Carol Shelton

About the Speaker

Carole Shelton is a retired educator from the St. Louis City Schools, a professional storyteller for more than twenty-five years and an author.  As a storyteller it is a calling to share the real life experiences, the myths, the legends, and folk tales of all people. Story telling evokes the imagination, it empowers, it educates, and it entertains.  It is through the art of storytelling that our actions can reach new heights and contribute so much more to ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. 

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Portraits of African American Women in MO; before, during and after the Civil War 

This program offers first and third person portrayals of Black women in Missouri; creating biographical sketches which illustrates the impact of enslavement and pending freedom upon their lives.

PLEASE CHOOSE TWO OF THE FOLLOWING: Mary Robinson, Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley, Lucey Delaney, Harriet Scott, Annie Malone, Sarah Graves, Marie Rogers Martin

One Day at the 1904 Worlds Fair

Examining the truths and myths of the day African Americans were to be allowed into the 1904 Worlds Fair.  What really happened July 13, 1904.

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