The Widest Spectrum of Sound: 60 Years of College Radio

Learn more about the history of the Missouri University of Science and Technology radio station in Rolla, which has trained students in broadcasting since 1963. Dr. Jeff Schramm, KMNR’s faculty advisor, explores the station's 60-year history on campus. Unlike commercial radio, KMNR's format has been a free-form radio station, offering a wide variety of music and programs for its listeners. This program aired on Zoom 10-10-23 and was cosponsored by the State Historical Society of Missouri and the Missouri S&T Archives.

This presentation is part of On a Miner Note: Musical Miners and Missouri Sounds, a series of exhibits and performances held at Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla. Sponsored by Missouri S&T Archives and the State Historical Society of Missouri Rolla Research Center.

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About the Presenter

Dr. Jeff Schramm is an associate professor in history and political science at the Missouri University of Science & Technology. Ge is a globally recognized authority on 20th and 21st century rail transportation, mining and industrial history, the history of engineering and engineering education, and innovation and technological change. Primarily an historian of modern industrial technologies, his scholarly research to date has been on transportation and specifically 20th century railroads. He is an advisor to several student organizations on the campus of S&T, including KMNR 89.7 FM, the student radio station.