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Historical Society of Missouri to unveil new headquarters

Jefferson City News Tribune—The State Historical Society of Missouri will unveil its new headquarters Aug. 10 after operating in a small space in the University of Missouri's Ellis Library for more than 100 years.

"We needed a new, updated building so we can showcase the treasures of Missouri's history and showcase the art that we have here and have the environmental controls to preserve the history that we have here," Senior Associate Executive Director Gerald Hirsh said.

2nd Annual CARTER Center for K-12 Black History Education Conference: Teaching Slavery and Its Afterlife

The State Historical Society of Missouri is pleased to sponsor the 2nd annual CARTER Center for K-12 Black History Education Conference on July 26-27 at Muriel W. Battle High School in Columbia, Mo. The program is designed for K-12 educators, community educators, and persons interested in the learning and teaching of black history. Workshops will focus on the conference's theme, 400 Years and Counting: Teaching Slavery and Its Afterlife.

Co-op Cut Rate Drug Store

Southeast Missourian—Elaine "Tommie" Davis opened the Co-op Cut Rate Drug Store, at 40 N. Main St., in Cape Girardeau on Oct. 18, 1933. An article ran in a 1941 issue of "Drug Topics" stating that Davis's store was one of the first to operate a Women's Department in a drug store. This ground-breaking department, for the time, combined baby needs, "Beauty Bar" and personal needs into one area of the store. This allowed for a one-stop-shop for female shoppers in downtown Cape Girardeau. The store also catered to men by selling...

Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau Upcoming Events

The State Historical Society of Missouri and the Missouri Humanities Council jointly presents the Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau, with historians, storytellers, authors, and other experts who share special stories about our state's culture, history, art and people. Be sure to catch these events in July around the state. The events are free and open to the public.

Moving Days: Ellis Meets Elm

We are more than half-way through our move from Ellis Library to our wonderful new headquarters at 605 Elm St. and we are excited to be opening our doors to the public soon!

What does it take to carefully move our collections of 7,300+ oral histories, 4,600+ newspaper titles, 1,200 rare books, 6 million+ photographs and images, 12,000+ Civil War manuscript pages, 5,000+ maps and 30,000+ pieces of art? 

Fact or fiction? Fort D myths and legends

Southeast Missourian—Myths and legends can prevent telling the full story of a historic site. This is the case with Fort D, Cape Girardeau's sole remaining Civil War fort, and Missouri's only surviving urban fort.

John Wesley Powell, second lieutenant, 20th Illinois Volunteers, and later captain on Gen. Grant's staff, designed and...

Protecting the home front: 7th Separate Company of the Missouri Home Guard

Southeast Missourian—The United States entered First World War on April 6, 1917, when Congress declared war on Germany, followed by a similar declaration on Austria-Hungary on Dec. 7. American troops would not be sent en masse until 1918. With war being waged, the Missouri National Guard was...

Apply for a 2020 Center for Missouri Studies Fellowship

Essays must be completed by the end of calendar year 2020 and must reflect significant scholarship in primary sources, evidence familiarity with appropriate secondary sources, and contain endnotes that comply with The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. The finished product will be considered for publication in a state bicentennial–themed issue of the Missouri Historical Review, although successful completion of the project is no guarantee of publication.