Mara Cohen Ioannides

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Mara W. Cohen Ioannides is faculty at Missouri State University, president of the Midwest Jewish Studies Association, founding president of the Ozarks Studies Association, and Vice President of the Greene County Historical Society. Her doctorate, from The Spertus Institute, is in Jewish Studies with a specialty of American Jewish Studies. She has written the only history of the Jews of the Ozarks and the Jews of Missouri. 

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How Jews Helped Create Missouri

In this talk, I explain how Jews were integral to the creation of the State of Missouri. It begins before the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and continues through the First World War. It can be shifted to emphasize the community that requests the talk.

Jews of the Ozarks

This talk examines the history of Jews in the Ozarks. It begins before the creation of the State of Missouri and continues through WWI. 

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