Law and Judiciary Manuscript Collections

Papers and records of lawyers and judges and their professional organizations.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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"A Practical Treatise on Conveyancing," n.d., (C1205)
1 volume
A Practical Treatise on Conveyancing, with notes by Mr. Preston, copied by Ira Newburn and Darlingon Durham. The book is indexed for law students, and includes a list of recommended reading.

AdHoc Group Against Crime Records, 1986-2000, (K0856)
6 cubic feet
The records consist of minutes, reports, financial records, printed and published materials, clippings, and photographs.

American Civil Liberties Union, Mid-Missouri Chapter, Records, 1968-1984, (C1735)
0.4 linear feet
The records of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Mid-Missouri Chapter, con-sist of case files, correspondence, and meeting minutes.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-Western Missouri Records, 1960-2008, (K0398)
64 cubic feet
Organizational records of the regional chapter including administrative files, case files, and position files.

Anderson, Thomas Lilbourne (1808-1885), Papers, 1860-1864, (C0678)
1 folder
The papers of Thomas Lilbourne Anderson, lawyer, politician, and U.S. Congressman who practiced law in St. Charles and Palmyra, Missouri contain an autobiography and three letters written to Anderson in the 1860s, one describing the Battle of Springfield in 1863.

Andrew County Justice of the Peace Docket, State Cases, 1936-1939, (K0176)
1 volume
Nodaway Township Justice of the Peace Criminal Docket includes the name of the defendant, the charge, notes on the facts of the case, and the disposition of the case. Index to the defendant's name.

Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney Case Records, 1942-1945, (K0175)
1 volume
Cases which the Prosecuting Attorney for Andrew County presented for the State of Missouri. Includes the defendant's name, charge and disposition of the case. Index to the defendants name.

Atwood, Frank Ely (1878-1943), Papers, 1888-1943, (C3131)
21 linear feet
Correspondence, reports, case records, judicial opinions, speeches, articles, and news-clippings, covering Atwood’s professional and political careers and his work as an active layman in the Southern Baptist Church.


Baird, William E., Record Book, 1857-1872, (C1093)
1 volume
Baird was assignee of H.G. Brunt, Boonville, MO. Book contains his accounts for May-June 1857, and the Cooper County, MO, grand jury records, March Term 1869-October Term 1872.

Baltzell, George J., Papers, 1870-1874, (C0227)
2 folders
Legal papers and docket book of justice of the peace of Reddish Township, Lewis County, Missouri. Includes a few marriage records.

Barcroft, Elias, Papers, 1817-1837, (C2302)
1 folder
Two documents concerning the transfer of land title by Elias Barcroft to Elias Rector for Amos Rawls in the Missouri Territory, 1817. One document has a notation that it was recorded in the Saline County, MO, court, 1837.

Barker, John T. (1877-1958), Papers, 1912-1958, (C0002)
23 folders and 5 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, speeches, reviews, photographs, and scrapbooks of John T. Barker, an attorney from Macon, Missouri, who was attorney general of Missouri, 1913-1917.

Barrett, Jesse William (1884-1953), Papers, 1905-1953, (C0009)
21.75 linear feet, 11 volumes, 2 card files
The papers of a St. Louis lawyer and politician; attorney general of Missouri, 1921-1925; Republican candidate for governor in 1936; commander of the Missouri Department of the American Legion, 1932-1933; and president of the Missouri Bar Association, 1933-1934. The collection includes material about the American Legion, Methodist Episcopal Church, Culver-Stockton College, Barrett’s St. Louis Law practice, his term as attorney general, Missouri Bar Association, his business and family, and Republican Party campaigns and elections.

Barrow, E. Cave, Collection, 1871-1948, (C2666)
0.2 linear feet, 8 rolls of microfilm
St. Louis Whiskey Ring. Microfilm of newspapers, O.E. Babcock papers, B.H. Bristow papers, Life of Emory Storrs (1886), pardon papers. Barton-Turner letters, 1874-1875. Internal Revenue booklets, 1872, 1873, 1948. Centennial Souvenir, Academy of the Visitation, St. Louis, 1933.

Bartlett, Daniel Brook (1937-2000) Papers, 1981-2000, (K0414)
24 cubic feet
Professional files of Bartlett, Chief Judge of the United States Western District of Missouri. Includes trial, sentencing, and hearing notes; speeches; calendars; and records of pro se prisoner correspondence.

Barton County Work Farm Ledger, 1899-1903, (K0361)
0.04 cubic feet
The ledger contains a financial record of produce grown and sold at the Barton County Work Farm in Lamar, Missouri. The ledger also includes a list of inmates working at the farm.

Beck-Cole-Mason Letters, 1854-1877, (C0215)
1 folder
Letters from Joseph M. Beck, Chester C. Cole (1824- ) and Charles Mason (1804-1882), all of whom were Chief Justices of the Iowa Supreme Court.

Becker, William Henry, Papers, (CA5654)
33.2 cubic feet
Papers of a lawyer, judge, and political advisor. Includes personal and professional files: correspondence, case files, photographs, financial records, writings, and miscellaneous.

Benecke Family Papers, 1816-1989, n.d., (C3825)
90.8 linear feet, 62 volumes, 3 audio tapes, 3 records, 413 glass plate negatives
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, Missouri.

Benson II, Arthur A. (1944- ) Papers, ca. 1975-1986, (K0250)
593 cubic feet
Legal records, documents and working papers related to the plaintive' s case in the Kansas City Desegregation case, Chinyere Jenkins v. Kansas City Missouri School District.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Papers, 1804-1811, (C1458)
1 folder
Copy of letter to Jno. and N.P. Hardeman, Franklin, TN, requesting the Hardemans, merchants, to send him specific books, personal items and, periodically, a statement of his account. Benton's memorandum book of Tennessee legal cases, 1810-1811.

Benton, Thomas Hart, (1782-1858), Papers, 1850-1852, (C1466)
1 folder
The papers contain Benton's certified statements in the slander suit against him by James H. Birch, in the Clay County Circuit Court, Liberty, Missouri.

Boggs, James E. (1878-1953), Justice of the Peace, Record Book, 1900-1902, (C3859)
1 volume
The James E. Boggs, Justice of the Peace, Record Book concerns crimes and misdemeanors in Boone County, Missouri, from 1900 to 1902.

Boggs, Lilburn W., (1792-1860), Letter, 1837, (C1465)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to [William Learned Marcy], from Lilburn Boggs, City of Jefferson, Missouri, April 18, 1837. Governor Boggs of Missouri notified Governor Marcy that Henry W. Bamman, charged with forgery in New York, was committed to the Cole County jail and was available for immediate extradition.

Boone, Daniel (1734-1820), Appeal Bond, 1789, (C1830)
1 folder
The collection contains a photostat of an appeal bond in the case of Hugh McClintick vs. Daniel Boone and William Hall for trespassing, August 10, 1789. The original is in Huntington Library, Pasedena, CA.

Boone, Daniel, (1734-1820), Papers, 1784-1787, (C2204)
1 folder
Court order by Daniel Boone requiring Robert Mosby to pay James Meriwether for court attendance and traveling expenses in the case of Robert Mosby vs. Thomas Johnson and Henry Garrett, April 1787. Account receipt to Elizabeth Ash from Squire Boone, May 8, 1784. Includes positive and negative photostats.

Botsford, James Sherman, Memorial Booklet, (K1001)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
The James Sherman Botsford Memorial Booklet contains a memorial services booklet for James S. Botsford issued by the Kansas City Bar Association in 1915.

Branton, William Coleman (1914-1985) Papers, 1943-1985, (K0828)
9 cubic feet
Personal papers of Branton, prominent attorney and civic leader in Kansas City, MO. Includes Photographs, correspondence, records and other papers relating to Branton's military duty, legal practice, banking career, civic activities, and personal life

Brown [Benjamin] Gratz, (1826-1885), Letter, 1850, (C2202)
1 folder
To [Orlando Brown], from St. Louis, MO, Mar. 10, 1850. Brown informs his uncle of the death of Weissinger and discusses his own success in the law profession, his personal goals, and friends. Also typed copy.

