Hosting Classes at the Center for Missouri Studies

Through its education program, the Center fosters ongoing study of Missouri's past, encouraging connections among scholars in fields such as history, geography, folklore, anthropology, journalism, and other disciplines. Center initiatives consolidate and extend the State Historical Society of Missouri's multifaceted efforts to support scholars, publish new works, provide educational programs, and promote greater understanding of Missouri's history.

As part of its educational mission, the State Historical Society of Missouri will host one to two classes per semester at the Center, based upon space availability.


The Center for Missouri Studies is NOT a centrally scheduled space. Professors are required to have an additional course location assigned to their class through central scheduling at their college or university.

Professors understand that some programs and events are already scheduled in the Center for Missouri Studies which may conflict with their course time request and will arrange to meet in their other classroom location with their classes on those days. SHSMO will provide a list of unavailable classroom dates two months prior to the semester’s start. SHSMO will make every effort to accommodate as many meeting times as possible for a semester, but due to a full program and event calendar at the Center for Missouri Studies, hosting every class meeting at the Center may not be possible.


Course meetings in the Center are limited to Tuesday-Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m, and courses MUST cap at 30 as there are 30 seats available in the classroom.

Professors will be notified by SHSMO staff in writing—via their university email—within three weeks of their application if the Center for Missouri Studies is able to accommodate the request to host a class.

Professors must submit an application for each course.

Professors must apply to host a course in the Center at least one (1) semester before it will be offered to students and will provide the following details in their online application: