Basic Genealogy Part 16: Salt, Schools, Swamps, Military Bounties, and Homesteads—Researching Non-Standard Federal Lands

Bill Eddleman, coordinator of the State Historical Society of Missouri Cape Girardeau Research Center presents the 16th installment in his basic genealogy series on the topic: “Salt, Schools, Swamps, Military Bounties, and Homesteads: Researching Non-standard Federal Lands.”

Prospective landowners purchased most federal land at land offices on credit or by cash payment. However, there were several other situations by which first title holders may have received U.S. land, including saline lands, school land, swamp land, military bounty land, homesteads, and other categories. This session will discuss the legal basis for these non-standard lands, records generated by the various processes, and how you might use these records for genealogical research.

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