Brown, Jacob, Papers (K0998)
0.12 cubic foot (6 folders)
The collection consists of materials related to the sale of property by Congregation Beth Shalom to Kroh Brothers Development Company & Allen and Company, Inc. The collection also includes correspondence, an invocation, a program for The Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award luncheon, and biographical information for Jacob Brown.

Brown, Philip Shelley Papers, (K0130)
0.16 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Philip Shelley Brown Papers contains a bound volume consisting of copies of correspondence written by Brown between 1903 and 1905. The bulk of the letters concern Brown’s law practice in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bryant Building Collection, 1917-1966, (K0903)
1 cubic foot
Business records including leases, insurance policies, and various contracts related to the building in downtown Kansas City, MO. Also documents concerning the last will and testament of Harriet M. Bryant (1849-1920), owner of the Harriet M. Bryant Realty and Improvement Company.

Burnham, W. H., Class Notes, 1861, (C0641)
2 folders
Notes of lectures on anatomy and physiology by Professor Norwood and on international and constitutional law, taken at the University of Missouri by W.H. Burnham of Clarksville, Pike County, MO.


Cahoon, Benjamin Benson (1846-1923), Papers, 1842-1889 (C0081)
0.8 linear feet
Papers and correspondence of a Fredericktown, Missouri, lawyer dealing primarily with his business as a land agent. He paid taxes, made collections, sold land and furnished abstracts of title. Also a few cases involving collection of debts for merchants.

Carey, Scott (1884-1963), Papers, 1917-1961, (C2336)
18 folders
The papers of Scott Carey contain correspondence, reports of arrests, affidavits, and photographs pertinent to Carey's work as a private detective and Frisco Lines agent in Scott and Pemiscot Counties. A private detective for more than fifty years, Carey was also a special officer for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in the Missouri Bootheel region.

Carpenter, G.L., Postcard, 1890, (C1963)
1 folder
To Eugean Yourley, Dexter, MO, from Hickman, KY, Nov. 25, 1890. Announces reward for arrest and detention of John Smedley and R.C. Smith.

Carr, Charles L. (1890-1966) Papers, 1915-1951, (K0909)
2 cubic feet
Carr was an attorney in Kansas City, MO and the General Solicitor for the Kansas City Public Service Company. Includes the personal and professional papers of Carr: correspondence, printed materials from various organizations, files related to the streetcar company and the Missouri State Supreme Court..

Carter, Isaac, Bill of Court Costs, 1860-1861, (C1485)
1 folder
The collection consists of an itemized bill of court costs in the case of STATE OF MISSOURI vs. ISAAC CARTER for grand larceny.

Chambers, Silas, Land Survey, 1796, (C2432)
1 folder
The collection contains a land survey indicating the boundaries of Chambers' 62 1/2 acre plot in Kennedys Creek, Bourbon County, KY.

Childs, Theodore F., Letter, 1872, (C2039)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter announcing the opening of a law office. A business card is enclosed.

Chinyere Jenkins v. Kansas City Missouri School District Records, 1977-2000, (K0762)
360 cubic feet
Defendant (Kansas City School District) records for the Kansas City Desegregation Case. Also included are records concerning Liddell v. Board of Education of City of St. Louis, MO shared with the attorneys for KCSD by the SLBOE attorneys.

Clark, Christopher Jackson, Papers, (K0555)
11 cubic feet (333 folders, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 142 photographs, 67 slides, 17 items)
The Christopher Jackson Clark Papers consist of correspondence, training and operation materials, publications, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to his career with Trans World Airlines, his contribution redefining retirement within the organization, and his involvement with Save-A-Connie.

Collins, Lewis, Claim, 1821, (C2078)
1 folder
The collection contains a statement of amount due Collins for hauling water from Columbia to Smithton for the Boone County Court.

Cope, W. Robert, Papers (CG0018)
1.75 cubic feet (34 folders)
The papers of W. Robert Cope contain notes, outlines, and final examinations produced as a student at the University of Missouri-School of Law from 1965 to 1968.

Craig, Corydon F., Papers, 1904, (C3101)
1 folder
The papers of Corydon F. Craig contain copies of an affidavit and newspaper clipping regarding the 44 calibre pistol used to kill Jesse James.

"Crime and Punishment: The Kansas City Municipal Workhouse," 1999, (CA5836)
1 video cassette
A 1999 program produced by a Kansas City television station.

Crowley, Conrad and Elizabeth, Deed of Trust, 1853, (C1984)
1 folder
For sale of land in Buchanan County, MO, to John and Thomas Curd.


Davis, Ilus Winfield (1917-1996) Papers, 1925-1995, (K0375)
200 cubic feet
Mayoral, personal, and professional papers documenting Davis' political, legal, and civic contributions. Davis is considered the most important Kansas City, MO mayor of the 20th century.

Devins, Charles, Letter, 1877, (C0552)
1 folder
To John Bruce, Montgomery, AL, from Washington, D.C., Apr. 30, 1877. Inquiry concerning charges made by John H. Purness against U.S. Commissioner Isaac Heyman and others.

DeWitt, Melvin C. Papers (R1418)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders)
These are the personal military papers and photographs of Melvin C. DeWitt who served in the United States Army from 1966 until his retirement in 1986. Also included are DeWitt's papers related to his employment with the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Donnelly, Robert T., Papers, 1924-1999, (C4246)
2.0 cubic feet (41 folders), 2 oversize items
The Robert T. Donnelly papers document the life of Robert Donnelly, who served as an infantryman in World War II, and a Supreme Court Justice in Missouri for twenty years. The collection contains the letters, postcards, and newspapers he sent home during the war as well as numerous documents, newspapers, and letters from his Supreme Court days. The collection also features pictures and books about his regiment and Supreme Court Cases.

Drell, Adrienne (1943- ), Papers, c. 1930-2006, (C4084)
10.6 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette, 1 video cassette
The papers of Adrienne Drell contain articles, drafts, subject files, correspondence, and miscellaneous professional and personal papers of a journalist who worked for the Waukegan News-Sun and the Chicago Sun-Times, largely covering court cases. Included in the papers is material relating to cases she covered, including the Rev. L.R. Davis, Operation Greylord, and Baby Richard.


Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers, 1944-1987, (C0674)
Papers of a Democratic Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis, 1956-1960; Attorney General of Missouri, 1960-1964; Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, 1964-1968; and U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1969-1986. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, speeches and press releases, audiovisual materials, microfilm, and newspaper clippings.

Eagleton, Thomas F., Papers (CA4720)
211.2 cubic feet (includes audio visual material)
Addition of materials concerning Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries and Commission on Base Realignment and Closure. Papers from Eagleton's years in public service.

Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers, (CA5736)
91 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 1 computer disc, 1 DVD, 3 rolls of microfilm, 8 video cassettes
Addition to papers of a former senator from Missouri. Includes campaign and election files; pre-senatorial papers relating to offices of attorney general and lt. governor; and post-senatorial papers relating to teaching, writing, St. Louis Rams, and other activities.

Execution Invitation, 1936, (C0984)
1 folder
Invitation to attend the execution of George McKeever at the county jail in Fulton, MO. Mourning envelope addressed to Miss Annabel Brooks, New Bloomfield, MO.


Finch, James A., Jr. (1907- ), Papers, 1951-1980, (C0769)
4.4 linear feet
Papers of assistant attorney general of Missouri, 1932; acting prosecuting attorney of Cape Girardeau County, 1941-1942; member and president of the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, 1951-1965; and judge, 1965-1978, and chief justice, 1971-1973, of the Missouri Supreme Court. Material consists of correspondence from Finch’s term on the Board of Curators and his speeches at various judicial conferences and other functions.

Ford, Joe, Letter, 1891, (C0991)
1 folder
Letter giving custody of his son, Will Ford, to Mrs. Will Cunningham and Miss Scebie.

