Air Transportation Manuscript Collections

Manuscripts collections related to air transportation.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Records, 1974-1993, (K0818)
0.3 cubic foot
The Squadron was based at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base in Missouri providing specialized medical attendants and equipment for in-flight care of patients. Includes annual reports and unit histories, photographs, training manuals, and magazines and publications for Air Force personnel.

73rd Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment Records, (R1467)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The 73rd Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment Records consists of a United States Army Air Forces flying training detachment graduation book, Fledgling Volume One, for the 73rd Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment in Harris Field, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for class 44-C in October of 1943.


Baker, Suzan Houston (1938- ) Papers, 1965-2000, (K0576)
0.5 cubic foot
Papers of former Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight Hostess, line and new hire instructor. Includes instructional materials, manuals, brochures, and flight information.

Bing, John H., Papers, 1917-2012, (K0571)
0.02 cubic foot (1 volume)
The John Bailey Gage Papers consists of correspondence primarily relating to the Midwest Research Institute (MRI). Many of these letters have attachments, most of which are the agendas and the meeting minutes of the institution’s Executive Committee of the Board of Governors. Also included are copies of by-laws and reports on income and expenses. Additional materials include speeches made by Gage, photographs, certificates, programs, and a title of abstract for the Gage Addition to Kansas City.

Blackburn, Harold F., Papers, (K0952)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder, 1 volume)
This collection consists of a statistical handbook kept by pilot Harold F. Blackburn from 1942 to 1946 for the Trans World Airlines, Intercontinental Division. The information includes total miles flown, hours flown, accident information, financial expenditures, and number of employees broken down by department.


Cantwell Aircraft Company, Bucklin, Missouri, Records, 1921-1924, (C3797)
4 folders
Records of an aircraft parts distribution firm. Includes correspondence, invoices, price lists, and other materials concerning the purchase and sale of aircraft parts. Also includes publicity material and contracts pertaining to the company's involvement in staging aerobatic demonstrations. Arranged chronologically.

Charles H. Horstmann Papers , (K0569)
.4 cubic foot
The papers of Charles H. Horstmann contain collected information about Trans World Airlines (TWA) and Horstmann’s career with TWA. In addition to Horstmann’s biographical material, there are training manuals for new employees and management, correspondence between TWA and various employees, as well as newspaper clippings and other documents chronicling moments of TWA’s history.

Clark, Christopher Jackson, Papers, (K0555)
11 cubic feet (333 folders, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 142 photographs, 67 slides, 17 items)
The Christopher Jackson Clark Papers consist of correspondence, training and operation materials, publications, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to his career with Trans World Airlines, his contribution redefining retirement within the organization, and his involvement with Save-A-Connie.

Cochran, John J., Charles Lindbergh Photograph, (P0318)
1 photograph
b/w photograph of Charles Lindbergh receiving the Medal of Honor after his trans-Atlantic flight; Lindbergh and President Calvin with other dignitaries in White House Garden

Dan Rex Cornwell (1930- ) Papers, 1960-2002 (K0567)
17 cubic feet
Technical training materials of Trans World Airlines (TWA) mechanic and maintenance instructor. Includes technical training materials related to various aircraft and technical training guides, handbooks, service guides, base maintenance manuals, operations training, electrical/mechanical handbooks, refueling guides, customer training, and system schematics. Also includes materials relating to TWA history such as ephemera items, 1960-2002.

Cosley, Jerry Weddell (1935-2012) Papers, ca. 1930-2012, (K1279)
8 cubic feet
Personal papers of Jerry W. Cosley, vice president of corporate communications at Trans World Airlines, include correspondence, press releases, clippings, reports, publications and photographs related to TWA and his work in public relations there and with other airlines and communications companies.


Davis, Walter W. (1922-2011 ) Papers, 1948-2007, (K0572)
1 cubic foot
Davis was a flight engineer with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes newsletters, publications, clippings, handbooks, and reports, and employee agreements, an employee grievance pamphlet, a retirement handbook, and a copy of a legal Motion for Intervention filed by Flight Engineers

Divine, Michele Ann (1948-2008) Papers, 1965-1984, (K0573)
6 cubic feet
Uniforms and training materials of flight attendant with Trans World Airlines (TWA).


Gardner, Larry Evert (1927-2010) Collection, ca. 1995, (K0568)
0.3 cubic foot
Lithographs of TWA airplanes collected by 40 year employee of Trans World Airlines (TWA).

Gieschen, Ona M., Papers, 1935-2005, (K0562)
15 cubic feet
Personal professional files and collected materials of former TWA hostess, supervisor and director of customer service, and historian of TWA. Also articles written by the Gieschen, histories and recollections by former employees, and correspondence between two pioneers of TWA, Hal Blackburn and Gordon "Parky" Parkinson. And research materials, photographs, and correspondence concerning Watts Mill and Dallas, MO.

