection, ca. 1790-ca. 1990
K0466 Patrick Walker Sumner (1966- ) and Mott-Ly (1962-2007) Punk Rock and Underground Zine Collection, 1981-1995
K0467 Howard E. Huselton (1871-1948) Papers , 1883-1924
K0468 Raymond Bennett Bragg Papers
K0469 Harris Home Association Records, 1921-1930
K0470 George Caleb Bingham (1811-1879) Papers, 1873
K0471 Elijah Milton McGee (1819-1873) Papers, 1843-1950
K0472 Daniel Woodson (1824-1894) Papers, 1855-1858
K0473 Mockbee-Chiles Family Papers, 1842-1885
K0474 John Bristow Wornall (1822-1892) Papers, 1837-1889
K0475 Albert Gallatin Boone Papers
K0476 Michael M. Dively (1828-1901) Papers, 1839-1898
K0477 Joseph Guinotte (1815-1867) Papers, 1836-1849
K0478 Robert Bronaugh Benson (1923-2010) Collection, 1944-1945
K0479 Clay County Rural School Records, 1915-1946
K0480 Brand, Hyman (1891-1977) Papers, 1935
K0482 TWA Oral History Project, 1993-2010
K0483 George Herbert Edwards (1860-1941) Scrapbooks, 1916-1925
K0484 Nellie Schmack Gossard (1871-19??) Scrapbook, 1926-1938
K0486 Gladys Finlayson (1888-1971) Letters, 1926-1966
K0487 Dallas, Missouri, School Board Record Book
K0488 Louisa Poteet Johnston (1890-1979) Oral Interviews, 1975
K0489 Anderson Photo Company Photograph Collection, 1911-ca. 1970
K0490 Edgar Allison Linton (1883-1972) Photographs, 1910-1973
K0491 Linwood Theater Records, 1940s-1970s
K0492 Dale Vincent Monaghen (1939- ) Collection, ca. 1915-ca. 1970
K0493 Dale Vincent Monaghen (1939- ) Photograph Collection, ca. 1960-1980s
K0494 SHSMO-KC Theater Program Collection, 1905-1965
K0495 Anna Whyte Gentry (1872-1961) Scrapbook, 1880's
K0496 John James Green (1857-1918) Scrapbook, 1901
K0497 Kansas City Aero Club Scrapbook, 1909-1914
K0498 William Jewell College Photograph Collection, ca. 1913-1914
K0499 La Comunidad Video Collection, c. 1980s-1990s
K0500 Mariska Pugsley Marker (1918- ) Papers, 1813-2008
K0501 Ida K Staggers (1913-1993) Papers, 1936-1972
K0502 Frances Susan Hollingworth Papers, 1959
K0503 Frances Sarah Stark (1912-2005) Papers, 1942-1946
K0504 Evelyn Belle Marks Biography
K0505 Golda Svea Rosen Biography
K0506 Gordon R. "Parky" Parkinson (1908-1997) Papers, 1929-1988
K0507 Institute for Community Studies, Inc. Records, 1950-1971
K0508 Susan Warren (1919-1989) Papers, 1943-1989
K0508 Susan Warren (1919-1989) Papers, 1943-1989
K0509 Quill Club of Kansas City Records, 1920-1980
K0510 Andrew Christy Knox (1874-1954) Papers, 1900-1951
K0511 Rediscover Mental Health Services Records, ca. 1969-1995
K0512 Kansas City Young Audiences Inc. Records, 1962-2005
K0513 Wyandotte Association for Child Care Services, Inc. Records, 1976-1982
K0514 Kansas City, Missouri, Department of Public Works Bid Books, 1888-1948
K0515 Kansas City Area Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition Records, 1974-1982
K0516 Frank E. Brennan (1922-1993) Papers, ca. 1967-1971
K0517 Dwayne R. Martin (1951- ) Papers, 1870-1890
K0518 Metropolitan Information Network (MINET) Records, ca. 1976-1980
K0519 Kansas City Study of Adult Life Records, ca. 1952-1963
K0520 Anderson Kansas City Scrapbooks, ca. 1900-ca. 1960
K0521 Anderson Jackson County and Independence Scrapbook, ca. 1900-ca. 1950
K0522 William James Anderson, Jr. (1884-1967) Western History Scrapbook, ca. 1900-ca. 1960
K0523 William Rensing (1906-1984) Papers, 1945-1986
K0524 Modern Jeweler [journal], 1901-1981
K0525 Noelle Louise Soren Papers
K0526 Clyde H. Porter (1889-1958) Collection, 1958
K0527 Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Records, 1856-1990
K0528 Native Sons of Kansas City Photograph Collection
K0529 Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Records, 1920-2006
K0530 Nytta Noje och Enighet (N.N.& E.) Lodge Records, 1876-1978
K0531 Old Plainsmen Association Records, 1909-1917
K0532 Gabriel Artenstine Letter, 1864
K0533 William H. Dennis Letter, 1861
K0534 Kenneth L. Browne Collection, n.d.
K0535 Thomas E. Souper Letter, 1865
K0536 George M. Chase Papers, 1862-1940
K0537 William Hornbuckle Davis (1805-1882) Papers, 1839
K0538 Alfred Perry Warfield (1827-1896) Papers, 1853-1896
K0539 David Surface (1827-1900) Letter, 1869
K0540 William Weston (1832-1906) Papers, 1871-1873
K0541 William Augustus Harnsberger (1851-1944) Papers, 1899-1911
K0542 Business Men's Portraits of 1897, 1937
K0543 Cydney Millstein (1950- ) Papers, ca. 1990-2010
K0544 CrossCurrents Culture Unlimited Records, ca. 1980-2009
K0545 Theodore H. Seligson (1930- ) Architectural Collection, ca. 1950-1995
K0546 Robert S. O'Keefe (1914-2008) Papers, 1911-1987
K0547 Katz Drug Stores Records, 1957-1964
K0548 Ansel Nichols Mitchell (1903-1973) Family Papers, ca. 1890-1975
K0550 Howard Frederic Sachs (1925- ) Papers, 1960-1981
K0551 New Santa Fe Historical Society Records, 1866-2009
K0552 Kansas City Interfaith Peace Alliance Records, 1981-2004
K0553 Sharp Family Papers, 1845-2002
K0554 James W. Scott (1926-1995) Papers, ca. 1930-2007
K0555 Christopher Jackson Clark Papers
K0556 Kansas City Symphony Records, 1934-2007
K0557 Thomas W. Records (1841-1931) Papers, 1866
K0558 Frank, Paxton, Jr. (1918-1997 ) Papers, 1960-1997
K0559 Barbara Ann Magerl (1932- ) Papers, 1978-1993
K0560 Hy Vile Family Papers, 1922-2012
K0561 Kansas City, MO vs. McCoy Records, 1973-1976
K0562 Ona M. Gieschen Papers, 1935-2005
K0563 TWA Active Retired Pilots Association (TARPA) Records, 1932-2007
K0564 Dean William Miller (1919-2005) Papers, 1952-1979
K0565 James Ross Reed (1924- ) Papers, 1949-1966
K0566 Busch Voigts (1910-2011) Papers, 1960s-2007
K0567 Dan Rex Cornwell (1930- ) Papers, 1960-2002
K0568 Larry Evert Gardner (1927-2010) Collection, ca. 1995
K0569 Charles H. Horstmann Papers, 1943-2008
K0570 R.L. (Lewis) Proctor (1912-1998) Papers, 1942-1952
K0571 John H. Bing (1917-2012) Collection, 1995
K0572 Walter W. Davis (1922-2011 ) Papers, 1948-2007
K0573 Michele Ann Divine (1948-2008) Papers, 1965-1984
K0574 James R. Loosen Papers
K0575 Sara Lees Mason Papers
K0576 Suzan Houston Baker (1938- ) Papers, 1965-2000
K0577 Robert Anthony Pastore (1942- ) Papers, 1985-2002