Fulkerson, Robert C., Record Book, 1837-1838, 1843-1859, (C3804)
1 volume
Record book of a Montgomery County, Missouri, shopkeeper and justice of the peace. Contains sales records (1837-1838) of the Loutre Lick Store, Loutre Lick, Missouri, and justice of the peace dockets (1843-1859) for Danville Township, Montgomery County, Missouri. A donor-compiled index is included.


Gage, John Bailey, Papers, 1887-1970, (K0254)
0.60 cubic foot (22 folders)
The John Bailey Gage Papers consists of correspondence primarily relating to the Midwest Research Institute (MRI). Many of these letters have attachments, most of which are the agendas and the meeting minutes of the institution’s Executive Committee of the Board of Governors. Also included are copies of by-laws and reports on income and expenses. Additional materials include speeches made by Gage, photographs, certificates, programs, and a title of abstract for the Gage Addition to Kansas City.

Gentry, Daniel, Deposition, ca. 1903, (C0663)
5 folders
Group depositions on behalf of the plaintiff, Gentry, in a legal case involving floods on the Grand River. Ira B. Hyde was attorney for the plaintiff. The defendant was the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, represented by Orton & Orton.

Gibson, Charles, Scrapbooks, 1852-1899, (C4282)
2 oversize volumes
The papers of Charles Gibson contain two scrapbooks that cover the travels and career of St. Louis attorney, Charles Gibson. Both volumes chronicle Gibson's legal career in the late 1800s and his European travels, specifically dealing with his interactions with imperial families of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The scrapbooks include correspondence between Gibson and German nobles, documents from the German imperial family, an appointment from Abraham Lincoln, photographs of his home and of his travels abroad, and newspaper clippings from the 1890s.

Gillis, William (ca. 1797-1869) and Troost, Mary Ann Gillis (1812-1872) Estate Records, ca. 1869-1907, (K1238)
0.25 cubic foot
Gillis, an Indian trader, was one of fourteen investors who platted the original Town of Kansas. Mary, his niece married to Dr. Benoist Troost, had an estate used to support the Gillis Home for Orphans. Includes tax bills, receipts, and legal documents used in the settlement of the estates.

Givens, Spencer H., Collection, 1816-1911, (C0106)
0.2 linear feet
This collection consists of documents collected by Spencer H. Givens: the Levin Cropper Papers and historical documents. The Cropper papers contain business and personal correspondence with his brother in New York, his children in Illinois, and other family members in Louisiana and Mississippi. The historical documents include miscellaneous land grants and indentures, estate documents, business correspondence, naturalization and emigration documents, handbills, newspapers and advertisements.

Goff, James B., Letter, 1878, (C2029)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Mrs. Austin A. King, from James Goff of St. Louis, June 10, 1878 and includes Austin A. King's license to practice law in Tennessee.

Goodrich, James Edward (1871-1952) Papers, 1904-1950 (K0383)
5 cubic feet
The papers consist of business records and correspondence as well as personal receipts and correspondence to and from James Edward Goodrich, covering the period 1904-1950. The papers also contain information concerning the bankruptcy of businesses in Kansas City and annual reports and other publications related to the Commerce Trust Company and other local and national corporations.

Grady, Joseph, H., Papers, 1853-1902, (C2950)
3 folders
The papers contain accounts, tax receipts, minutes, and reports of cases heard in Macon County, Missouri, by a justice of the peace in Jackson Township.

Guinotte, Joseph (1815-1867) Papers, 1836-1849 (K0477)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection consists of property deeds connected to the Chouteau and later the Guinotte families, as well as other early settlers in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guy, Francis Arthur (1894-1961) Papers, 1938-1955, (K0184)
12 folders
Legal correspondence, client files, and personal files of Guy, an attorney and officer of the J.C. Nichols Company. In addition to legal work for the Company but also carried on his private practice from his office, as well as served on a number boards, and as a councilman for Westwood Hills, KS.


Hagerman-Hayden Papers, 1852-1893 (C0110)
0.6 linear feet
Letters and papers of an Alexandria, Missouri, lawyer; a Keokuk, Iowa, student at Academy of the Visitation, St. Louis; and a music student in Oberlin, Ohio.

Hardin, Charles Henry (1820-1892), Papers, 1842-1892 (C0111)
0.1 linear feet
Hardin was a lawyer, governor of Missouri, 1874-1876, and founder of Hardin College in Mexico, Missouri. Collection includes correspondence with wife and friends, essays, speeches, unofficial reports, law notebook, legal cases in Boone, Callaway, Macon, and Randolph Counties, and diary of Mary Hardin, 1854-1856 and 1859.

Harlan, Dorothy Cochran (1924-2015), Photograph Collection, ca. 1898-1902, (P0138)
28 photographs
28 b/w photos of Missouri Training School for Boys in Boonville, Cooper Co., ca. 1900. Exterior and interior views of various buildings on campus, baseball team, school room, brick yard, dormitories, laundry and bath house, and bakery.

Harnsberger, William Augustus (1851-1944) Papers, 1899-1911 (K0541)
0.21 cubic feet
The collection contains a letterpress book of the personal and professional correspondence of William Augustus Harnsberger, a prominent attorney in Kansas City, Missouri.

Harris and Price, Attorneys at Law, Papers, c. 1920s-1930s, (CA4004)
1 linear feet
Case files and ledgers of Harris and Price, Attorneys at Law, Columbia, MO.

Harris, Victor B. (1909-1960), Papers, 1921-1960, (C3920)
3 linear feet
Papers of a St. Louis, Missouri, lawyer active in the St. Louis Civil Liberties Committee, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Lawyers Guild, Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State (PAOU), and other organizations relating to the Bill of Rights and civil liberties. Harris specialized in litigation on union issues and free speech during the period of the House Un-American Activities hearings, segregation, and the rights of married women to continue teaching.

Hay, Charles Martin (1879-1945), Papers, 1919-1933, (C0039)
7 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
Correspondence, legal cases, speeches, clippings, and political material of a St. Louis at-torney, politician, prohibitionist, and leader in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Several cases concern prohibition enforcement or lead companies in southeastern Missouri. Hay was three times an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. senator.

Hayden, Peyton R. (1796-1855), Law Notebook, 1835-1842 (C0269)
1 folder
Notes of a Boonville lawyer concerning law cases in Boone, Cole, Cooper, and Howard Counties, Missouri.

Hinch, Samuel, Summons, 1810, (C3177)
1 folder
Summons for Samuel Hinch to testify in the case of Henry and William Hand, defendants, vs. John H. Wright, plaintiff.

Hines, Thomas D., Speech, 1927, (C0664)
1 folder
Paper about circuit court judges from the time courts were established in 1815, read before Cape Girardeau Historical Society.

Hockaday, John A. (1837-1903), Scrapbook, 1903, (C1406)
1 volume
Newspaper tributes to the memory of John A. Hockaday, judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, 1890-1903.

Hoester, Robert Papers, (C4363)
0.6 cubic feet (14 folders)
Correspondence and manuscript material used in writing the book, Judicial Tyranny, the Palmyra Incident and the Mary Susan Goodwin case. Manuscript material includes revision material, editing, and handwritten notes.

Hoester, Robert G.J., Portrait, (P0391)
1 photograph
Photo of Judge Robert Gordon James Hoester, May 12, 1924 - October 23, 2006

Hoff, William Davidson, Letters, 1878-1880, (R1174)
1 folder
These are three letters from W. D. Hoff, an attorney at Stockton in Cedar County, Missouri, to D. C. Entrekin at Independence in Jackson County, Missouri. They concern back taxes on land in Cedar County owned by the estate of Entrekin's late son, Torbert.

Hollenbeck, Arch Talcott Papers (R1414)
0.5 cubic foot (28 folders)
The Arch Talcott Hollenbeck Papers include the personal and business correspondence and papers of Archie Hollenbeck who served as the Howell County postmaster during the early 20th century. He was appointed chairman of the Missouri Prison Board in 1921 and lived in Jefferson City during his appointment before returning to West Plains, Missouri.

