Episode 54: "Missouri's Black Heritage" – Antonio F. Holland & Gary R. Kremer (Bicentennial Book Club, Part 14)

Episode Description

In honor of the state's 200th birthday, Our Missouri will feature a series throughout 2021 entitled "Bicentennial Book Club," which highlights influential books related to Missouri and examines how scholars, historians, and authors dissect major topics in the state's history. So, join the "Book Club" to hear about award-winning publications that detail the state's diverse history, as well as the stories behind the stories featured within their pages. In this episode, Antonio F. Holland and Gary R. Kremer discuss Lorenzo Greene, Lincoln University, African American History, and the origins of their book, Missouri's Black Heritage.

About the Guest

Antonio F. Holland

Antonio F. Holland holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Missouri. He is Professor Emeritus in History at Lincoln University. He is the author of Nathan B. Young and the Struggle over Black Higher Education and The Soldiers’ Dream Continued: A Pictoral History of Lincoln University of Missouri. He is a co-author of Missouri's Black Heritage.

Gary R. Kremer

Gary R. Kremer holds a Ph.D. in History from American University. Presently, he is the Executive Director of The State Historical Society of Missouri. Previously, he taught at Lincoln University and William Woods University, as well as serving as Missouri State Archivist. He is the author of several books, including James Milton Turner and the Promise of America: The Public Life of a Post-Civil War Black Leader, George Washington Carver: A Biography, and Race and Meaning: The African American Experience in Missouri. He is a co-author of Missouri's Black Heritage.