Ten Missouri Artworks that Help Us Understand Our History by Dr. Joan Stack

State Historical Society of Missouri art curator Joan Stack presents visual examples and discusses the importance of such works as George Caleb Bingham's "Order No. 11" and the influence of artist Rose O'Neill who lived in the Missouri Ozarks for parts of her adult life and was active in the suffragist movement. Stack's live presentation on Zoom April 5, 2023, was followed by a Q&A from attendees of the virtual talk.

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About the Presenter

Joan Stack is the Curator of Arts Collections at the State Historical Society of Missouri. A native Missourian, Stack received her PhD in art history from Washington University in St. Louis. She spent five years as curator of European and American art at the University of Missouri's Museum of Art and Archaeology before joining the SHSMO staff as curator of art collections in 2006. Her research interests include George Caleb Bingham, Thomas Hart Benton, and the study of material culture's role in shaping historical memory.