Hollub, Joann Simon (1931-2007) Papers, 1972-1973, (K1012)
2 folders
Court papers relating to the case, Heirs and Next of Kin of the Estate of Selma Rosenbloom and family trees in part used to determine heirs.

Holt, Ivan Lee, Jr., (1913-1997), Papers, 1937-1981, (C0823)
11.25 linear feet
The collection contains materials collected by William R. Denslow, including his father's memoirs, articles on local history, letters (1859-1861), written by a young boy working on a whaling ship, and a typescript copy of an 1898 diary describing the Yukon gold fields.

Hoover, J. Edgar (1895-1972), Letter, 1950, (C3586)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to L.M. White, Mexico, MO, from Hoover, Washington, D.C., Apr. 11, 1950. The letter is an acknowledgment and thank you for copies of the MEXICO EVENING LEDGER story on Assistant Chief of Police William Sullivan.

Hungate, William (1922-2007), Desegregation Collection, 1972-1990, (S0838)
435 folders
Several collections in the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-St. Louis relate to the Liddell v Board of Education case, but the Hungate-St. Louis School Desegregation Case collection (1972-1985) includes material not available elsewhere. In sum, the Hungate Collection provides an insight into how the Judge and his staff prepared for hearings and rulings related to the case, in some instances, in great detail. Of particular importance are the working papers, research sources, and early drafts prepared by Hungate and his staff in preparing court orders and rulings, and in correspondence with litigants in the case. Many of the drafts include marginal comments in Hungate's handwriting. Another important series contains letters sent to Judge Hungate, not only from St. Louisans and Missourians but from around the country. The letters also provide insight to the sensitive nature of this crucial case as it related to race relations generally.

Hyde, Ira B. (1838-1926), Papers, 1867-1939 (C0122)
6 linear feet
2 volumes
Letterbooks of law firm of Hyde and Orton, later Ira B. Hyde and Sons, of Princeton, Missouri, and of Ben C. Hyde. Circuit court bar docket, 1869-1939. Land plot of Ravanna, Missouri. Newspaper clippings and notes dealing with politics.

Hyde, Ira B. (1838-1926), Papers, 1856-1924, (C2406)
0.4 linear feet
The papers of Ira B. Hyde contain school, speech, law and political materials of Hyde, a Princeton, MO, lawyer who attended Oberlin College and was prosecuting attorney for Mercer County, congressman (1873-1874), and a promoter of railroads and banks.

Hyde, Laurance M., Papers, (CA4372)
0.8 linear feet
Addition to collection of Missouri Supreme Court Judge and noted jurist.

Hyde, Laurance Mastick (1892-1978), Papers, 1869-1966, (C3390)
16 linear feet
The papers of the Missouri Supreme Court Justice, 1942-1966, relate to his activities in the American Bar Association, Conference of Chief Justices, and Missouri Bar Association, and in promulgating the Missouri Court plan, Missouri Constitution of 1945, and the Missouri Code. The collection also contains limited Hyde family papers and genealogical materials.


Illinois, Carlinville, Papers, 1884-1894, (C0661)
2 folders
Miscellaneous legal documents, papers, and clippings.


James, Frank (1844-1915), Jury Photograph, 1883, (C2257)
1 folder
Photograph of the jury that acquitted Frank James at Gallatin, MO.

Jameson, E.H.E., Letter, 1865, (C1571)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Thomas C. Fletcher, from St. Louis, July 5, 1865. The letter recommends the appointment of Thomas Allen of Brunswick, a Union man, as judge of the Chariton County court of common pleas. Endorsed by W.S. Field and A. Griffen. Returned by the governor for added recommendations.

Johns, John, Certification, 1809, (C1634)
1 folder
Certification that Johns attended the trial of Samuel Nugent as a grand juror.

Johnson, Charles P. (1836-1920), Papers, 1871-1920, (C4229)
0.8 cubic feet (15 folders)
The papers of a criminal lawyer and lieutenant governor of Missouri, 1873-1875. Includes diaries, photographs, a scrapbook of news clippings, and miscellaneous papers.

Johnson, Waldo Porter (1817-1885), Papers, 1878-1884, (C0586)
1 folder
Leases of a coal mine, the Hoover Bank, to D.W. Coonce in 1881, to Richard W. Perrin in 1884, and to James A. Paisley in 1878. Contract for rebuilding a barn and a lease for a farm with Richard Bught. Also a list of law books ordered by Johnson in 1880.

Jost, Henry Lee (1873-1950) Papers, ca. 1898-1958, (K0270)
4 cubic feet, 13 volumes (Microfilm)
The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, records of legal cases, scrapbooks, certificates, and photographs related to the life of Henry Lee Jost, attorney, two term mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, and United States congressman


Kansas City, MO vs. McCoy Records, 1973-1976, (K0561)
2 video
Records and video tape of first court case in Missouri and the country permitting testimony by video.

Kansas City Municipal Court Dockets, 1902-1915 (K0370)
3 volumes
The collection consists of docket books recording criminal cases brought before the municipal court of Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City (MO) School District Desegregation Clippings, 1961-1999, (K1024)
1 cubic foot
Newspaper clippings from Kansas City area newspapers concerning the Kansas City School District desegregation efforts.

Karnes, Joseph Van Clief (1841-1911) Papers, 1868-1937, (K0287)
3 folders
Autobiography of Karnes, an attorney prominent and influential member in the civic and legal community of Kansas City, MO. contains information on his family history and education, people he knew, the Kansas City public school and library system, and city charter reform. Also a small scrapbook comprised of clippings and writings.

Kelley, Clarence Marion (1911-1997) Papers, 1918-1997, (K0679)
19 cubic feet
Kelley was Chief of Police for Kansas City, MO, Director of the FBI, and after his retirement formed Clarence M. Kelley and Associates, Kansas City. Includes correspondence, papers, clippings, speeches, photographs of Kelley and his family from his college days until 1994. Also materials relating to Mr. Kelley's FBI career, his tenure as Chief of Police, and personal items.

Kenyon, Phineas, Power of Attorney, 1850, (C1578)
1 folder
The collection contains a document giving power of attorney to Robert Kenyon, Boone County, MO, for Phineas Kenyon, June 1, 1850.

Kratzer, Christian, Affidavit, 1842, (C1700)
1 folder
Kratzer's affidavit swearing to ownership of described land.

Krauskopf, Joan Miday (1932- ), Papers, 1970-1982, (C3912)
3.3 linear feet
Joan M. Krauskopf was a law professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her papers relate to the women's movement, the campaign to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in Missouri and in the U.S. Congress, and her specialty of family law. Included in the collection are correspondence, promotional literature, articles by Krauskopf, and many articles and newspaper clippings.


Lamm, Henry, Papers, 1904-1916 (C0128)
0.7 linear feet
Letters of congratulation on election as justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, 1904, and Republican nomination for governor, 1916; articles; addresses; and reminiscences entitled Flatsam, Jetsam, and Ligan, stories involving a number of Missouri law cases.

Lawless, Burton, Papers, 1818-1876, (C2056)
1 folder
Deeds, tax receipts, and will pertaining to property in Saline County, MO.

Lawson, J. W., Law Notebook, 1874, (C0657)
1 folder
Notebook of questions on law kept by Lawson on the textbook by Leake on contracts.

Lawson, Judge, Photograph Collection, (P0908)
2 photographs
Group portraits of the Missouri Bar Association, 1908 and 1909.

Leonard, Abiel (1797-1863), Papers, 1782-1932, n.d., (C1013)
16.4 linear feet
Abiel Leonard of Fayette, Missouri, was a lawyer, landowner, and prominent Whig, who began his law practice in Missouri in 1819 and served on the Missouri Supreme Court in the 1850s. His papers consist of personal and business correspondence of the Leonard family, as well as deeds, contracts, wills, depositions, bills, receipts, account books, some military documents, photo-graphs, maps, and miscellaneous material.

