Science, Technology, and Medicine Research Guide

Articles from Missouri Historical Review and Missouri Times


Many of the State Historical Society’s holdings are included in the SHSMO online catalog, The State Historical Society holds numerous books and serial publications pertaining to the history of science, technology, and medicine in Missouri, the Midwest, and the United States. The holdings can be searched by keyword (in Basic Search) and subject (in Advanced Search). Use search terms such as “science,” “technology,” or “medicine” along with the subject term “Missouri” to find these resources. 

Historic Missourian Biographies

The State Historical Society's Historic Missourians website has entire categories devoted to doctors, entrepreneurs, and scientists in Missouri, providing informative biographies that include images, primary resources, and other references for further study.


The State Historical Society of Missouri manuscript collections contain papers of scientists; records of scientific research; records of scientific and technological applications, including industrial archeology; and records of professional organizations. The collections also include the papers and records of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners; institutional records; records of professional and advocacy organizations; and general material concerning health and medical care. The manuscript collections contain several examples of science, technology, and medicine, including the papers of Dr. John Sappington, a nineteenth-century medical pioneer who developed a medication for the treatment of malaria.

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  • Transactions of the Academy of Science of Saint Louis. St. Louis, MO: Academy of Science of St. Louis [H235.86 Ac12]
  • Proceedings of the Missouri Academy of Science. Columbia, MO: The Academy [F599 M691]
  • Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science. Columbia, MO: Missouri Academy of Science [F599 M691t]
  • Missouri Academy of Science Bulletin. Kirksville, MO: The Academy [F599 M691b]
  • Transactions of the Missouri State Medical Association. St. Louis, MO.: Missouri State Medical Association [F567 M691t]
  • Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association. St. Louis, MO.: Missouri State Medical Association (f567 M6912]
  • Missouri Medicine. Jefferson City, MO: Missouri State Medical Association [F567 M6912]

Vertical Files

The vertical files contain magazine and newspaper clippings, handwritten information donated by patrons, bibliographies, programs, brochures, flyers, and other materials that, by reason of their physical formats, cannot be placed on the shelves with books.