Summer Series 2022

The year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the National Women and Media Collection (NWMC). Established in 1987 and held by the State Historical Society of Missouri, the National Women and Media Collection documents the roles women have played in media fields, both as media employees and as objects of coverage, how those roles have altered over time, and how attitudes of and towards women have changed. NWMC includes records of women’s organizations and professional and personal papers of women journalists, editors, newspaper and magazine publishers, journalism and mass communication educators, press secretaries, and public relations personnel, as well as radio, television, and film producers and personalities.

To celebrate this important anniversary, and coincide with the opening of the exhibition In Their Own Words: Celebrating the National Women and Media Collection, Our Missouri dedicates Summer Series 2022 to the women featured within the collection and exhibit, as well as the journalists, scholars, archivists, and librarians who have promoted and preserved its materials.