K0578 Nelda S. Higginbotham (1930-2011) Papers, 1952-2009
K0579 Henley Lafayette Cox (1880-1947) Papers, 1906-1925
K0580 Western Chapter Missouri Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) Auxiliary, 1957-2009
K0581 Joseph Harry Vaughan, Jr. (1948- ) Papers, 1968-1979
K0582 Morris B. Margolies (1921-2012) Papers, 1915-2012
K0583 Maurice David Solomon (1911-1983) Papers, 1950s-2008
K0584 Swedish Pioneer Club #1 Kansas City, Missouri Records, 1996-1978
K0585 Frank Piepenbring, Jr. (1917-2009) Papers, 1933-2009
K0586 Charles R. Kinslow (1940- ) Papers, 1957-2002
K0587 Frederick Marion Wanger (1888-1956) World War One Collection, ca. 1917-1970
K0588 Frederick Marion Wanger (1888-1956) Family Papers, 1890-1956
K0589 Keene, Simpson, & Murphy Architectural Records, ca. 1930-1980
K0590 Martha Patton Childers (1948- ) Collection, 1957-2011
K0591 Midwest Art History Society Records, 1973-2014
K0592 John T. Delich (1940- ) Collection, 1914-2001
K0593 Greater Kansas City Chapter of Hadassah Records, 1916-2010
K0594 Laurel E. Wilson (1947- ) Papers, 1860-2008
K0595 Kansas City Star Magazine Collection, 1925-1926
K0596 Joseph J. Oshiver (1922- ) Papers, 1927-2005
K0597 Nigro Corporation Records, 1941-1987
K0598 Ralph Elbert Myers Sr. (1917-2007) Papers, 1942-1993
K0599 Missouri Institute for Justice, Inc. Records, 1938-2009
K0600 Shepherd's Center-Central Kansas City, MO Records, 1972-2011
K0601 Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) of Kansas City, Kansas Records, 1924-1992
K0602 Congregation Beth Shalom Records
K0604 P.E.O. Reciprocity Group of Greater Kansas City Records, 1916-2013
K0605 American Guild of Organists, Greater Kansas City Chapter Records, 1934-2008
K0606 Anne Winter (1964-2009)/Kurt von Schlemmer (1960- ) Collection, 1980s-1990s
K0607 Earl Wilson Allen (1908-1961) Country Club District Map, 1930
K0608 US-China Peoples Friendship Association-Midwest Region Records, 1978-2012
K0609 Richard Lawrence Matthis (1953- ) Papers, 1997-2013
K0610 James L. Soward (1932-2005) Papers
K0611 George Edward Hicks (1919- ) Papers, 1983-2003
K0612 Albert Edward Prather (1891-1980) Photograph Collection, ca. 1919-ca. 1940
K0613 Betty Mae Gilpin Roark Weithers (1927-1994) Scrapbook, 1927-1947
K0614 Bill Allen Chevrolet Photograph Collection, 1927-1965
K0615 Lloyd H. Coale, Sr. (1913-1995) Collection, n.d.
K0616 Marie Kelley-William J. Mack Dance School Photographs, 1930-1936
K0617 Hugh Gordon Deane Jr. (1916-2001) Papers, 1936-1998
K0618 Panel of American Women-Kansas City Branch Records, 1963-1991
K0619 National Panel of American Women Records, 1957-1986
K0620 Brandeis University National Women's Committee, Greater Kansas City Chapter Records, 1972-2007
K0621 Manley Inc. Records, 1922-2012
K0622 Harvey J. Schmelzer/Charles J. Schmelzer II Papers/Schmelzer Realty Co. Records
K0623 Herbert V. Jones and Company/Jones and Company/Whitney E. Kerr and Company Records, 1861-2006
K0624 Minkin Real Estate Company Records, 1976-2006
K0625 Dorothy Castle Duggan (1914-1999) Diaries, 1930-1939
K0626 Samuel John McDaniel Papers
K0627 David Morantz (1893-1959) Papers, ca. 1909-1952
K0628 Dorothy Shubart Rosenwald (1916-2012) Papers, 1929-2000
K0629 Bernard Harley Brown (1927-2011) Papers, 1978-2003
K0630 Kay L. Potter (1940- ) Papers, 1939-2000
K0631 Jacob F. Rothblatt (1902-1980) Collection, ca. 1950-1979
K0632 Scarritt-Royster-Swinney Family Papers, ca. 1818-1989
K0634 Calvin Communication Records, ca. 1930s-ca. 1980s
K0635 Neighborhood News Collection
K0636 American Institute of Architects/ Kansas City Chapter (AIA/KC) Records
K0637 Kansas City Slide Manufacturing Company Records, ca. 1914-ca. 1967
K0638 Leo Feingold (1915-2010) and Ida Rose Luke Feingold (1919-2012) Papers, 1927-2012
K0639 Thomas E. Sims (1931- ) Papers, 1952-2001
K0640 Albert L. Reeves, Sr. (1873-1971) Papers, 1900-1971
K0641 American Chemical Society-Kansas City Section Records, 1899-1987
K0642 William L. Fambrough, Sr.(1916-1983) Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1970s
K0643 George Muehlbach & Sons Grocery Records
K0644 Jolly Anglers Hunting and Fishing Club Records, 1954-1972
K0645 Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association Holiday House Tour Scrapbook
K0646 Lyric Opera of Kansas City Records
K0647 James B. Hassett (1812-188?) Papers, 1845-1867
K0648 Shirley Rae Tranin Morantz (1923- ) and Stanley Aaron Morantz (1919-2010) Papers, 1922-2010
K0649 Congregation B'nai Jehudah Collection, 1950-2011
K0650 Louisa Poteet Johnston (1890-1979) Papers, ca. 1850s-ca. 2000s
K0651 American Public Works Association Records, ca. 1895-2006
K0652 Ann Peppard White (1893-1982) Papers, 1870s-2009
K0653 Arthur Eddie Williamson (1925- ) Photograph Collection, ca. 1980-2000
K0654 Atwell Loomis Bohling, Jr. (1922-2000) Papers, 1939-1997
K0655 Baird-Welsh-Chisholm Family Collection, 1894-1922
K0656 Baptist-Lutheran Medical Center Auxiliary Records, 1946-2003
K0657 B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) Scrapbooks, 1937-2000
K0658 Booth-Lang Family Papers, ca. 1895-1987
K0659 Anita Boresow Loeb (1929- ) Papers, 1921-2010
K0660 Arthur F. McClure II (1936-1998) Papers, 1908-1997
K0661 Barbara Pittell-Katz Papers
K0662 Bea Firestone Flam (1932-2008) Collection, 1959-2008
K0663 Bernard Jacob Fremerman (1926- ) Family Papers, 1947-2004
K0664 Betty Pfeffer Lesky (1925- ) and J. Louis Lesky (1922- ) Papers, 1954-1999
K0665 Burroughs Audobon Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1905-1991
K0666 Carl J. DiCapo (1927- ) Papers, 1971-2002
K0667 Carla Levine Klausner Papers
K0668 Cave Spring Association Records, 1975-1984
K0669 Cecil C. Carstenson (1906-1991) and Blanche Williams Carstenson (1907-2002) Papers, ca. 1943-ca. 2001
K0670 Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) Records, 1880-2009
K0671 Central Industrial District Records, ca. 1920-2000
K0672 Charles Ashley Smith (1867-1948) Architectural Records Collection, ca. 1890s-1930s