Lewis, E. G., Mail Fraud Collection, 1945-1907, (S1102)
Photocopies of Library of Congress holdings on the mail fraud case against E. G. Lewis, the first mayor of University City.

Loughran, Helen June Knox (1913-2011) Papers, 1948-2011, (K1256)
1 cubic foot
Personal papers of former Kansas Citian, Librarian and Clerk of the United States Supreme Court. Includes correspondence, records of a trip to Europe, genealogical information and photographs of family. Also photographs of Supreme Court Justices, friends and co-workers at the Court

Louisiana Territory, District of St. Charles. Grand Jury Papers, 1811, (C1750)
1 folder
True presentments of the grand jurors, November term, 1811, Court of Quarter Sessions, District of St. Charles, Territory of Louisiana. Resolutions concern giving the people of the district a voice in the making of laws and protection from Indians on the frontier.

Lozier, Ralph F., (1866-1945), Papers, 1855-1945, (C2655)
65.75 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, pamphlets, speeches, and news clippings related to Lozier's legal, agricultural, and political careers. Also included are research notes for and copies of Lozier's two historical novels and campaign papers of Lue C. Lozier.


Mag, Arthur (1896-1981) Papers, 1921-1981, (K0092)
8 cubic feet
Personal and civic papers of a prominent attorney and civic leader in Kansas City

Major, Samuel Collier (1840-1894), Papers, 1861-1884, (C0368)
1 folder
A letter, 5 April 1861, listing law books and where they might be purchased; a handbill for an administrator's sale, 6 June 1876; and a handwritten legal bond, 6 October 1884. Major was a public administrator.

Maloney, Joseph John (1940-1999) Papers, 1924-1992, (K0423)
13 cubic feet
Personal papers, research and background materials, writings and other documents from an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star and an author and poet.

Massie, Jeremiah, Legal Papers, 1836-1838, (C3445)
1 folder
The papers include transcripts of a court case in which Massie, formerly of Sangamon County, Illinois, was convicted of larceny from a steamboat; letters of support for Massie; a clemency petition signed by the citizens of Sangamon County, including Abraham Lincoln; and the pardon, signed by Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs.

McCue, Paul M., Receipt, 1855, (C2041)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt for payment for land at an office at Plattsburg, MO.

McCulloch, Samuel Johnson, Papers, (K0023)
0.2 cubic foot (4 folders) 
The Samuel Johnson McCulloch Papers contain correspondence, the bulk of which concerns requests for copies of McCulloch’s publish work, Missouri Statute Annotations Embracing Construction and Derivation. Additional materials include business cards, an account book of household expenses, and various receipts for personal items and household utilities.

McLaughlin, Ira B. (1888-1953) Scrapbooks, 1930-1938, (K0283)
4 volumes
Scrapbooks concerns cases handled by attorney McLaughlin. They are chiefly comprised of newspaper clippings documenting the investigations and trials of such crimes as murder, bank robbery, burglary, a custody dispute, bombing, bootlegging, and labor and election violence.

Meyer, Walter E. (1882-1957), Papers, 1889-1958, (C2638)
54.4 linear feet
The papers of Walter E. Meyer contain materials collected and used by Meyer in several suits on behalf of the minority stockholders of St. Louis Southwestern Railroad (Cotton Belt).

Miller, Clelland D. (1850-1876), Trial Notes, 1872, (C2631)
1 folder
Notes while awaiting trial for the robbery of the Corydon, IA, bank in November 1872.

Miller, James R. (1917-1993) Papers, ca. 1943-1991, (K0733)
4 cubic feet
Contains files, scrapbooks, photographs and tape recordings relevant to Miller's career in law enforcement with an emphasis on the administration of the Clay County, Missouri jail and notes on his World War II intelligence work, including war crimes investigations.

Milligan, Maurice M. (1885-1959), Report, 1939, (C0665)
1 folder
Statement of the facts in a case against T.J. Pendergast involving income tax evasion, 1939. Milligan was an attorney for the prosecution.

Minor, James L., Letter, 1843, (C1538)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to the Circuit Clerk of Boone County, Columbia, Missouri, from City of Jefferson, MO, Jan. 18, 1843. Letter enclosing certified copy of an act passed by the 12th General Assembly and approved by Governor Thomas Reynolds. Act amended the practice of law and established the terms of Missouri circuit and justice courts and the St. Louis court of common pleas.

Missouri Association of Probate and Associate Circuit Judges, Records, 1914-1979, (C3658)
1.2 linear feet
Minutes, bylaws, correspondence, resolutions, association histories, probate decisions and financial reports of the Missouri Association of Probate and Associate Circuit Judges from its founding in 1914 as the Missouri Probate Judges' Association to 1979. The organization has also been called the Missouri Association of Probate Judges and the Missouri Association of Probate and Magistrate Judges during the course of its history.

Missouri Institute for Justice, Inc. Records, 1938-2009, (K0599)
20 cubic feet
Records of an organization created to educate citizens and lawyers about the "Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan", an amendment to the Missouri Constitution approved in 1940. Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, and financial records. Also project files for the Law Student Ordinance Revision Program and film footage for an educational series entitled, "Your Day in Court".

Missouri Territory. Cape Girardeau Court of Common Pleas, List of Cases, 1809, (C1907)
1 folder
List of cases for the March term of court.

Missouri, Boone County, Prosecuting Attorney, Records, 1948, (CA5603)
0.1 linear feet
Correspondence, affidavits, testimony, and other investigative materials regarding sexual activities at the University of Missouri and in Columbia, MO.

Missouri, Boone County, Public Notice, 1822, (C2077)
1 folder
The collection contains a notice of application to County Court for Richard Gentry or Thomas Duley to be appointed justice of the peace for Columbia township, Boone County.

Missouri, Boone County. Bond, 1842, (C1474)
1 folder
Bond for two dollars to Peter Howe, signed by M.R. Arnold, president, and W. Woodson, clerk, June 22, 1842.

Missouri, Boone County. Circuit Court Records, 1839, (C2690)
22 folders, xerox copies, 0.2 cubic feet
Records of the Boone Circuit Court in three cases against Joseph Smith, Jr., Caleb Baldwin, Parley P. Pratt, King Follett, and others resulting from the Mormon War. Others are on file in the Circuit Court Office, Boone County, MO.

Missouri, Boonville. Mayor's Court, Records, 1840-1848, (C2980)
1 volume on microfilm
The records of the Boonville Mayor's Court contain civil cases tried before the mayor and brought to court by the city or the council. Cases involve assault and battery, disturbing the peace, slaughter house operations, market practices, food quality, street improvements, slave offenses, and general safety. The record shows the defendant, the charge, case disposition, sentence, and court costs.

Missouri, Callaway County, Cote Sans Dessein Township. Justice of the Peace, Docket Book, 1816-1827, (C0966)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings, marriages, and stray livestock. Cases concern settlement of debts, loan repayments, estates, land ownership, and assault and battery. Volume was begun by William H. Dunnica, the first justice of the peace (1821-1823), as a mercantile accounts record.

Missouri, Cape Girardeau County. Oaths of Loyalty, 1865-1866, (C1062)
1 volume
Abstract of oaths filed in conformity with requirements of 7th section of 2nd article of the new constitution.

Missouri, Columbia. Police Records, 1882-1946, (C2380)
30 volumes, 2 folders on 12 rolls of microfilm
Police Court dockets, 1882-1939, call books, 1931-1939, records of arrests, convictions, and fines, 1931-1946; and miscellaneous papers, 1929-1937. Department of Police, Columbia, Missouri.

Missouri, Cooper County. Circuit Court Records, 1876-1884, (C1564)
1 folder
Indictments and endorsements against Frank and Jesse James, Charles Pitts, and Cole and Robert Younger for robbery and obstructing the railroad, Cooper County Circuit Court, November term, 1876. Warrants for Frank James' arrest, April 2, 1884. Petition for writ of habeas corpus and bonds, April 28, 1884.

