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Dr. Becky Imhauser is an author, educator, and conference leader. She has been named Missouri's Best Local Author for 2020, 2021, and 2022 based her 18 published books. Imhauser holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in education, and a doctorate degree in education. Combining her experience in publishing and education, Imhauser frequently leads conferences and makes presentations.

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Love and War: A Doughboy's Diary

Dr. Becky Imhauser portrays Frances Truitt Rogers through the lens of her husband’s unpublished World War I diary. Written with clarity, compassion, and humor, the military diary of Lieutenant James F. Rogers provides an intimate glimpse into the Sedalia couple’s life during World War I (including their wedding day…and night!) This presentation features family photos and correspondence, as well as a “rest of the story” overview of the Rogers’ lives. While James Rogers left no biological descendants, his diary is a priceless legacy. It speaks of love and loyalty, patience and patriotism. This doughboy’s historical experiences resonate with contemporary audiences. Dr. Imhauser is an author, educator, and conference leader. Through research and writing, she has encountered historic Sedalians that she brings to “life” through first-person portrayals.

More Than Money: Being "Rich" During the Depression

Life magazine declared Sedalia, Missouri, the city second-hardest hit by the Great Depression in the entire United States. At the same time, community members declared themselves “rich” and proved resilient. Consider department store owner Harry Waldman, as described by Dr. Becky Imhauser. When Sedalia entered the Depression. Waldman led a charity event, where civic leaders and businessmen were “arrested” for humorous infractions. All money from the arrests went to the financially destitute. Months later, Waldman, himself, was destitute. His business was bankrupt, and his assets were sold at public auction. Many of the people he had “arrested” pooled their money and bought his assets, so he could remain in business until his retirement. Waldman is one example of one community’s spirit that applies to all people who encounter adversity and challenge.

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