K0673 Charles Edward Clark (1921-2006) Papers, 1930s-2006
K0674 Charles W. Fertig (1945- ) Collection, 1977-2001
K0675 Charles W. Scarritt (1869-1937) Papers, 1870-1937
K0676 Childbirth Education Association of Greater Kansas City Records, 1966-1985
K0677 Chiles/Huston/Kearny Family Papers, ca. 1850-1992
K0678 Christine I. Zelinsky (1940- ) Photograph Collection, 1967-1969
K0679 Clarence Marion Kelley (1911-1997) Papers, 1918-1997
K0680 Clearinghouse for Midcontinent Foundations (CMF) Records, 1973-1993
K0681 Clyde B. Neibarger (1900-1965) Papers, 1920-1963
K0682 Congregation Ohev Sholom Collection, 1977-2007
K0683 Conrad J. Curtis (1920-1977) Architectural Records Collection, 1950s-1992
K0684 Construction and General Laborers Local Union No. 264 Photograph Collection, 1957-1958
K0685 Coordinating Council of Synagogue and Temple Sisterhoods of Metropolitan Kansas City Collection, 1965-1976
K0686 Council of Clubs of Kansas City, Missouri, Records, 1901-2005
K0687 Daniel Serda Papers
K0688 Daughters of the American Colonists, Missouri State Society Records, 1923-2002
K0690 David W. Short Collection
K0692 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International-Chi Chapter of Delta State Records, 1955-1996
K0693 Nigro, Dominic M. (1893-1975) Collection, 1953-1982
K0694 Donald H. Tranin (1927-2007) Papers, ca. 1930-2007
K0695 Dorothy Brown Thompson (1896-1994) Papers, 1860s-1994
K0697 Edward Marshall Fuller Jr. (1897-1985) Architectural Records, ca. 1920-1975
K0698 Edward L. Roemer (1875-1961) Papers, ca. 1886-ca. 1938
K0699 Earl Thomas Coleman (1943- ) Papers, 1979-1992
K0700 Eileen Garry (1925- ) Papers, 1930s-1998
K0701 Elaine Baum Ryder (1925-2009) Papers, 1908-2006
K0702 Elaine Hydeman McNabney (1943-2005) Papers, 1973-1991
K0704 Elsie Guignon Collins (1895-1992) Collection, 1861-1986
K0705 Eugene Sackin (1920-2001) Papers, 1918-1940s
K0706 Evelyn Levin Gibian (1929- ) and Marvin Paul Gibian (1927- ) Collection, 1987-2004
K0707 Falor, Crabb, and McGennis Family Papers, ca. 1850-1985
K0708 First Evangelical Convenant Church (Swedish Mission Church) Records, 1880-2001
K0709 Folger and Associates Architectural Records, 1969-1975
K0710 Forrest Fletcher McCluney (1916-2004) Papers, 1954-1987
K0711 Frank E. Trask (1882-1968) Architectural Records, 1907-1959
K0712 Frank Stephen Ford (1857-1912) Photograph Collection, 1896-1912
K0713 Frank Courtney Wilkinson (1888-1958) Family Papers, 1888-1958
K0714 Fred Lee Seevers Papers
K0715 George Miller (1894-1991) Papers, ca. 1910-ca. 1964
K0716 George Sneed Montgomery (1870-1950) Papers, ca. 1860s-1947
K0717 Great Western Stage Equipment Company Records, 1925-1976
K0718 Harold David "Hal" Sandy (1924- ) and Wilda Barmore Sandy (1927- ) Collection, 1974-1995
K0719 Harry Darby (1895-1987) Papers, ca. 1938-1986
K0720 Heart of America Genealogical Society (HAGS) Records, 1955-2005
K0721 Heather N. Paxton Collection
K0722 Herbert E. Duncan Architectural Records
K0723 Heritage League of Greater Kansas City, 1980-2007
K0724 Homer Clark Wadsworth (1913-1994) Papers, 1949-1982
K0725 Independence Young Matrons Records, 1941-2001
K0726 Ione Alexander (1892-1986) Papers, 1939-1986
K0727 Irari Club Foundation Records, 1931-ca.1990s
K0728 Irene Stiefel Starr (1939- ) Papers, 1952-1960
K0729 Irma Lou Hirsch (1934- ) Papers, ca. 1967-ca. 1975
K0730 Jesse F. Lauck Architectural Records
K0731 James John Flanagan (1920-2011) Papers, 1930s-1970s
K0732 James Irving Threatt (1923-2005 ) Papers, 1971-1999
K0733 James R. Miller (1917-1993) Papers, ca. 1943-1991
K0734 Henry R. Marnett Railroad Collection
K0735 James V. Marra (1910-1993) Architectural Records, ca. 1920-1990
K0736 James R. Zachry (1922-1992) Architectural Records, 1961-1988
K0737 Jane Fifield Flynn Papers
K0738 Greater Kansas City Council on Philanthropy (GKCCP) Records, 1981-1998
K0739 Janssen Place Collection, 1912-1966
K0740 Jean Coover Babcock (1944-2012) Papers, 1944-1996
K0741 Jerome S. Cohen (1913-2003) Papers, ca. 1953-ca. 1996
K0742 Jerome Fedeli (1844-1902) Papers, ca. 1875-1902
K0743 Jewish Community Center Collection, 1945-1975
K0744 Jewish Community Center, Department of Cultural Arts Records, 1994-2007
K0745 Jewish Women International "Dolls for Democracy" Collection, 1951-1995
K0746 Joan S. March (1932- ) and Walter I. March (1918- ) Papers, 1976-2011
K0747 John D. Spaeth (1912-1989) Photograph Collection, 1936-1937
K0748 John Elliott Shamberg (1913-2009) Papers, 1923-2001
K0749 John H. Liesveld (1905-1975) Papers, 1934-1975
K0750 John A. Huffman (1932-1994) Architectural Records, ca. 1960-1990s
K0751 John W. Oliver (1915-1990) Papers, 1936-1990
K0752 Jonathan Mubride Kemper (1953- ) Collection, 1989-2001
K0753 Joseph Edward Stevens Jr. (1928-1998) Papers, 1981-1998
K0754 Joseph Herbert Tedrow (1885-1951) Transportation Collection, ca. 1850-ca. 1980
K0755 Jasper B. Liebstadter (1905-1986) Family Papers, ca. 1890-ca. 1960
K0756 Joseph Steven Kenton (1921- ) Papers, 1985-1990
K0757 Joyce I. Koch (1941- ) and Harold B. Koch (1936- ) Papers, 1972-2004
K0758 Benjamin Terte (1891-1964) Papers , 1891-1964
K0759 Judith Katz Parelman (1943- ) Papers, 1920-1990s
K0760 Kansas City Area Development Council/Prime Time Records, 1964-1992
K0761 Kansas City Consensus Records, 1984-2003
K0762 Chinyere Jenkins v. Kansas City Missouri School District Records, 1977-2000
K0763 Kansas City Dietetic Association (KCDA) Records, 1947-1988
K0764 Kansas City Evening Alumnae Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon Scrapbook, 1958-1975
K0765 Film Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1991-2000
K0766 Kansas City Jewish Museum, 1994-2006
K0767 Kansas City Metropolitan Library Network Records, 1950-1999
K0768 Kansas City Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Council Records, 1915-1983
K0769 Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education (KCRCHE) Records, 1962-1994
K0770 Kansas City Structural Steel Company Records, 1909-1980
K0771 Kansas City Turner Society (Socialer Turnverein) Records, 1867-1988
