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Join Associate Director of the Cape Girardeau Research Center, Bill Eddleman, to learn about vital records and how to best make use of them in your genealogy research. Online and free, registration required.

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Professional and amateur artists of all ages are commemorating 200 years of Missouri statehood with creative expression. Join us for a live presentation on collaborative projects across the state. Online and free, registration required.
Join us virtually for the 63rd Annual Missouri Conference on History! Hosted by SHSMO, the conference brings together scholars, teachers, and other professional historians to share in the presentation of research, to exchange information on teaching and curriculum, and to consider ways to promote the welfare of the profession and general interest in history.


Exhibitions About

Art and educational exhibitions illustrate transformative moments in Missouri and U.S. history. The State Historical Society of Missouri houses exhibition galleries at the Center for Missouri Studies in Columbia. SHSMO also provides materials for display in galleries and exhibition spaces across the state.


Artist David Plank has devoted his life to the artistic study of Missouri’s birds.  Unlike some wildlife artists, Plank never bases his images on photographs. Instead, he creates field studies and bases his finished paintings on these sketches. Plank’s images are thus a direct record of his intimate observations of the birds of Missouri.

Music in Missouri explores Missouri’s contribution to American music. The state’s early folk musicians, marching bands, and choral societies inspired the birth of ragtime and then overlapped with the evolution of a new brand of blues in St. Louis. Those emerging styles then intersected with an explosion of new jazz in Kansas City, at the same time that Ozark bluegrass migrated northwards and entered this melting pot of rhythm to help create rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues, modern country, and gospel.

More Exhibitions

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Daniel Fitzpatrick, chronicled the progression of World War II as it happened with powerful and poignant editorial cartoons. The final installment of this eighteen-month exhibition focuses on the ending years of the war, including the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that forced Japan’s surrender on V-J Day, August 15, 1945.

On Demand Programs

This program draws on work by the Missouri Humanities Council and the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy that explores the controversy of accepting Missouri as the 24th state and how it ultimately leads to the Civil War.
Missourians in rural and urban communities are coming together to showcase the vast geographic and cultural diversity of the state while celebrating the similarities that bring us together. Join Michael Sweeney, coordinator of Missouri 2021, for an overview of the exciting projects and events commemorating the state’s bicentennial.
Bill Eddleman explains how to find and use online records that are free and discover what’s available from subscription services.
YSU professor Amy Laurel Fluker discusses Civil War commemoration in Missouri as pursued most often by women and from both sides of the conflict.