Jewish American Experience Research Guide

Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City

The Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City (JCA), in partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO), works to preserve the stories that compose our region's history. JCA fulfills its mission to preserve American Jewish history in Greater Kansas City and the Midwest by encouraging and supporting the collection of documents, photographs, and other memorabilia concerning Jewish life, history, and culture in the region. The collection provides researchers, teachers and students, and the general public an opportunity to engage with the diverse and dynamic stories that compose the area's rich Jewish history.

Members of the community have an important role to play in preserving Jewish history. Consider donating personal papers or collections of organizational and business records to the Jewish Community Archives by contacting us.

Articles from Missouri Historical Review and Missouri Times


The State Historical Society of Missouri manuscript collections include material about or by Jewish Americans; personal papers, organizational records, and other materials related to social life and customs, religious practices, family experiences, and other aspects of life in Jewish American communities in Missouri.

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County City Title Available On Date Range
Boone Columbia Frontier Hard Copy Only 1985-2001
Boone Columbia Hillel Hard Copy Only 1986-2000
Jackson Kansas City Jewish World Microfilm Sep 15, 1901
Jackson Kansas City Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Hard Copy Only Jul 4, 1947
Jackson Kansas City Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Microfilm 1954-2000
  St. Louis Bulletin (National Council of Jewish Women, St. Louis Section) Hard Copy Only 1980-2000
  St. Louis Die Wahrheit Microfilm 1871
  St. Louis Generations Hard Copy Only 1995-2005
  St. Louis The Greater St. Louis Jewish Star Hard Copy Only – SA1107 1954-1955
  St. Louis Immanuel's Witness Hard Copy Only 1903
  St. Louis Jewish Daily Forward Hard Copy Only Feb 1945; Mar 28, 1950
  St. Louis Jewish Free Press Microfilm 1885-1887
  St. Louis Jewish Tribune Microfilm 1879-1884
  St. Louis Jewish Voice Microfilm 1888-1926 (missing 1892)
  St. Louis The Jewish Voice Hard Copy Only Oct 24, 1980
  St. Louis Missouri Jewish Post & Opinion Hard Copy Only Apr 23, 1986
  St. Louis Modern View Hard Copy Only 1902-1903; 1913-1943
  St. Louis St. Louis Jewish Light Microfilm 1947-2013 (incomplete)
  St. Louis Sulamith Microfilm 1880-1881

Photographs and Other Images

The Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City (JCA) digital collection features photographs of Jewish community life in Kansas City. These photographs include local and national leaders, civic organizations such as B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Community Center, the National Council of Jewish Women, and Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, social organizations like Kansas City’s Irari Club, family portraits, and photographs of significant events, including the annual Man of the Year award ceremony. The photographs also include synagogues and religious leaders, including Rabbis Maurice Solomon, Morris Margolies, and Gershon Hadas. Several photographs in the collection highlight the relationship between President Harry S. Truman and the Kansas City Jewish community. 

The digitization of these invaluable materials documenting local Jewish history was made possible through a Jewish Leadership Education Action and Development (J-LEAD) grant and matching funds from the Jewish Community Foundation’s Community Legacy Fund, as well as other foundation donors.