Missouri Mysteries

Missouri Mysteries takes viewers through several folklore stories from around the state.


In 1972, Norma E. Short of Stover, Missouri, gained national attention for her role in a project called “Skylook.” A journalist by trade, Short rose from a columnist at the Salem Post to compiling and editing international reports of unknown objects in the sky. In this episode of Missouri Mysteries, Sean Rost, SHSMO assistant director of research, explores the curious case of Norma E. Short. This program was recorded live on Zoom on Oct. 18, 2023.

State Historical Society of Missouri Assistant Director, Research, Sean Rost, explores an old forester’s tale of the Missouri Ozarks. In the third edition of Missouri Mysteries, learn about a creature allegedly lurking in the state’s forests, and how the legend of what forester Ed Woods called “the rarest of scientific specimens” in 1948 came to symbolize conservation and recreation in the Show-Me State. The program aired on Zoom Oct. 12, 2022.

Watch oral historian Sean Rost explore unexplained lights near Piedmont, Missouri.
Watch SHSMO's Sean Rost explore three unique Missouri legends that have deep ties to the Show-Me State.