Graff, Hugh Gene (1919-2013) Papers, 1939-2007, (K0969)
4 cubic feet
Graff was general manager of flying for Trans World Airlines (TWA) in Kansas City. Includes pilot training manuals, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, aeronautical maps, and ephemera.


Hickok, Estelle, Scrapbooks, 1927-1945, (C1405)
12 volumes
Clippings about Charles A. Lindbergh's career, marriage, flight to Paris, subsequent world trips, kidnapping of son, the Hauptman trial, life in England, World War II neutrality speeches, opposition to Lend-Lease Bill and involvement in various commercial and military aviation projects.

Higginbotham, Nelda S. (1930-2011) Papers, 1952-2009, (K0578)
2 cubic feet
Papers and artifacts of former Trans World Airlines (TWA) hostess. Includes hostess pins and name tags, public relations photographs, promotional items, an emergency procedures handbook, a framed award, model airplanes.

Hollingworth, Frances Susan Hollingworth, Papers, 1959, (K0502)
1 folder
Papers of Trans World Airlines (TWA) as hostess. Includes photographs, certificates of completion of hostess training, and a TWA Hostess Training Workbook.

Horstmann, Charles H. (1921-2012) Papers, 1943-1998, (K0569)
0.3 cubic foot
Papers of manager of operational planning for Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes correspondence, an operational planning management orientation manual, reports, employee and TWA history related information, and clippings.


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Air Transport Local 1650 Records, 1970-1999, (K0990)
2 cubic feet
Organizational records include printed and published materials, bylaws, agreements, awards, plaques, signs, flags, and photographs.


Kansas City Aero Club Scrapbook, 1909-1914, (K0497)
1 volume
Clippings from Kansas City newspapers concerning balloon racing. Also brochures.

Kimball, Charles Newton (1911-1994) Papers, 1911-1991, (K0055)
44 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of a scientist, civic leader, and president of the Midwest Research Institute encompassing a range of economic and community development activities regionally and nationally.

Kinslow, Charles R. (1940- ) Papers, 1957-2002, (K0586)
11 cubic feet
Kinslow was technical expert in aircraft systems and procedures, and former Flight Instructor for Trans World Airlines and Federal Express. Includes flight and maintenance training materials, transparencies, wiring diagrams; also collected materials concerning Braniff, and Air Canada.

Kurz, Neal F. (1932-2002) Papers, 1967-1994, (K1102)
6 folders
Kurz customer service representative with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes daily shift change reports written by Kurz summarizing the activities of the day shift, which Kurz supervised, and reports of the night shift. Also documents related to airline operations.


Loosen, James R. Papers, (K0574)
0.1 cubic foot (3 folders, 17 photographs)
The James R. Loosen Papers consists of photographs taken of Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilots at a pilots meeting at Fairfax Airport. The majority of the pilots in these photographs have been identified. In addition, there are promotional reproduction photographs from the 1930’s showing TWA passengers and the inside of a plane.


MaGee, Jack Dean (1925-2006) Papers, 1957-1991, (K0463)
1 cubic foot
Magee was a Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot. Includes flight manuals and union membership files,

Mason, Sara Lees, Papers, (K0575)
0.49 cubic foot (11 folders, 4 photographs)
The Sara Lees Mason Papers contain correspondence, photographs, and training materials related to Mason’s career as an airline hostess, in-flight supervisor, and director of customer service with Trans World Airlines.

McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, Photographs, (P0074)
20 photographs
20 color prints; eight of pilot in a flight simulator, twelve of planes/jets either in flight or on flight decks (F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier II, F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagles, MD-80 passenger, DC-10 passenger).

Miller, Dean William (1919-2005) Papers, 1952-1979, (K0564)
3 cubic feet
Papers of Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot. Includes TWA pilot training guides, operations manuals, handbooks, TWA Ambassador Magazine and various publications.

Missouri National Guard, Photographs, (P0076)
0.2 linear feet
Images of Charles Lindbergh, aerial photos of Columbia, MO, Fort Riley (KS), Lambert Airfield, 35th Division Aviation, Digital images of Fort Riley, national guard officers under Gov. Wm. J. Stone.

Montgomery, Lee Diehl (1910-1997), Papers, ca. 1929-1999, (R1298)
160 photographs, 1 folder
This collection consists of high quality scans of various paper and photographic materials of a former pilot and prominent businessman in Rolla, Missouri. The papers, circa 1929-1999, include a promotional brochure for Rolla and news clippings from the Rolla Daily News featuring Montgomery. There are thirty-nine images of the Montgomery family, businesses and buildings in Rolla, and 118 photographs of the Parks Air College in St. Louis, 1928-1932.

Montgomery, Roe, Scrapbook, (P0054)
1 volume
"Columbia Caper" 8x10 scrapbook of the Allton Flying Service; aerial views of Columbia.

Morgenthaler, Charles A. (1893-1980), Papers, (CA6444)
1 folder
Addition of photographs, largely of airplanes and trains.


Niedermeyer, Frederick W., Photograph Collection, (P0700)
7 photographs
Copy negatives of Frederick W Niedermeyer, Jr. and airplane factory from a Niedermeyer photograph album.


Parkinson, Gordon R. "Parky" (1908-1997) Papers, 1929-1988, (K0506)
0.3 cubic foot
Papers of Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight Superintendent. Includes histories of TWA, speeches and manuscripts by employees, policy and procedure information, clippings and photographs.

Parks Air College Collection, (R1412)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Parks Air College Collection contains an admission packet for Parks Air College sent to Harold S. Macreading II, in 1932. The packet includes a brief history of the school, description of school facilities, detailed flight course descriptions, and information on the ground, executive, and mechanics’ schools.

Pastore, Robert Anthony (1942- ) Papers, 1985-2002, (K0577)
0.5 cubic foot
Papers from former member of Board of Directors of Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes stockholder meeting reports, minutes, bankruptcy reports, annual reports, and miscellaneous reports.

Pegasus Air Transport Records, ca.1981 (K0070)
1 folder
Business study conducted by Pegasus Air Transport designed to assist in securing funds to implement an air cargo service in Kansas City, MO.

Proctor, R.L. (Lewis), Papers (K0570)
0.3 cubic foot (9 folders, 1 photograph)
The R.L. (Lewis) Proctor Papers outline the career of the Trans World Airlines (TWA) flight engineer. The papers include biographical information as well as training manuals for flight engineers. Additionally, the collection includes materials related to TWA operations and international flights during the 1950s and 1960s.


Reed, James Ross (1924- ) Papers, 1949-1966, (K0565)
14 folders
Articles, announcements, memoranda, newsletters, agreements, reports, and newspaper clippings on Flight Engineers' International Association's (FEIA) labor disputes from a flight engineer for Trans World Airlines (TWA).

Robards, Ann Stillwell (1941- ) Papers, 1967-2002 [TWA], (K1291)
2 cubic feet, oversize
The papers of Ann Stilwell Robards include photographs and materials related to flight attendant training for the TWA Breech Academy. Breech Academy opened December 3, 1969 as a 34-acre training facility located at 6300 Lamar in Overland Park, Kansas, and was named after Ernest R. Breech, TWA chairman emeritus. Also included are TWA artifacts and oversize items.

Rote, Tom D., Papers, (CA6459)
0.3 cubic feet
Papers of an aeronautical engineer and hot air balloon designer and enthusiast from Boone County, Missouri, include scrapbooks of clippings, correspondence, photographs, designs, and miscellaneous material concerning hot air ballooning. Also included are hot air balloon trading cards.


Staggers, Ida K (1913-1993) Papers, 1936-1972, (K0501)
0.3 cubic foot
Photographs, scrapbook and other memorabilia related to Staggers' 35-year career with Trans World Airlines (TWA) as an Air Hostess.

Stark, Frances Sarah (1912-2005) Papers, 1942-1946, (K0503)
7 folders
Papers of Trans World Airlines (TWA) hostess. Includes photographs, a passport, World Health Organization (WHO) certificates, and hostess training manuals.


Trans World Airlines (TWA) Records, (K0453)
280 cubic feet
Records and publications of the Airline including information about flight incidents, personnel, and aircraft.

TWA Active Retired Pilots Association (TARPA) Records, 1932-2007, (K0563)
8 cubic feet
Publications and records related to retired pilots of Trans World Airlines. Includes labor agreements, photographs of pilots, and seniority list.

TWA Oral History Project, 1993-2013, (K0482)
0.25 cubic foot
Oral history interviews with employees and others relating to the history of Trans World Airlines (TWA).


Voigts, Busch (1910-2011) Papers, 1960s-2007, (K0566)
13 folders
Papers of former Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot. Includes correspondence, invitations, pilot newsletters, newspaper clippings, card decks, photographs, and a TWA booklet.


Webber, Joseph, Photograph Collection, (P0235)
35 photographs
13 photos taken of images of Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis. 32 postcards of various subjects: public buildings, street scenes and scenery in Columbia, Missouri, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Washington, Tucson, Panama, Ontario and New Hampshire.

Wiyninger, Melbern E. (1915-2006) Papers, 1950s-1980s, (K0464)
4 cubic feet
Wiyninger was a mechanic with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes photographs, training and maintenance manuals and catalogs relating to aircraft engines


Zander, Glenn R., Papers (K1384)
0.4 cubic foot (11 folders, 9 photographs, 4 oversize items)
The Glenn R. Zander Papers contain information related to the CFO/Co-chairman of Trans World Airlines (TWA) from 1990 to 1994. Materials in the collection relate to the monetary hardships encountered by TWA, including filing for bankruptcy in 1992.

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