Suzanne Michelle Jones

St. Louis
About the Speaker

Suzanne Jones is a high school science teacher in the Ferguson Florissant School District. She received a bachelor of science degree in zoology, a master’s degree in biology, and a teaching certification from Arkansas State University. From 1999 until its close, she was involved in the American Indian Center of St. Louis. Since then she has tried to provide education about Native Americans in the St. Louis area through a variety of presentations and venues including scouting groups, schools, museums, and libraries.

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Native American Storytelling

This presentation focuses on traditional stories told primarily by Choctaw, Cherokee, and Delaware Nations/tribes, all of which Jones is either a tribal member or descended from. These stories are often told to educate children or entertain people at gatherings.

Impact on Native America

The contents of this presentation may be tailored to the needs of the host. It frequently delves into the history of European and Native American interactions and often lends itself to showing how interactions between people of European ancestry and Native Americans have often forced changes in the population and cultures of the indigenous people. Jones has primarily talked to school groups in these presentations on a variety of topics, for example Native American Differences (Minority Scholars), English class (Native America is still here), and FACS (Native foods). Her focus tends to be on the southeastern Native Americans and Pan-Native American experience. 

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