Missouri, Cooper County. Circuit Court, Docket, 1819-1834, (C1084)
1 volume
Court docket includes a roll of attorneys and dates admitted.

Missouri, Daviess County. Circuit Court Records, 1839, (C1603)
1 folder
Court records, April Term, 1839. Affidavits and indictments concerning Mormon difficulties. Joseph Smith, Jr., Lyman Wright, Moses Daily, Joseph Younger, Terry Durpee, Ephraim Oivens, John Lemon, James Whitaker, Alonson Brown, James Bingham, Amos Tubbs, Absolem Dutchfield, William Aldridge, George Smith, and Cabel Baldwin.

Missouri, Henry County. Court, County, Bond, 1905, (C2057)
1 folder
Refunding bond for $1000.

Missouri, Howard County, Chariton Township. Civil and Criminal Docket, 1906-1916 (C0267)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings as kept by John H. Scott, justice of the peace of Chariton Township.

Missouri, Madison County. Justice of the Peace Records, 1841-1845, (C1157)
1 volume
Records of Justice of the Peace Caleb Cox.

Missouri, Montgomery County, Bear Creek Township. Justice of the Peace, Docket Book, 1847-1852, (C3811)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings and stray livestock. Cases concern settlement of debts, loan repayments, damage suits, breach of the peace, and assault and battery. Donor-compiled index included.

Missouri, Persia. Bond, 1820, (C2551)
1 folder
Bond for purchase of land in town of Persia, signed by town trustees Obadiah Babbitt, John Lefler, and Nathaniel Patten.

Missouri, Ray County. Justice of the Peace, Docket, 1836-1851, (C1215)
1 volume
Docket includes names of defendants and plaintiffs, nature of complaint, and synopsis of case. Some marriages recorded. Justices were P. Ewell, W. Berry, and W.L. Bransford.

Missouri, Scotland County. Justice of the Peace, Docket, 1841-1848, (C1245)
1 volume
The collection contains a justice of the peace docket from Maidenkirk Township, Scotland County, Missouri. Includes names of defendants and plaintiffs and outcome of the cases. Some stray livestock records.

Missouri, St. Charles, Citizens' Petition, 1820, (C1692)
1 folder
Petition to the judge of the St. Charles circuit court from the inhabitants of St. Charles recommending the appointment of Daniel Howland as constable, March 1820.

Missouri, St. Charles. Circuit Court Seal, 1840, (C1683)
1 folder
Impression of the seal of the St. Charles circuit court.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve. Archives, 1756-1930, (C3636)
1474 folders on 78 rolls of microfilm
French colonial, and territorial records of the District of Ste. Genevieve. Ste. Genevieve County records and court records. A third of the documents are dated 1756-1804; the remainder date from 1805 to 1930. Original documents are in the possession of the Ste. Genevieve County Court.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Justice of the Peace, Docket and Stray Book, 1825-1838, (C1236)
1 volume
Justice of the peace court docket, 1822-1825, and stray records, 1825-1838, for Ste. Genevieve County, MO.

Missouri. Circuit Court, 2nd, Judgments, 1821-1863, (C1072)
1 volume
Information pertaining to cases presented in the court, including the names of the parties involved; date of judgment; nature of action; amounts of debts, damages, and costs; and the manner of satisfaction. Cases are listed alphabetically and chronologically within, for the most part.

Missouri. Circuit Court, 6th, Pettis County, Record Book, 1870-1875, (C1202)
1 volume
Record book of court cases, containing synopsis of each case, listing witnesses, and giving the outcome.

Mitchell, Thomas C., Jr. (1901-1967), Papers, 1915-1966, (C4106)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers of Thomas C. Mitchell, Jr. document the life of a Jefferson City man appointed by Missouri Governor John M. Dalton to the state appellate court panel. The papers consist mostly of correspondence regarding the nomination and selection of state Supreme Court justices. The collection also contains photographs, deeds, flight logs, and other materials obtained throughout Mitchell's life.

Muldrow, William, Papers, 1848-1869, (C1902)
1 folder
Deeds, copies of deeds, and other legal papers pertaining to a suit of Muldrow against John A. Sutter.

Mussey, John B., Letter, 1849, (C1606)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to John Hall, Carlisle, Nicholas County, KY, from New Liberty, Owen County, KY, May 26, 1849. Mussey, Hall's lawyer, wrote about land titles and the settlement of R.T. Squire's estate. Hall was estate administrator and guardian of Squire's child.


Napton, W. B., Letter, 1857, (C1879)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to C.F. Jackson on October 3, 1857. The letter discusses at length the necessity of salaries to attract good Missouri Supreme Court judges; combating the growing discussion of emancipation of the slaves; Missouri politics; and the completion of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad.

Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1862-1945 (C0148)
0.2 linear feet
Two Civil War letters; World War II letters; miscellaneous correspondence of Nelson family; speeches by Nelson on U.S. Constitution, history of Sullivan County, and proposal of new Missouri constitution; University of Missouri Law School Foundation bulletin; notes; and other miscellaneous material.

North Kansas City Levee District v. Forever Green of Missouri, LLC Papers, (K1111)
80 cubic feet
Research files including legal documents, government records, corporate records, correspondence, minutes, photographs, maps, and plans.


O'Leary, Frank Joseph (1890-1984) Papers, 1911-ca. 1974, (K0976)
7 cubic feet
O'Leary was an attorney in Kansas City, Missouri. Includes appointment books, lecture and class notes, financial records, case files, family photographs, and correspondence. Also letters written prior and during World War I to O'Leary's future wife, Edna.

Oliver Family, Papers, 1805-1977, (C3731)
18.1 cubic feet
Papers of a prominent Cape Girardeau, MO, family including family and professional correspondence, patriotic organizations materials, legal firm records, family financial and legal records, speeches and writings, genealogical materials, information on Missouri State Normal School and First Presbyterian Church of Cape Girardeau, photographs, and miscellany.

Oliver, John W. (1915-1990) Papers, 1936-1990, (K0751)
25 cubic feet
Speeches, writings, correspondence, photographs, and personal files of Oliver, Senior U.S. District Judge of Western Missouri. Also personal papers of his wife, Gertrude Field Oliver (1916- ).

Orr, Thomas B., Extradition Papers, 1887, (C1620)
1 folder
The papers contain an extradition warrant to Missouri Governor John Sappington Marmaduke from Nebraska Governor John Milton Thayer, for Thomas B. Orr, who obtained property under false pretenses.

Orr, William J., Papers, 1899-1940, (R0857)
1 folder
These papers deal mostly with the conviction, appeal, and later death of J. F. Kennedy, a train-robber. William J. Orr was an attorney for the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis and later the St. Louis-San Francisco railways, who prosecuted Kennedy in 1899. Also included is an obituary for Orr from the Springfield (Mo.) News Leader.


Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, 1932-1937, (C0008)
24.2 linear feet
Official and personal correspondence and papers of Guy B. Park, Democratic governor of Missouri from 1933 to 1937.

Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, (CA4727)
4 linear feet
Correspondence and law cases, post-gubernatorial to c. 1946.

Patee, John, Directive, 1865, (C1982)
1 folder
Instructs John Curd, as his trustee, to collect money from a lottery at Patee House and use it towards payment of debts.

Perry, William, Summons, 1808 , (C3679)
1 folder
Summons, 22 August 1808, for William Perry to testify in suit of John Smith T vs. Moses Austin in the General Court of Louisiana Territory.

Poague, Haysler F., Books, 1913-1934, (C0866)
2 folders
The collection contains books kept by a Henry County, Missouri, lawyer and realtor, including cases, fees, and real estate with prices and commissions.

Pratt, Stephen R. (Dick) (1918-2008) Papers, 1957-1965, (K1206)
0.25 cubic foot
Pratt served as Prosecuting Attorney for Clay County, MO, Kansas City Councilman, and Circuit Judge of Clay County. Includes scrapbooks: his political campaign Division II Circuit Court Judge, and cases he handled; and his appointment as an Honorary Missouri Colonel.


