Elizabeth Eikmann

St. Louis
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Elizabeth Eikmann, PhD is an expert in St. Louis history, women’s history, and the history of photography. She is a teacher, scholar, and public historian with experience working with museums, public libraries, universities, and the local tourism industry. She currently serves as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis where she is working on her book project, In Her Image: Women’s Photography in Turn-of-the-Century St. Louis, which explores the role of white practitioners of photography in the linking of racial identification and vision. She has extensive experience as a local tour guide, university instructor, and public educational speaker.

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Email: eeikmann@wustl.edu

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St. Louis Women Photographers

In the history of photography two things are often missing: St. Louis and women. Not only was nineteenth century St. Louis a bustling photography destination, but it was also home to hundreds of female photographers! This presentation explores the early history of women’s photography and highlights the lives and professional careers of several St. Louis women whose impressive work started right here in Missouri. Participants will explore these women’s stories through a variety of archival material, newspaper clippings, and numerous unpublished photographs.

Photography in Nineteenth Century St. Louis

If you can believe it, St. Louis was once a photography capital of the world. The city attracted all kinds of innovative photographers, manufacturers and dealers, and inventors in the nineteenth century. This presentation explores the early history of photography in St. Louis, introducing participants to the people, places, and technology behind the city’s bustling trade. Through a selection of interesting archival materials and unpublished photographs, participants will learn all about how St. Louis became a destination for photographers and how the city played a part in making the photography industry what it is today.

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