K0772 Kansas City/International Association of Business Communicators (KC/IABC) Records, 1960-1992
K0773 Karen McCarthy (1947-2010) Papers, 1968-2005
K0774 Robinson Family Papers/Kansas City Social Register Records, 1880-1998
K0775 Minkin Family History Collection
K0776 Kehilath Israel Synagogue Collection, 1940-2010
K0777 Kenneth Krakauer (1918-2001) Papers, ca. 1890s-2000
K0778 Kohn & Company Records, ca. 1908
K0779 Lillian (Libby) Kodish Shankman (1917-2010) and Philip Shankman (1913-1969) Papers, 1919-1958
K0780 Linscott Haylett Wheat Architectural Records, ca. 1953-ca. 2009
K0781 Litherbury/Beck Family Letters, 1857-1964
K0783 Luke Sisters Collection, 1934-2003
K0784 Luke Edon Williams (1891-1965) Scrapbook, 1920s-1930s
K0785 M.E. Walker Jr. Papers, ca. 1918
K0787 Richard Charles Blanchard (1951-2013) Collection, ca. 1890-1940
K0788 Robert Patterson Woods (1870-1958) Papers, 1870s-1963
K0790 Wilborn and Associates Photograph Collection, 1930s-1971
K0791 William Joseph Randall (1909-2000) Papers, ca. 1962-1976
K0792 Speaker Services for the United Nations Records, ca. 1959-1976
K0793 Albert Schoenberg (1886-1965) Records, ca. 1915-1940
K0794 Summer S. Bever (1866-1941) Papers, ca. 1888
K0798 Lawrence B. Guillot (1936- ) Papers, 1978-1980
K0800 Neurological Hospital Association of Kansas City Records, 1935-1973
K0801 Patsy Dunn Shanberg (1929- ) Papers, 1963-2004
K0802 Marian F. Berkowitz Collection
K0803 Sharon Bitner Levitan (1943- ) and Howard Steven Levitan (1943- ) Papers, 1929-2008
K0805 Freda Bortnick Newton (1911-2005) Papers, 1911-2008
K0806 Janet Gale Price Papers
K0807 Bela Gondos (1903-2003) Papers, 1990
K0808 Molly Levey Gilgus (1917-2002) Papers, 1916-1960s
K0809 Boy Scout Troop #61 Collection, 1917-2001
K0810 William H. Schlosberg (1946- ) and Margorie E. Schlosberg (1946- ) Papers, ca.1998
K0811 Beth Ripley Lyon (1900-1998) and Leslie Michael Lyon (1899-1965) Papers, 1890s-1998
K0813 Roger Bennett Kraft (1947-2012) Architectural Records Collection, ca. 1980-ca. 2010
K0815 McCormick Property Collection, 1936-1964
K0816 Kansas City Online Users Group (KCOUG) Records, 1978-1986
K0817 Western District, Missouri Federation of Teachers Records, ca. 1974-1983
K0818 36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Records, 1974-1993
K0819 John Milton Smither (1864-1954) Papers, ca. 1920-ca. 1968
K0820 Allen Chapel AME Collection, 1959-1982
K0821 Sigma Alpha Iota Alumnae Chapter Records, 1946-2000
K0823 Robert B. Bloomgarten (1902-1987) Architectural Records, 1901-1981
K0824 Alumnae Panhellenic Association of Greater Kansas City Records, 1925-2002
K0825 Wight and Wight Architectural Records, 1904-1951
K0826 Watkins Woolen Mill Oral History Project
K0827 Alonzo Gentry Papers
K0828 William Coleman Branton (1914-1985) Papers, 1943-1985
K0829 Robert McClure Snyder (1852-1906) Family Collection, 1905-1964
K0830 Tom Collins (1900-1968) Papers, 1908-1985
K0831 Westport Tomorrow Records, 1907-1989
K0832 Naturalization Council Metropolitan Area Kansas City Collection, 1938-1986
K0833 Women's Division, Kansas City Philharmonic Association Records, 1950-1990
K0834 Kansas City Archaeological Society Papers, 1962-1988
K0835 Marion A. Trozzolo (1925-1992) Papers, 1951-ca. 1989
K0836 Albert George Woodward Papers
K0837 Helen Rowe Henze (1899-1973) Papers, ca. 1947-1966
K0838 Carl Betz (1854-1898) Collection, 1981
K0840 James J. Fisher Papers
K0841 Suzanne Statland (1931-1990) Papers, ca. 1950-1978
K0842 Independence, Missouri Fire Department Records, ca. 1894-1946
K0843 John Douglas Patrick Collection
K0844 Paul Eugene Williams (1933-2011) Papers, 1967-1995
K0845 Mary Rose Shaughnessy (1931- ) Collection, ca. 1930
K0846 Samuel William James Collection
K0847 Mike W.McClurg (1948- ) Photograph Collection, ca. 1895-1915
K0848 William L. Bruning (1945- ) Papers, ca. 1955-2003
K0849 Paul Joseph Revitt (1922-1990) Papers, ca. 1940-1990
K0851 Maurice L. Ommerman (1943- ) Papers, 1945
K0852 Caroline Isabelle Dougherty Campbell (1893-1982) Papers, ca. 1947-1953
K0853 Astronomical Society of Kansas City Records, 1983-1991
K0854 Aaron Robert Parelman and Sandra Katz Parelman Papers
K0855 Acadamie Lafayette Collection, 1997-1999
K0856 AdHoc Group Against Crime Records, 1986-2000
K0858 Albert Kalikow (1918-2004) and Betty Pucker Kalikow (1927- ) Papers, 1961-2001
K0859 Alan Jay Chapman (1937- ) Papers, 1953-1969
K0860 Alan Dupree Wheat (1951- ) Papers, ca. 1982-1994
K0861 Albert Brownstein Memoir
K0862 Albert Copaken (1906-1981) Collection, 1917
K0863 Albert Irving Goller (1927-2008) Papers, 1941-1998
K0864 Albert L. Reeves, Jr. (1906-1987) Papers, 1930-1957
K0865 Aletha Schultz Simon (1941- ) Papers, 1942-2007
K0866 Alexander Finance Company Records, 1941-1968
K0867 Alfred Hart Lighton (1917-1999) Collection, 1924-1992
K0868 Alice Bernice Greer Winter (1919-2006) Papers, 1944-1996
K0869 Alice Rostov Bordy Papers
K0870 Alpha Chi Omega–Mu Mu Chapter Records, 1947-1997
K0871 Alpha Delta Pi Parents Club Scrapbooks, 1953-2009
K0872 American Fixture Company Records, 1921-1956
K0874 American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)–Greater Kansas City Chapter Records, 1972-1993
K0875 Americans for Israel and Torah (AMIT) Collection, 1930-2007
K0876 Amy Bradfield Sefrit (1948- ) Letters, 1976-1993
K0877 Lillian Kranitz-Sanders Papers
K0878 Angelo Louis Bongino (1935- ) Collection, 1934-1997
K0879 Angus McCallum (1911-1971) Architectural Records, 1960-1973
K0880 Anita R. Daniels (1929- ) Papers, 1949
K0881 Joel D. and Annette M. Fish Papers
K0882 Annie Lee Fulton Papers
K0883 Israel Defense Forces Commanders Poster, 1967
K0884 Arnold Lester Coppaken (1924-2006) and Helen Glass Coppaken (1930- ) Papers, 1943-1975
K0885 Arthur E. Asel (1912-2000) Papers, 1971-1992
K0886 Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) Records, 1964-1998
K0887 Association for Institutional Thought (AFIT) Records, 1979-1998
K0888 Auerbach Family Papers, ca. 1980s
K0889 Balot and Agron Family Papers, 1937-1993
