Quick Search Service

For this research service, SHSMO staff will spend up to 30 minutes searching for specific reference questions that can be answered from all Society collections.

Newspaper items will be checked that have a particular date associated with them, such as deaths, births, marriages, local events, natural disasters, etc., found in newspapers from Missouri held in the Society's Newspaper Collection.

  • Accurate name, location and date of event are required.
  • Only one name may be submitted at a time.
  • Additional requests may be submitted once the previous request has been completed.
  • Requests that do not contain all the required information cannot be processed.
  • Before submitting a newspaper search request, patrons should consult the newspaper catalog, and verify that a newspaper exists for the time and place in question.

Includes up to 10 photocopies

  • $10 for SHSMO members
  • $20 for Missouri residents
  • $30 for non-Missouri residents

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