Episode 33: Life, Death, & Coroner's Inquests – Sarah Lirley McCune (Meet Me in St. Louis, Part 9)

Episode Description

While this year's Missouri Conference on History may be over, the Our Missouri Podcast invites listeners to "meet us" in St. Louis for a multi-part series focusing on several projects and institutions that document the city's history and cultural identity. This episode concludes Season 2 and features Sarah Lirley McCune discussing her soon-to-be-released book project, tentatively titled, "An Arc of Death," which examines how coroners interpreted the lives and deaths of 19th Century St. Louisans.

About the Guest

Sarah Lirley McCune is an assistant professor of history at Columbia College. She holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She previously served as a Center for Missouri Studies Fellow.