K0890 Barbara S. Goldansky (1932- ) Papers, 1964-1989
K0892 Bayard M. Grant Collection
K0893 Sophie Beatrice “Bee” Kurs Sherman Papers
K0894 Benjamin Mathew Powers (1885-1981) Papers, 1916-1965
K0895 Bernadine Rose Morast Dunn Scrapbook
K0896 Bernard (Bud) Louis Krasne (1920-2010) Family Papers, 1964-2009
K0897 Bernice M. Max (1912-2008) Papers, 1920-2002
K0898 Betty Lipsitz Bikson Family Papers
K0899 B'nai B'rith Women St. Joseph, MO Chapter 276 Records , 1964-1965
K0900 Jewish Community Center’s Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Photograph
K0901 Book Lovers' Club Records
K0902 Brookside Business Association Records, 1938-2003
K0903 Bryant Building Collection, 1917-1966
K0904 Carl Lipoff and Adele Goodman Lipoff Family Papers
K0905 Bolte, Carl E., Sr. (1901-1975) Papers, 1959
K0907 Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE) Records
K0908 Charles George Wade Papers
K0909 Charles L. Carr (1890-1966) Papers, 1915-1951
K0911 Childbirth and Parent Education, Inc. of Kansas City Records, 1968-1980
K0912 Chris R. Lester (1961- ) Papers, 1970-1999
K0913 Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) Records, 1999-2001
K0914 Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO) Records, ca. 1977-2009
K0915 Community Builder: The Life & Legacy of J.C. Nichols Collection, 2005-2007
K0916 Congregation Beth Israel Abraham and Voliner (BIAV) Collection
K0919 Cramer Minstrel Collection
K0920 Daughters of the American Colonists (DAC), Mary Ball Washington Chapter Records, 1972-2002
K0921 David Beatty Stereo Proposal, 1966
K0922 David G. Widder (1924-1996) Papers, ca. 1918-1996
K0923 David S. Jacobs (1931- ) Collection, 1980-2001
K0924 David Leroy Alexander (1905-1995) Papers, 1865-2001
K0925 David Reid Ross Manuscript
K0926 David Schuster (1876-1955) Papers, ca. 1915-1918
K0927 David R. Zeff (1925-2004) Collection, 1930s-1950s
K0928 Davida L. Jacobson and Harvey A. Jacobson Papers
K0929 Della Fleming Parker (1910-1998) Papers, 1905-1965
K0930 Delta Kappa Gamma-Missouri Alpha Chapter Records, 1938-1989
K0931 Devinki Family Papers, 1889-1981
K0932 Dividend Dames Records, 1981-1994
K0934 Donald Dwight Davis (1896-1997) Papers, 1912-1997
K0935 Doris Tager Edelman (1925-2009) Papers, 1940s
K0936 Dorothy Joffe Glass (1904-2006) and Herman L. Glass (1901-1976) Papers, 1916-2000s
K0938 Convention Halls and Municipal Auditorium Scrapbook, 1899-1954
K0939 Sarah Kraft Small (1934- ) Papers, 1976-1977
K0940 Edward B. Garnett Papers
K0941 Edna Scotten Billings (1901-1983) Papers, 1938-1974
K0942 Eileen Miller Collection, ca. 2000
K0943 Eleanor Parelman Judd (1928- ) Papers, 1928-1990s
K0944 Elinor Fox Kamen Papers
K0945 Estelle Rose Berman (1928- ) and Fred S. Berman (1923-1982) Papers, ca. 1910-2008
K0946 Grant Samuel Stauffer (1943- ) Papers, 1990-2000
K0947 Greater Kansas City Art Association Records, 1956-2006
K0948 Greater Kansas City Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter Records, ca. 1935-1997
K0950 H. Levi and Company Records, 1909-1921
K0951 Harold and Miriam Pittell Papers, 1900-1986 Papers, 1900-1986
K0952 Harold F. Blackburn Papers
K0954 Harris S. Joseph (1918-2005) Papers, 1924-2000
K0955 Harry Krantz (1919-2000) and Miriam Levitt Krantz (1923- ) Papers, 1949-1968
K0956 Harvey-Dutton Dry Goods Company Records, ca. 1903-ca.1908
K0957 Hazel Adkins Kirkland (1888-1974) Papers, 1905-1909
K0958 Heart of America Jewish Historical Society Records, 1990-2005
K0959 Leo and Helen Edelbaum Lesky Papers
K0960 Helen Seibert Thomes Dance School Records
K0961 Heritage Trust Records
K0962 Herman A. Johnson (1916-2004) Papers, 1971
K0963 Niel Melvin Johnson (1931- ) Papers, 1830-2007
K0965 Charles Hipsh (1909-1981) Family Papers, 1925-1963
K0966 Home Health Care Alliance, Inc. Records, 1994-1999
K0967 Horace Miller Foster Collection
K0968 Howard S. Goller Papers
K0969 Hugh Gene Graff (1919-2013) Papers, 1939-2007
K0970 Nancy J. Shulze (1954- ) Oral History Collection, 1998
K0971 Esther Swirk Brown (1917-1970) Collection, 1994
K0972 Eugene E. Leibson and Shirley Dunn Leibson Papers
K0973 Robert Emmett Walton (1905-1975) Papers, 1928-1974
K0974 Fellowship House Association of Greater Kansas City Records, 1948-1979
K0976 Frank Joseph O'Leary (1890-1984) Papers, 1911-ca. 1974
K0977 Frank Olin Babcock (1916-2003) Papers, 1916-2003
K0978 George Carl Schowengerdt (1901-1992) Papers, 1921-1922
K0979 George G. Capito (1934- ) Papers, 1900s-1960s
K0980 George Morgan Speech, 1973
K0981 Gerean Y. Rudnick (1935- ) Papers, 1954-1968
K0982 Gladys Hoover Havens Daniels (1890-1982) Papers, 1906-1970
K0983 Hyde Park Neighborhood Association Records, 1973-2010
K0984 Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Auxiliary Scrapbooks, 1983-1999
K0985 Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Scrapbooks, 1952-1980
K0986 Inga Baruch Silverman (1930- ) and Martin L. Silverman (1924-1998) Papers, 1971-1991
K0987 Inland Architect and News Record, 1883-1908
K0988 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Records, ca. 1958-1989
K0989 Instrument Society of America (ISA)-Kansas City Section Records, 1943-1954
K0990 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Air Transport Local 1650 Records, 1970-1999
K0991 International Refrigeration Compressor Remanufacturers Association Records, 1965-1990
K0992 Isaacs Clothing Company Records, 1900-1908
K0993 Issie J. Ringolsky (1864-1941) Papers, 1894-1915
K0994 J. Holt Collection
K0995 Jack Bohm (1924-2008) and Liz Viscofsky Bohm (1927- ) Papers, 1950s-2006
K0996 Jack Reitzes (1916-2007) Papers, 1931-2006
K0997 Jacqueline Jacobson Slutsky (1930- ) Papers, 1953-1966
K0998 Jacob Brown Papers
K0999 James F. Halpin (1865-1943) Residence Architectural Records, 1912
K1000 James H. Roberts Diary
K1001 James Sherman Botsford Memorial Booklet
K1002 Jamie Frederic Metzl (1968- ) Collection, 2004
K1003 Jan E. Hults (1949- ) Dissertation, 1996
K1004 Janet Deborah Katz Lerner (1937- ) Papers, 1989-1994
K1005 Janice L. Finkelston Papers, 1960s, ca.
