Stephen Graves

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Stephen C.W. Graves is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Black Studies at the University of Missouri. He is also an affiliate of the Department of Political Science. Stephen received his PhD in Political Science from Howard University. His book entitled A Crisis of Leadership and the Role of Citizens in Black America: Leaders of the News School, is a theoretical examination of the concepts of citizenship and Black leadership. While teaching, Dr. Graves has been involved in the community as the founder of Troublesome, a non-profit organization that focuses on community outreach and serving underrepresented groups.

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Black Missourians Quest for Universal Freedom

From Dred Scott and Milly Sawyer to the Concerned Students of 1950 and Ferguson, the African American quest for universal freedom has a unique and extensive history in the state of Missouri. Using these examples from Missouri history with the greater national conversation concerning political inclusion and the role of politics in the attainment of the American dream, this presentation will focus on the many ways African Americans and whites interpret American politics differently. The goal of this presentation is to encourage individuals and groups to seek to understand the historical forces that have shaped African American politics and their quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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