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July 29, 2020

The State Historical Society of Missouri looks forward to welcoming back its members and patrons to research centers across the state. On Tuesday, August 4, in accordance with local health advisories and campus partners, the Cape Girardeau, Columbia, and Rolla Research Centers will reopen to the

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July 27, 2020

Host Sean Rost tells the story of Dexter's Carrie Lee Carter Stokes, and talks with Janet Olson, archivist for the Frances Willard House Museum and WCTU Archives, about the Woman's Christian Temperance Union's involvement in suffrage, temperance, and social reform...

July 22, 2020
Join SHSMO oral historian Sean Rost, Ph.D., as he introduces oral history methodology from pre-interview through the final project in this on demand program from the State Historical Society of Missouri....
July 20, 2020
SHSMO Oral Historian Sean Rost discusses sports in 1920s Missouri with two new programs, the first designed for elementary-aged children and the second for adult audiences. Join us July 21 and 22 to hear about notable 1920s sporting events and organizations in the state...