K1006 Jason D. Jacobson (1971- ) and Amy H. Jacobson (1972- ) Papers, 1945-1949
K1007 Jeanette Miller Wayne (1931- ) and Robert H. Wayne (1925-2012) Papers, 1938-1989
K1008 Jeffrey Bruce Winkel (1947- ) and Deborah Gale Winkel (1949- ) Papers, ca. 1910s-2005
K1009 Michael A. and Jenifer Smith Blum Collection, 1996-1998
K1010 Jewish Veterans Museum Association Records, 1944-2007
K1011 Kaufman Family Papers, 1917-2009
K1012 Joann Simon Hollub (1931-2007) Papers, 1972-1973
K1013 John F. Cameron Papers
K1014 John Grey [Ignace Hatchiorauquasha] (ca. 1795-ca. 1843) Collection, 1995
K1015 John Rodelander (1890-1969) Papers, ca. 1909-1955
K1017 Johnny Douglas [Johnny Sic] Punk Rock Collection, 1982-1983
K1018 David H. Epstein and Judith Spitcaufsky Epstein Papers
K1019 Judith E. Weinstein Papers
K1020 Steven George and Judith Lyons Sherry Papers, 2011-2012
K1021 Judy Jacks Berman (1954- ) Collection, 1999
K1022 Julia B. Slemons Harrison Riedel (1910-2005) Papers, c. 1600s-1990s
K1023 Kamau Agyei a/k/a Carroll L. Jenkins (1927-1986) Collection, 1986
K1024 Kansas City (MO) School District Desegregation Clippings, 1961-1999
K1025 Kansas City Architectural Foundation (KCAF) Records, 1954-1999
K1026 Kansas City Athenaem Collection
K1027 Kansas City B’nai B’rith Girls Council (BBG) Records, 1963-1964
K1028 Kansas City Camerata Records, 1990-1998
K1029 Kansas City College of Veterinary Medicine Records, 1905
K1030 Greater Kansas City Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy Records, 1958
K1031 Kansas City Food Circle Records, 1981-2004
K1032 Kansas City Italian Community Genealogical Collection, 1960-2000
K1033 Kansas City Scrapbook
K1034 Kansas City United Synagogue Youth (KCUSY) Scrapbooks, 1963-1991
K1035 Kansas City University Extension Center Records, 1905-1930
K1036 Kansas City Expo '92 Records, 1987-1992
K1038 Ken Bush Papers, 2006
K1039 Kenneth Franklin Young (1919- ) Papers, 1936-2005
K1040 Jacob P. Kraft (1929-2004) Family Papers, 1950-2010
K1041 Margaret Goldstein (1934- ) Papers, 1951
K1042 Larry W. Welling (1940- ) Collection, 1928-1929
K1043 Lawrence A. Goldblatt Collection
K1044 Leah Marlene Rose Hurwich Scrapbook, 1948-1959
K1045 Lee Clarence Smith (1888-1985) Papers, 1889-1954
K1046 Leo Shalinsky (1929-1913) and Arlene Shalinsky (1937- ) Papers, 1982-2010
K1047 Leo Talman (1887-1964) Papers,"1921, 1959"
K1048 Leonard Belove (1916-1985) Papers, 1933-1970
K1049 Leone Levinson Morgenstern (1917-1997) Memoir, 1989
K1051 Harold S. and Linda Donowitz Schlozman Papers, 1971
K1052 Linda Elise Lighton (1948- ) Papers (K1052), ca. 2000
K1053 Leslie D. Cohn (1947- ) Collection, 1985-2005
K1054 Louis Ardie Cumonow (1896-1980) Papers, 1961-2005
K1055 Mallin Family Papers, 1916-2009
K1056 Maltie Thomas Gilliam (1914-2007) Papers, 1976-2007
K1057 Marcia G. Rittmaster (1946- ) and Larry H. Rittmaster (1943- ) Papers, 1900-1963
K1058 Westport Citizens Action Coalition Records, 1984-2002
K1059 Marie Gotlieb Rosner (1923-2013) Papers, 1938
K1060 Marian Tranin Shultz (1920- ) Papers, 1910s-2008
K1061 Marjorie Clarice May Shryock (1898-1992) Collection, ca. 1905
K1062 Marjorie R. Kantor (1921-1994) Collection, ca. 1881-1988
K1063 Mark H. Rose (1942- ) Papers, 1975-1991
K1065 Marshall Bryan Saper (1939-1991) Collection, 1984-1991
K1066 Marshall Dwight Brown Papers
K1067 Marshall L. Small (1927- ) Collection, 2005
K1068 Martin J. and Sylvia Friedman Stone Collection, 1995-2006
K1069 Marvin J. Fremerman (1931- ) Collection, 1980s-1990s
K1070 Marvin S. Robinson II (1957- ) Papers, 1970s-1990s
K1071 Mary Ann Matthews Collection
K1072 Mary Beth Weiner (1941- ) Papers, 1991-1993
K1073 Max Freidberg (1891-1973) Papers, 1911-1973
K1074 Maynard Dale Allen Autobiography
K1075 Menorah Legacy Foundation Collection
K1077 Menorah Medical Center Records, 1919-2004
K1078 The Eternal Light Radio Program Collection, 1934-1946
K1079 Mid-America Regional Council Records, 1958-1994
K1081 Miller Nichols (1911-2000) Papers, ca. 1958-1997
K1082 Millietta Perdina Carpenter Photograph Collection
K1083 Milton Silverman Collection
K1085 Miss Glenn Campbell Scrapbook
K1086 PEO-Missouri Chapter HN Records, 1948-1999
K1087 Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition (MOARC) Records, ca. 1935-ca. 1984
K1088 Moey Mokofsky Photographs
K1089 Jewish War Veterans Mo-Kan #605 Post and Auxiliary Records
K1091 Moment Musical Club Records, 1974-2003
K1092 Morris Schlozman (1909-2005) Papers, 1953-2004
K1093 Jack and Sarah Harris Ruben Papers
K1094 Dr. Brown’s Ladies Band and Orchestra Collection
K1095 Mary Shaw (Shawsie) Branton (1920- ) Papers, 1975-1978
K1096 Murielle Pruzan Steinman (1943- ) and Marshall Steinman (1940-2007) Papers, 1926-ca 1960s
K1097 Myra Belzer Rostov Papers
K1099 Nancy J. Hulston (1944- ) Papers, 1990s
K1100 Natalie K. Hammer (1946- ) and Hanan J. Hammer (1946- ) Papers, 1950s-2004
K1101 National Association for the Advancement of White People Collection, ca. 1980's
K1102 Neal F. Kurz (1932-2002) Papers, 1967-1994
K1103 Nell G. Thornburg Papers
K1104 Nelle Claycomb Greenwaide (1927-2010) Papers, 1877-1988
K1105 Neville, Sharp, and Simon Architectural Records, ca. 1933-ca. 2000
K1106 Nina Barker Lange (1882-1964) Papers, 1901-1938
K1107 Norma Levin Novak (1926-2012) Collection, 1974-1991
K1108 Norman Hadley Levitan (1969- ) Papers, 1969-2008
K1109 Norman S. Stiefel (1900-1982) Papers, 1924-1992
K1110 North Kansas City Development Company (NKCDC) Records, 1948-1990
K1111 North Kansas City Levee District v. Forever Green of Missouri, LLC Papers
K1112 Northeast Community Center and Christ Presbyterian Church Records
K1113 O. B. Eakin Papers
K1114 O'Bannon Homestead Collection, 1892-2007
K1115 Metropolitan Kansas City Chapter-Older Women’s League (OWL) Records, 1984-2006
K1116 “Our City/Ourselves: Portrait of a Community” Records, 1998
K1117 Palmer & Kuehn and Associates Architectural Records, ca. 1960s-2002
K1118 Neuer Brothers Picnic Panorama Photograph, 1930
K1119 Patricia L. Jacobs-Macdonald (1961- ) Papers, 1998-2005
K1120 Patrick Walker Sumner (1966- ) Papers, 1979-2013
K1121 Paul Flam (1922-2013) and Marion Doris Lichtor Flam (1926-2006) Papers, 1910s-2006
K1122 Paul L. Lerner (1955- ) Papers, 1958-2001
K1125 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity-Epsilon Mu Chapter Records
