Missouri 2021 Bicentennial

August 10, 2021, marks the two hundredth anniversary of Missouri’s entry as the 24th state to enter the United States. A state with many different regional cultures, geographies, and industries, each Missouri community, county, and region has a story to tell about its people, their history, their commerce, and their culture. By celebrating the accomplishments and diversity of all these regions, we help create a better understanding of our one Missouri and the ties that bind us together.

A successful commemoration of Missouri’s two hundredth year will engage all 114 counties and the City of St. Louis in a meaningful look at the Show-Me State’s past, present, and future. Missourians will reflect on the events that have shaped their communities, counties, regions, and the entire State, while starting a new chapter in its’ unique history.

While a time of celebration, it is also a time to reflect and to build a strong future for the State, setting the course for Missouri’s next 200 years.

Bicentennial Projects

Missouri 2021 Presents highlights bicentennial commemorations around the state.

In 1921, Vinnorma Shaw designed a poster to commemorate the Missouri Centennial and advertise the Missouri Centennial Exposition at the Missouri State Fair. One hundred years later, Missouri students help us commemorate the state’s 200th anniversary.

The State Historical Society of Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Company, in partnership with the Missouri State Quilters Guild, teamed up to create the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt in honor of the state's bicentennial.

A project of the Saint Louis Ambassadors and the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Missouri Bicentennial Time Capsule contains items to represent the past, present, and future of Missouri organizations, institutions, businesses, and local and state government agencies.

Selected photographs by professional and amateur photographers showcase the geographic and cultural landscape of the state. On the occasion of Missouri's bicentennial, they provide an opportunity to reflect upon and increase the understanding of the state's rich diversity.