Quinn, Bartholomew, Papers, 1826, (C2304)
1 folder
Three documents concerning the transfer of title to land in Saline County, MO, from Richard M. Cummins to Bartholomew Quinn.


Rankin, Charles S., Letter, 1876, (C1629)
1 folder
To [Charles Henry Hardin, Hillsboro, MO], from [Herculaneum, MO], Jan. 12, 1876. Letter to governor about disputed land claims and court case.

Reed, James Alexander (1861-1944) Papers, 1903-1950, (K0443)
59 cubic feet, 45 phonograph recordings
Personal and professional correspondence, speeches, case files, legal documents, scrapbooks, and subject files of Kansas City Mayor and United States Senator James A. Reed.

Reeder, Douglas Lee (1909-1988), Papers, 1931-1941, (C2536)
23.3 linear feet
Papers of a Kansas City attorney. Records of action relating to the trucking industry, labor disputes, bill collection and bankruptcy, damage suits, divorce cases, patent cases, and estates. Some papers pertaining to local Democratic politics, Boy Scouts, and Country Club Congregational Church.

Reeves Sr., Albert L., (1873-1971) Papers, 1900-1971, (K0640)
2 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers depicting U.S. District Court Judge Reeves' judicial career and family material. Includes manuscripts and family materials; photographs; speeches/addresses; cases; correspondence, clippings, and an oversize scrapbook. Also drafts of unpublished book by Reeves, Shame of a Great City.

Richards, Allen D. (1833-1895), Papers, 1875-1893 (C0156)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of justice of the peace and postmaster of Dewitt, Carroll County, Missouri.

Richards, John Edward, Legal Papers, 1860-1936, (C2155)
4 folders
The papers of John Edward Richards contain photostats of legal papers of J.E. Richards of Moscow Mills, MO, his immediate family, contemporaries, and descendants. Stock certificates, leases, deeds, insurance policy, and bills are included.

Ringolsky, Issie J. (1864-1941) Papers, 1894-1915, (K0993)
1 cubic foot
Ringolsky was a partner with David I. White in the Ringolsky & White law firm. Includes case files for clients were business owners in Kansas City, several of whom were involved in the garment industry.

Robinson, Benj[amin], Order, 1731, (C1523)
1 folder
To the sheriff of Carolina County, 5 April 1731, demanding Robert Dudley's presence in court in the case of William Kennan vs. Robert Dudley.

Rollins, James H. (1940- ), Papers, 1961-1981 (C3056)
3 cubic feet
James Henry (Jimmy) Rollins was a black civil rights activist and University of Missouri law student who was convicted of dispensing marijuana in 1968, jumped bail to avoid prosecution and was subsequently caught and imprisoned in 1974 for that and other crimes. The papers consist primarily of letters from the imprisoned Rollins to one of his supporters, and of notes, newspaper clippings, case files, and other printed material related either to his case or to contemporary political and racial conditions in Columbia and at the University of Missouri.

Ruffin, James Edward, (1893-1977), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2345)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and legal papers of a Democratic congressman-at-large, 1933-1935; lawyer; and special assistant to the attorney general, 1935-1953.

Russell, William N., Law Notebook, 1864, (C0845)
1 folder
Notes on law lectures of Professors Campbell, Cooley and Walker, taken by William N. Russell in 1864. Also gives date he began law practice (May 16, 1864) and a record of clients and fees.


Sachs, Howard Frederic (1925- ) Papers, 1960-1981, (K0550)
4 cubic feet
Personal, family and professional papers of Federal Judge with the Western Missouri District Court. Also research and writings on the history of the Jewish community in Kansas City, MO.

Sappington, John, Papers, 1840-1841, (C1947)
1 folder
The papers contain a promissory note to Sappington by Joseph P. Taylor. Typed memo of four lawsuits of Sappington's in Red River County, Texas.

Scarritt, Nathan (1821-1890) Family Papers, 1839-1962, (K0248)
1 cubic foot
Newspaper clippings, articles, announcements, correspondence, and publication relating to the Scarritt and Chick families, two early families in Kansas City. Deeds and leases concerning the property owned by Scarritt and his estate. Also are family histories and a diary and autobiography of Nathan Scarritt, Methodist minister and missionary and early city builder.

Schweiger, Clara Theresa (1878-1942) Trial Records, 1915-1917, (K0242)
2 volumes
Trial transcripts and documents relating to a murder committed by Schweiger. She was defended by Mary Tiera Farrow, one of the first woman lawyers in Kansas City, MO.

Seal, John, Extradition Papers, 1887, (C1686)
1 folder
Request from Governor Richard J. Oglesby of Illinois to Missouri Governor John S. Marmaduke for extradition of John Seal, a fugitive charged with murder.

Seiler, Robert E., Papers, (CA4393)
3 linear feet
Personal papers of a Missouri Supreme Court Judge.

Seiler, Robert E., Papers, (CA4410)
1 linear feet
Addition. Notes and summaries on cases, January 1971 to January 1975.

Seiler, Robert E., Papers, (CA4470)
10 linear feet
Notes and summaries on various cases before the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Seiler, Robert E., Papers, (CA4511)
1.6 linear feet
Case files, etc. of a former judge of the Missouri Supreme Court.

Shackelford, Thomas (1822-1908), Papers, 1820-1908 (C0163)
0.6 linear feet
Personal and business letters, documents and memoirs of a lawyer and politician of Glasgow, Missouri. He was a member of the Missouri Convention of 1861 and of the Constitutional Convention of 1875. Includes family letters and letters relating to his legal practice and politics, a few of them pertaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1875.

Shamberg, John Elliott (1913-2009) Papers, 1923-2001, (K0748)
9 cubic feet
Correspondence between Shamberg, his family and friends, relating his college years, early career, World War II, and after the war. Shamberg was an attorney and personal counsel to Robert B. Docking, governor of Kansas,

Shook, R. Edgar (1894-1970) Papers , 1937-1946, (K1133)
1 cubic foot
Shook was an attorney in Kansas City, MO active in politics. Includes scrapbooks of newspaper clippings chronicling Shook's tenure as a member of the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners and as president of the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.

Sims, Thomas E. (1931- ) Papers, 1952-2001, (K0639)
19 cubic feet
Professional papers of a Kansas City, Missouri Municipal court judge, 16th Judicial Circuit. Includes correspondence, research materials, case studies, newsletters and publications of various state and national legal organizations.

Smith, Robert C. (1923-2016), Papers, 1967-2002, (C4178)
1.6 cubic feet (55 folders)
The papers of a Columbia, Missouri, lawyer involved in many civic activities. The material includes speeches from dedication ceremonies, planning documents for the American Bicentennial Commission, a brief history of 8th street in Columbia, Missouri, recollections of Stephen's College, and records of the Hinkson Investment Club.

Smith, W. E., Letter, 1890, (R0884)
1 folder
This is a letter of 20 February 1890 from W. E. Smith, Judge of Probate Court at Pineville in McDonald County, Missouri, to W. S. Sherley of Martinsville, Indiana. The letter deals with the affairs of Sarah Stockwell, deceased.

Sorrell, John, Land Warrant, 1853, (C1970)
1 folder
The collection contains a warrant for land issued to John Sorrell and transferred to William Sorrell.

Spencer, Robert, and Pierre Pallardie, Papers, 1840, (C1792)
1 folder
Copies of testimony in the case of Hugh H. Wardlow vs. George Gaty heirs, regarding land in St. Charles, MO.

St. Louis Police Journals, Annual Reports, 1929-1947 and Workmen's Compensation, 1916, (S1100)
1 folder
The Annual Reports, the Police and Workmen's Compensation journals span the period 1916 to 1947 and describe labor and financial conditions in St. Louis, along with the Metropolitan Police Department's administrative relationship with the Board of Aldermen. The collection contains twelve journals and the writers consist of Alroy S. Phillips and unknown individuals who work for the Metropolitan Police Department.

