Vol. 118, No. 1, October 2023

Feature Articles

  • “Watch Adair Kounty Klan Grow”: The Second Ku Klux Klan in Kirksville, Missouri, 1923–1925, by Jason McDonald
  • French Law and Marriage in Early Missouri Courts: Roswell Field Argues St. Louis History, by Sharon K. Person
  • St. Louis vs. Chicago: The Water Pollution Case of 1900–1906, by Loring Bullard

From the Stacks

Research Center–Columbia

  • The 1918 Journal of E. Lansing Ray, by John Brenner

Book Reviews

  • Nuked: Echoes of the Hiroshima Bomb in St. Louis, by Linda C. Morice
    Reviewed by John M. Findlay
  • Skywalks: Robert Gordon’s Untold Story of Hallmark’s Kansas City Disaster, by R. Eli Paul
    Reviewed by Steve Paul
  • Eating Up Route 66: Foodways on America's Mother Road, by T. Lindsay Baker
    Reviewed by Rebecca Sharpless
  • Up South in the Ozarks: Dispatches from the Margins, by Brooks Blevins
    Reviewed by Robert S. Weise
  • Keep It Old-Time: Fiddle Music in Missouri from the 1960s Folk Music Revival to the Present, by Howard Wight Marshall
    Reviewed by Christopher Goertzen
  • The Racial Integration of the American Armed Forces: Cold War Necessity, Presidential Leadership, and Southern Resistance, by Geoffrey W. Jensen
    Reviewed by Thomas A. Guglielmo

Book Notes

  • The Caterpillar Dogs and Other Early Stories, by Tennessee Williams, edited with an introduction by Tom Mitchell
  • Lost Attractions of the Ozarks, by Tim Hollis
  • A Guide to Midwestern Conversation, by Taylor Kay Phillips
  • Voice of the Community: KOPN’s First Fifty Years, by Margot McMillen
  • More than Ordinary: Early St. Louis Artist Anna Maria Von Phul, by Hattie Felton
  • On the Pony Express Trail: One Man’s Bikepacking Journey to Discover History from a Different Kind of Saddle, by Scott Alumbaugh

News in Brief

Cover Description

George Thompkins with Farmall at the gas pumps, Boonesboro, Missouri, January 1955. [Burford Leon Royston Collection, CA6685]