Episode 40: William Monks & "A History of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas" – John Bradbury (Border Wars, Part 7)

Episode Description

With the announced renewal of the Missouri-Kansas sports rivalry in 2019, Our Missouri opens the first half of Season 3 with an examination of the origins and history behind this rivalry, while also looking at the conflicts that defined Missouri's borders and identity before, during, and after the Civil War. This episode features a conversation with John Bradbury about his edited volume, with Lou Wehmer, of William Monks' memoir, A History of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas: Being an Account of the Early Settlements, the Civil War, the Ku-Klux, and Times of Peace.

About the Guest

John Bradbury is an independent scholar. From 1980 to 2015, he served as an archivist and associate director of the Western Historical Manuscript Collection and State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center in Rolla. After his retirement, Bradbury served as a Center for Missouri Studies senior fellow.