Peace and Pacifism Research Guide

Articles from Missouri Historical Review and Missouri Times

Editorial Cartoons

The State Historical Society of Missouri’s collection of editorial cartoons began in 1946 with an important donation of works by Pulitzer-Prize-winning artist Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.The collection has now grown to more than 8,000 works and includes many other well-known cartoonists such as Bill Mauldin and Tom Engelhardt. Most of the cartoons in the Society's collection that touch upon peace and pacifism were drawn by Fitzpatrick or Engelhardt. This selection of editorial cartoons captures the essence of events and movements in Missouri and US history such as the Armistice after World War I and the protest movement opposing the Vietnam War.

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The State Historical Society of Missouri manuscript collections include papers of individuals and organizations involved in promoting peaceful conflict resolution, disarmament, religious pacifism, passive resistance, and nuclear weapons nonproliferation. Various collections contain personal papers and records of conscientious objectors, advocates of alternative service, and anti-draft and anti-war activists. Some examples of such collections include the St. Louis-area Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace Records and the papers of Leon Milton Birkhead, a Kansas City minister who founded an anti-fascist organization in the 1930s.

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The State Historical Society of Missouri holds a small collection of alternative press and underground newspapers, many of which touch upon peace-related issues during the 1960s and 1970s. Most of the publications were produced by University of Missouri students or members of the counterculture scene in Columbia, Missouri.

For a list of all digitized newspapers, visit the Missouri Digital Newspaper Project.

For a list of newspapers on microfilm at the State Historical Society of Missouri, visit the newspaper catalog.

County City Collection Title Available On Date Range
Boone Columbia Campus Courier Hard copy only 1971
Boone Columbia Carry It On Hard copy only 1972
Boone Columbia Columbia Free Press Hard copy only 1966-1967; 1969-1970
Boone Columbia The Columbia Herald Hard copy only Oct. 21, 1993
Boone Columbia Columbia Missouri Free Press Hard copy only 1969
Boone Columbia Columbia Missouri Underground Free Press Hard copy only 1969
Boone Columbia Community Sun Hard copy only 1975
Boone Columbia The Fertile Crescent Hard copy only 1975-1976
Boone Columbia Free Press Underground Hard copy only 1967-1969
Boone Columbia Give a Hoot Hard copy only Apr. 1, 1975
Boone Columbia Hard Travellin' Times Hard copy only 1972
Boone Columbia The Issue Hard copy only 11971-1972
Boone Columbia New Morning Hard copy only 1970-1971
Boone Columbia Underground Free Press Hard copy only Feb. 1, 1969
Boone Columbia Viewpoint Hard copy only 1969-1970
Johnson Warrensburg Up Tight Hard copy only 1969