K1126 Philip G. Olson (1934- ) Papers, 1919-2006
K1127 Philip J. Meltzer Papers
K1128 President Hotel Renovation Research Papers
K1129 Phocion L. Guillet (1860-1934) Papers, 1902-1904
K1130 Phoebe Eloise Unterman Papers
K1131 Presidents and Past Presidents General Assembly of Greater Kansas City Records, 1917-2009
K1132 Queen of the World Hospital Collection, 1951-1965
K1133 R. Edgar Shook (1894-1970) Papers , 1937-1946
K1135 Abe “Butch” Rabin (1908-1987) and Sara Stolov Rabin (1910-1997) Papers, 1933-1982
K1136 John Edwin Rahm (1875-1950) Family Collection, 1921-1983
K1137 Ralph E. Kiene Jr. (1927-1992) Architectural Records, 1950-1992
K1138 Raymond H. Starr Papers
K1139 Raymond Orlando Youmans (1893-1974) Papers, 1906-1953
K1140 Raymond Peltzman (1914-2007) Collection, 1914-2007
K1141 Raymond S. Elder Collection
K1142 Regina Entin Pachter (1915- ) Papers, 1946-2006
K1143 Thomas Stanford and Rene Rozenbilt Goldman Papers, 1900-2010
K1144 Rhea Salasche-Kaseff Papers
K1145 Rhetta Turkin Goldstein (1920-2013) Papers, 1940-1998
K1146 Richard Samuel Bratman and Joyce Rosenberg Bratman Papers
K1147 Richard S. Brockman (1932- ) Papers, 1935-1941
K1148 Richard Brosing Fowler Sr. (1902-1978) Papers, 1930-1978
K1149 Richard Norman Stiefel (1949- ) Papers, 1974-1991
K1151 Rickie Schere Haith (1938- ) Papers, 1940s-2008
K1152 Rita Copaken Blitt (1931- ) Papers, 1908-2003
K1153 Robert A. Cowling (1924-1993) Architectural Records, ca. 1947- 1993
K1154 Robert E. Hahn (1928- ) Collection, 1902
K1155 Robert S. Everitt (1910-2001) Papers, 1915-1989
K1156 Robert M. Wedow (1917-1995) Collection, 1924-1992
K1158 Robert Ridenour Lester (1894-1997) Papers, 1877-1997
K1159 Rodger A. Wilkin (1934-2007) Architectural Records, 1950-2007
K1160 Ronald M. Davidow (1944- ) Collection, 1960s
K1163 Jack F. Meyers (1916-1988) Family Collection, 1948-ca. 1960s
K1164 Rosalind Goldfinger Ginsburg (1924-2009) Papers, 1951- ca. 1960s
K1165 Rosalyn Shankman Lerner (1921- ) Collection, ca. 1929-1979
K1166 Rose Evelyn Kurs Sporn (1919-2011) Collection, 1952-2011
K1167 Rose Shapiro Levine (1911-2004) Papers, 1920s-2000
K1168 Rosenthal Genealogy, 2010
K1169 Ruskin Heights Presbyterian Church Records
K1170 Ruth A. Spielman (1921- ) Papers, 2000-2010
K1171 Ruth Berkowitz Snower Stern Papers
K1173 Ruth K. Gieschen Collection, 1924- )
K1174 Ruth Wilson Gaskin (19??-1969) Papers , 1950s-1969
K1175 Samuel David Goller (1902-1959) and Edith Silberman Goller (1907-1975) Papers, 1924-1992
K1176 Sam Gould (1917- ) Collection, 1936-1995
K1177 Samuel Abend (1895-1954) Papers, 1954
K1178 Sandra Davis Lerner (1939- ) and Kenneth D. Lerner (1933- ) Papers, 1949-2000
K1180 Scandinavian Association of Greater Kansas City Records, 1879-1999
K1181 Senior Leadership of Johnson County, KS Records, 1996-2007
K1183 Shepherd's Center of America Records, 1972-2006
K1184 Shevie Schuman Winitz (1936- ) Papers, 1972-1984
K1185 Shirley Ginsberg Novorr (1929- ) and Eugene Leslie Novorr (1924-2011) Papers, 1976-2002
K1186 Shirley Kenis Seigle (1925- ) and Sidney M. Seigle (1917-1985) Papers, 1950s-1987
K1187 Shirley Copaken White (1927- ) Papers, 1937-2007
K1188 Shirley Fishman Pener (1929- ) Papers, 1939-1948
K1189 Shirley Stolowy Goller (1931-1999) Papers, 1924-1992
K1190 Sidney L. Willens (1926- ) Collection, 1976-2010
K1191 Sidney Lawrence (1907-1976) Papers, 1965-1972
K1192 Sidney Magazine (1906-2001) Papers, 1920-1990s
K1193 Siegfried "Fred" Ruschin (1925-2008) Papers, ca. 1920s-2008
K1194 Slavic Folk Music Collection, ca. 1970s
K1195 Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America Records
K1196 Sol E. Margolin (1915-1996) Papers, 1959-1980
K1197 Sol Koenigsberg Papers
K1198 South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Records, 1931-2006
K1199 Southwest High School Collection, 1943-2007
K1200 Spaldings Commercial College Collection, 1893-1976
K1201 Saint Davids Welsh Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1966-2015
K1202 Saint Mary's Hospital of Kansas City Photographic Documentation, 2004
K1203 Stanley Phillip Louis (1925-2005) Collection, 1915-1970
K1204 State of Missouri vs. B. Clark Hyde Transcript
K1205 Stephen McBride Collection
K1206 Stephen R. (Dick) Pratt (1918-2008) Papers, 1957-1965
K1207 Stiles Clifford “Red” Brown (1918-1984) Papers, 1919-1952
K1208 Sue Moshontz Blackman (1930- ) and David Blackman (1926-2009) Collection, 1916-1984
K1210 Edyth Zelda Weitzman Trillin (1908-1989) Papers, 1921-1963
K1211 Marian Sunie Sherman Levin Papers
K1212 Sybil R. Kaplan (1938- ) Papers, 1932-2004
K1213 Sylvia Minkin Shopmaker Oral History Transcription
K1214 Teachers Club Benefit Association Records, 1916 -1997
K1215 Tenenbaum Family Papers, ca. 1940s-ca. 1950s
K1216 Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Human Relations Records, 1957-1975
K1217 Theatrical Mutual Association (TMA) Lodge 13 Records
K1219 Thomas A. Webster (1907-1988) Papers, 1921-1988
K1220 Thomas Francis Creamer (1881-1958) Papers, ca. 1910-ca. 1941
K1222 Joanna Benecke Townsend (1919-2008) Family Papers, 1846-2002
K1223 Ula Sharon Robinson Bergfeldt (1905-1993) Papers, ca. 1861-1993
K1224 Union Cemetery Historical Society Records, 1991-2005
K1225 United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 249 Records, 1987-1997
K1226 United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), Dixie Chapter #2188 Records, 1949-1989
K1228 Uri Seiden and Associates Records, 1950-1988
K1229 Vaun Arnold (1901 -1958) Papers, ca. 1920-1958
K1230 Viola Gardner (1903-1989) Papers, 1953-1982
K1231 Bell's Common School Chart, 1891-1896
K1232 Martin Luther Walz (1864-1913) Family Papers, 1888
K1233 Western Auto Supply Company Records, ca. 1920-2000
K1234 Westport Chapter-Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Records, 1960-2000
K1235 Westport Historical Society Records, ca. 1950-2004
K1236 Whizzo, Ol' Gus and Me Collection, ca. 1940s-ca. 2003
K1237 William Maria Boedefeld (1903-1991) Papers, ca. 1945-1965
K1238 William Gillis (ca. 1797-1869) and Mary Ann Gillis Troost (1812-1872) Estate Records, ca. 1869-1907
K1240 William Tyler Waite (1848-1935) Collection, 1870-1934
K1241 Wolkow and Benjamin Family Papers, 1831-1978
K1242 Wollman Family Collection, 1986
