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Jefferson City/Columbia
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Dr. William Ambrose graduated from ‘Rolla’ with a B.S. in Che. E. in 1972, Magna Cum Laude. During my senior year at "Rolla" I became interested in dentistry, choosing UMKC. Where I graduated "With Highest Honors." I practiced in my hometown of Jefferson City and retired in 2010.

Chris Dunn is a licensed Missouri attorney, geospatial business owner, expert witness, and geo-historical researcher. Through GeoVelo, LLC (GeoVelo.com) geospatial forensic investigations are conducted, demonstrative exhibits are produced, and geospatial services are provided. This work involves investigating, mapping, and modeling incidents, accidents, and crimes. This requires applying well-established geospatial techniques to the facts of the case using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3-D modeling software, and field confirmation procedures. Cases often require integrating the geospatial work product of other independent expert witnesses into a set of unified demonstrative exhibits. Chris lives in Columbia, Missouri with his dog and motorcycle.

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Geospatially Rediscovering the Trail of Tears in Missouri 

What role did early Missourians play in the Cherokee removal story?  Is it a derisive story of racism, indifference, and greed? With funding from the MHC and the ToT Association, a great deal of new information has been uncovered. And a new story has developed.  It is a story of care and effort extended by many of the earliest Missouri settlers and farmers to aid the Cherokees on their trek across frontier Missouri.  Based on newly discovered documents from almost 200-year-old contemporaneous government records, and the newest GIS techniques this newly discovered information comes to life.

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