Stanley, Geo[rge] E., Invitation, 1896, (C1539)
1 folder
The papers contain an invitation to Charles A. Thomas, of Norborne, Missouri, from Carroll County, Missouri, Apr. 30, 1896, to witness the execution of William P. Taylor, April 30, 1896, at 11:00 A.M. for the May 10, 1894, murder of Gus Meeks.

State of Missouri vs. B. Clark Hyde Transcript, (K1204)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The State of Missouri vs. B. Clark Hyde Transcript contains a photocopied transcript of R.R. Brewster’s closing argument while acting as defense lawyer in the case of the State of Missouri vs. B. Clark Hyde.

Stephens, J.L., et al., Subpoena, 1877, (C1573)
1 folder
The subpoena commands Andrew B. Moore, Thomas Argenbright, Felix Crockett, and J.L. Stephens to appear before T.M. Rice to testify for the plaintiff in the case of Thomas W. Norris against Charles F. Moore, Cooper County Circuit Court, Boonville, MO.

Stevens Jr., Joseph Edward (1928-1998) Papers, 1981-1998, (K0753)
5 cubic feet
Personal papers of Stevens, Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri. Includes correspondence, biographical information, and awards. Also files related to his work with the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, the Plain Language & Law Committee of the Missouri Bar, and a Seminar Course on the Arts of Lawyering and Judging.

Stone, Kimbrough (1875-1958), Papers, 1897-1958, (C0005)
11 linear feet; also available on 37 rolls of microfilm
Papers of a judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, 1917-1947 (presiding judge, 1928-1947), who continued to work with the court after his retirement in 1947. Topics covered in the papers include the U.S. courts; Democratic politics; Kansas City and Missouri bar associations and law schools; and fraternal and charitable organizations.

Stone, W[illia]m J[oel] (1848-1918), Letter, 1893, (C1517)
1 folder
The collection contains correspondence to Geo. H. Lyons, Kansas City, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, May 12, 1893. The letter and clipping define Stone's position in the indebtedness case, Ninth National Bank of New York vs. St. Clair County, MO. Lyons and B.R.F. Copenhaver, St. Clair County court judge, were imprisoned for refusing to comply with writ of mandamus.

Summers and Company Records, 1852-1860 (K0362)
0.24 cubic feet
The records contain a ledger book kept by the Summers and Company dry goods and grocery of Parkville and Kansas City, Missouri.

Surface, David (1827-1900) Letter, 1869 (K0539)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter to attorney John Cage and Kansas City mayor Robert T. Van Horn from David Surface regarding restitution for damaged property during the Civil War.


Terte, Benjamin (1891-1964) Papers , 1891-1964, (K0758)
1.91 cubic feet (20 folders, 14 oversize)
The Benjamin Terte Papers contains correspondence, publications, scrapbooks, and a published biography by Benjamin Terte’s daughter, Carol Terte Gill.

Thompson, William, Papers, 1836 (C0432)
1 folder
Copies of testimony given before Alfred G. Sloan and Walter H. Taler, justices of the peace of Big Creek Township in Van Buren County [Cass County], on charges against William Thompson for stealing and against James Laurance for whipping William Thompson.

Todd, David Papers, (CA6556)
1 folder
The papers of a circuit court judge from Boone County, Missouri, contain receipts and legal papers, 1820s-1840s. Includes material pertaining to the case of Jim (a slave) vs. the State of Missouri. Jim, who was indicted for the murder of William B. Johnson, was owned by Todd.

Tong, Marvin E., Papers, 1878-1947 (C0177)
0.9 linear feet
Bar dockets of Ozark County circuit court; case briefs before courts of appeals in Missouri; minutes of meetings of Missionary Baptists; case briefs before U.S. and Missouri Supreme Courts; pamphlets of Civil War recollections; and memorial addresses on life of Champ Clark.

Trudeau, Zenon, Decree, 1796, (C1653)
1 folder
The collection contains a decree in French to the inhabitants of St. Charles, MO, settling a land and boundary line dispute as recommended by the arbitrators.

Truman, Harry S., Records, (CA2728)
0.2 linear feet
Photocopy. Records of two court cases, TRUMAN vs. CHILTON and GALLAGHER vs. CHILTON, tried in the Circuit Court of Shannon County, 1908-1911 and in the Supreme Court of Missouri in 1917.


University of Missouri, School of Law, Faculty Meeting Records, 1873-1890, (C0856)
1 folder
Records of official meetings, polls of students, and lists of students receiving passing grades on various examinations.


Vandeventer, William L., Papers (R1428)
0.2 cubic foot (3 folders)
The William L. Vandeventer Papers contain the unpublished manuscript Justice in the Rough on the Bald Knobbers written in 1937. The collection contains the typed manuscript and accompanying photographs.


Wanger, Frederick Marion (1888-1956) Family Papers, 1890-1956, (K0588)
1 cubic foot
Personal papers of Wanger, a Police Judge in St. Joseph, MO including photographs, letters, and family other documents.

Wedow, Robert M. (1917-1995) Collection, 1924-1992, (K1156)
12 cubic feet
Research materials compiled by Wedow concerning Thomas J. Pendergast, his political machine and Kansas City politics and organized crime during that era. Includes scrapbooks, news clippings of articles, photographs, artist illustrations of individuals relating to the Machine, oral interview tapes and transcripts, and books.

Wheat, Almeron, Papers, 1841-1860, (C1948)
2 folders
The papers contain letters to a Quincy, Illinois, lawyer concerning debt collection and legal matters.

Willens, Sidney L. (1926- ) Collection, 1976-2010, (K1190)
25 folders
Willens was an attorney specializing in civil liberty issues in Kansas City, MO. includes correspondence, news articles, Jackson County Office of Human Relations and Citizen Complaints Reports, and Willins' writings on the value of humor.

Wilson, Francis M. (1867-1932), Papers, 1853-1946, (C1039)
27.4 linear feet, 14 volumes
Papers of a U.S. district attorney, receiver for the Kansas City Railways Company, and Democratic nominee for governor of Missouri in 1928 and 1932, who died a month before the election of 1932. Also papers concerning his father, R.P.C. Wilson, I.

Wilson, Walter E., Scrapbooks, 1942-1969, (CA6473)
0.9 cubic feet
Two scrapbooks compiled by a resident of St. Joseph, Missouri, documenting his career in the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Volume 2 includes a 1930 photograph of the crowd and burning school building at the lynching of Raymond Gunn in Maryville which Wilson witnessed. The event inspired him to go into law enforcement.

Winchell, Homer H., Letters, 1868-1869, (C1922)
1 folder
Two letters from the clerk of the Marion County circuit court regarding the gift of a portrait of Judge Nathaniel B. Tucker to be hung in the circuit courtroom.

Woodson, Chrisman and Comingo Records, 1817-1889, (K1244)
0.4 cubic feet
The records contain numerous estate appraisal documents by the Woodson, Chrisman, and Comingo law firm for households in the Kansas City area.

"Wornall, John Bristow (1822-1892) Papers", 1837-1889 (K0474)
0.04 cubic feet
The papers contain documents related to the Big Blue River Baptist Church and miscellaneous legal documents.


Yancey, Charles S. ( -1857), Letters, 1839-1865 (C0192)
8 folders
Letters of a circuit court judge from Greene County, Missouri, largely written to his wife in Springfield. Tell of the court; discusses Benton; Clay Compromise; and the slavery question. Other family letters. Originals in possession of donor.

Younger, Cole (1844-1916) and James (1848-1902), Papers, 1885-1897 (C0443)
1 folder, photostats
Letters from Cole Younger in the Stillwater, MN, prison to his aunt and to W.C. Bronaugh. Letters from Missouri officials, 1897, and a petition signed by members of the 39th General Assembly to the Minnesota Board of Pardons asking for the Youngers' release.


Zwick Family, Papers, (CA5968)
Correspondence, legal papers, photographs, and miscellaneous personal papers of Galius and Helen Zwick of St. Joseph, Missouri, former members of the University of Missouri Board of Curators.

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