K1243 Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus Records, 1974-1983
K1244 Woodson, Chrisman and Comingo Records, 1817-1889
K1245 World War II Scrapbooks, 1941-1942
K1246 Zena Shenk Kearney (1910-1995) Collection, 1922-1993
K1247 Greater Kansas City Heart Association 1951 Heart Fund Scrapbook
K1250 Hester I. Thurston (1919-2001) Papers, 1955-1989
K1252 Frank Grimaldi (1924-2010) Architectural Records Collection, ca. 1920-2010
K1254 Matthew K. Partin (1952-2012) Collection, 1919-2005
K1255 Community Children's Theatre Records, 1947-1999
K1256 Helen June Knox Loughran (1913-2011) Papers, 1948-2011
K1257 Clifford Harold Johnson (1889-1981) Architectural Records, 1917-1942
K1260 Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Records
K1261 Merna Singer Siegler (1926- ) and Sylvan Siegler (1925-2010) Papers, 1940-2012
K1262 Arthur Family Photograph Album, 1896-1919
K1263 Friedmann, Howard W. (1923-2006) Family Papers, ca. 1930-ca. 2007
K1264 Kansas City Chapter, Missouri Society-Sons of the Revolution, 1776 Records, 1896-2006
K1265 Sheldon Wishna (1934- ) Papers, 1949-1979
K1266 Charno, Harriett F., Papers, 1939-1989
K1267 Frank Ivy Glenn (1897-1960) and Ardis Couchman Glenn (1922- ), Glenn Bookshop Records, ca. 1920-2010
K1268 Feingold Family Papers, 1928-1995
K1269 B’nai B’rith Girls Council Scrapbook
K1270 Norman Benjamin Kahn (1918-2011) Papers, 1939-2011
K1271 Tonia Morris Agron (1937- ) Papers, 1940s-1954
K1272 Myrl A. Cohen (1916-2005) and Florence W. Cohen (1921- ) Papers, ca. 1967-ca. 1977
K1273 Gerald I Klopper (1937- ) and Susan J Klopper (1938- ) Papers, 1978-1979
K1274 Gerre Lipoff Minkin (1938- ) Papers, 2003-2009
K1275 Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City Records, 2004-2006
K1276 Journeymen Tailors' Union of America Local No. 64, Kansas City Records, 1892-1914
K1277 Sosland Family Papers
K1278 Marlene D Krakow (1939- ) Papers, 1978
K1279 Jerry Weddell Cosley (1935-2012) Papers, ca. 1930-2012
K1280 Joan Louis Kort (1943- ) Papers, 1958-1998
K1282 Carl Russell Stenstrom (1927-2008) Architectural Records, 1971-1992
K1283 American Heartland Theatre Records, ca. 1985-2013
K1284 Provident Association Collection, 1880-1944
K1286 Jewish Community Center Centennial Oral History Project, 2013
K1287 Bertha Mae Bowman Cooper (1916-2013) Papers, 1946-2007
K1291 Ann Stillwell Robards (1941- ) Papers, 1967-2002 [TWA]
K1292 Robert I. Bitner (1918-1995) and Esther L. Gottlieb Bitner (1918-2012) Family Papers, ca. 1932-2000
K1293 Andrea Levitan (1970- ) Papers, ca. 1978-2011
K1295 Greenberg, Jackye and Allan, Papers, 1986-2013
K1296 Krantz, Rachel, Papers, 1945-1946
K1297 Price, Harold, Papers, 1922
K1298 Trillin, Elaine Sue, Papers, 1947-1954
K1299 Harold and Carolyn Shankman Glazer Papers, 1997-2006
K1300 Abe Meth Papers, 2012
K1301 Marcel Matson Papers, 1934
K1302 Shirley Passman Papers, 1944, 1981
K1303 Congregation Beth Israel Abraham Voliner Collection, 1915-2003
K1304 Max and Libbie Rothenberg Bernstein Papers, 1914-1962
K1305 Horowitz, Herbert A. and Brita Lion, Papers, 1955-2011
K1308 Poisner, Laurence, Papers, 1971
K1309 Dale Thomas Patton Papers
K1310 Kate and Eugene Lebovitz Papers, 1964-1965, 2013
K1311 Raymond E. Corey Photograph Collection
K1314 Troost Avenue Development Company Records, 1961-1986
K1315 Village Shalom Collection, 1900-2005
K1317 Frederic Sterling Lee (1949-2014) Papers, 1972-2014
K1318 Henry K. Story Journal Transcript, 1888-1892
K1319 Sandra F. Czarlinsky Papers, 1961-1996
K1321 Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Records, Southwestern Missouri, c. 1868-2008
K1322 Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), Rebekah Assembly Records, Southwestern Missouri, c. 1893-2007
K1323 Brush Creek Community Partners Records, ca. 1995-2014
K1325 John Baeke, Sr. Banner Collection, 1982
K1327 Congregation Shir Chadash Collection
K1330 Green Impact Zone Records, 2009-2011
K1332 Troost Corridor Community Association Records, 1998-2005
K1335 Epstein, Samuel and Gertrude Papers, 1951-2000
K1337 Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Booklets Collection
K1338 Dorothy Gottlieb Papers, ca. 1938-1985
K1342 Commerce Trust Company Records, 1820-1947
K1343 Henry W. Bloch (1922 - ) Papers
K1344 E. R. Morris Funeral Chapel Programs, 1985-2008
K1345 State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection
K1346 Elmwood Cemetery Plot Maps, Kansas City, Missouri, n. d.
K1347 Gene Smith (1918-1995) Papers, 1941-1995
K1348 Packing House sterling silver souvenir spoon, ca. 1903
K1349 Louis Burnstein Family Papers, c. 1905-2013
K1351 Ruth Olive (Dean) Relaford Papers, 1927-1933
K1352 Dr. Robert Lee Hill (1952- ) Papers, ca. 1970s-2010s
K1353 E. R. Morris Funeral Chapel Records, 1984-2008
K1354 Earp and Sons Mortuaries, Inc. Records, 1977-1987
K1355 Webb Funeral Homes Records, 1913-1978
K1356 Henthorn-Reppert-Brown Funeral Home Records, 1918-1979
K1357 Buckner Hill Cemetery Association Records, 1910-1968
K1358 C. H. Blackman and Son Funeral Home Records, 1971-1978
K1359 Hinton Funeral Home Records, 1992-1995
K1364 Roy Bisman (1909-1985) Photograph Collection, 1905-1967
K1365 General Hospital Letter
K1366 Jeannetta Danford (1932-2016), Papers
K1367 Robert H. Blackburn Papers
K1368 National Campers and Hikers Association, Prairie Dog Chapter Scrapbooks, 1962-1998
K1369 Kansas City Area Promotional Material
K1370 Friends of Sacred Structures Records
K1371 Hensley Family Papers
K1372 Summerfest Concerts and/or Recordings, Inc. Records
K1373 Eugene Buchanan Architectural Records
K1374 Kansas City, Missouri, Tornado Aftermath Collection
K1375 1951 Flood Collection
K1376 1993 Flood Photographs
K1377 Meadowbrook Birdie Collection
K1378 Jewish Federation and Council of Greater Kansas City Honor Roll Collection
K1379 Allan Robinson Collection
K1380 Northeast High School Photographs
K1382 Central High School Yearbook
K1383 Judith D. Hellman Collection
K1384 Glenn R. Zander Papers
K1385 Congregation Ohev Sholom Newsletters
K1387 Newco Manufacturing Company Collection
K1388 Fred and Ora Pearl Paradis Collection
K1389 Paul and Nell Donnelly Papers
K1390 1951 Flood Photographs
K1391 Menorah Medical Center Auxiliary Directory
K1392 Anne Sutton Canfield Papers
K1393 Peggy E. McKeehan Collection