Oral History Collection, (S0829) Transcripts

The Oral History Collection consists of interviews of important St. Louis Citizens.

Collection Finding Aid

Interview Date Project Tape or Reel # Transcript
Abbington, Valla D. (2 copies) 1970/06/18 Black Community Leaders T-028 Online
Abernathy, Jerry B. 1973/04/03 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-243 Available
Adams, Beatrice (2 tapes) 1977/08/22 Women in the Seventies T-575 Available
Alagna, Paul 1973/11/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-310 Available
Allen, Dr. William 1980/05/16 UMSL Black History T-785 Not Available
Ambrose, Walter & Henrietta 1980/07/22 UMSL Black History T-786 Not Available
Anderson, George F. 1983/03/09 Artists and Art Collectors T-708 Not Available
Armstrong, Henry (2 copies) 1970/04/06 Black Community Leaders T-019 Online
Arnold, Arvelia 1977/08/23 League of Women Voters T-576 Not Available
Arpiani, Jo Anne and Dario 1973/08/29 Immigrant (Italian) T-645 Not Available
Atlas, Morris 1972/01/18 Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-089 Not Available
Avery, Chuck 1972/07/31 People's Party National Convention T-209 Online
Bakan, George (2 Tapes)   Ethnic Artists (Russian) T-829 Not Available
Baldwin, Roger 1975/09/21 Ethical Society T-728 Not Available
Baldwin, Roger 1968/11/29 Ethical Society T-734 Not Available
Balloon Machine     T-842 Not Available
Banerjee, Dr. Dilip   Immigrant (Indian) T-437 Not Available
Banks, State Representative J.B. "Jeb" 1975/01/26 Area Elected Officials T-547 Not Available
Barcal, Joseph F. 1972/07/21 Hooverville T-204 Not Available
Barrett, Claretha 1975/10/12 Women in the Seventies T-472 Available, incomplete
Barrios, Dr. Francisco 1971/12/05 Immigrant (Mexican) T-068 Online
Bash, Carrie 1977/07/13 Black Community Leaders T-570 Available
Becker, Mrs. William Dee 1975/10/15 St. Louis Symphony History T-458 Not Available
Belkin, Yadwiga, Mrs. Beckie Allen and Raghuveer Pallapothu   Immigrant (Russian, Polish, and Indian) T-443 Available
Bell, James "Cool Papa"   Negro Baseball League None Online (T-015)
Belobraydic, Joe and Mabel Masson 1974/07/18 Depression Era T-368 Available
Belson, Sharron and Charlotte Cohen 1974/09/25 Women in the Seventies T-417 Available
Berberich, Hilda   Ethnic Artists (German) T-813 Not Available
Bereyso, Andrew and Bereisa, John and Mary   Immigrants (Lithuanian) T-066 Not Available
Berra, Lou 1973/07/11 Immigrant (Italian) T-647 Not Available
Berra, Lou Jr. 1973/08/28 Immigrant (Italian) T-648 Not Available
Berra, Paul Mario (2 Tapes) 1973/07/31 Immigrant (Italian) T-646 Not Available
Berra, Pavl 1974/04/26 Immigrant (Italian) T-407 Available
Besselsen, Clarence and Joseph Loyet   Immigrant (Dutch) T-260 Available
Biedenstein, John   Depression Era None Online (T-367)
Bilgere, Betty RESTRICTED 1983/04/21 Women in the Seventies T-747 Not Available
Bilgrem, Herbert   Ethnic Artists (German) T-814 Not Available
Billups, Kenneth 1974/05/03 Black Community Leaders T-345 Available
Billups, Kenneth 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-784 Not Available
Bishop, Beverly Alden and Betty Lee 1974/05/08 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-351 Not Available
Blackmar, Charles 1975/12/17 Paul W. Preisler T-480 Available
Bond, Anita 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-771 Not Available
Bond, Governor Christopher S. 1975/12/22 Area Elected Officials T-541 Not Available
Boon, Ira 1974/05/01 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-358 Not Available
Bradley, Eugene "Tink" 1980/09/22 Black Community Leaders T-629 Available
Breen, K. R. 1973/12/04   T-357 Not Available
Brewster, Mikki 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-775 Not Available
Brewster, Mikki 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-776 Not Available
Brickey, Francis P.   Depression Era T-402 Not Available
Brlody, Charles 1972/07/26 People's Party National Convention T-205 Online
Broeker, Elmer 1974/07/23 Depression Era T-404 Online
Brogan, Dan 1982/04/07 Social Reform and Committee for Environmental Information T-672 Available
Brooks, Dr. Aldrich   UMSL Black History T-787 Not Available
Brown, Claude 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-773 Not Available
Brown, Dora 1974/07/18 Depression Era T-369 Not Available
Brown, Freddie Mae (2 copies, reel and CD) 1974/04/16 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-363 Not Available
Brown, Olive 1973/02/22 Jazzmen T-235 Not Available
Bruno, Mario 1975/04/13 Immigrant (Italian) T-451 Not Available
Bruns, Dolores   Women in World War II None Available (T-494)
Burbank, David T.   Socalists of St. Louis and Missouri, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-217 Online
Burnett, Rose 1975/11/07   T-502 Not Available
Buschmann, Henry (2 copies) 1971/05/19 Immigrant (German) T-002 Online
Bush, Arthur   Immigrant (English) T-605 Not Available
Calloway, Deverne 1971/09/09 Black Community Leaders T-016 Online
Calloway, Deverne 1983/02/23 Black Community Leaders T-705 Available
Calloway, Ernest (2 copies) 1970/07/31 Black Community Leaders, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-021 Online
Calloway, Ernest and Deverne 1980/10/12 Ethical Society T-731 Not Available
Campbell, Floyd   Jazzmen None Available (T-432)
Campbell, Margaret 1974/07/13 Depression Era T-370 Available
Canham, Dorothy   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-691 Not Available
Carpenter, Mildred B. 1972/03/28 Artists and Art Collectors T-095 Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1885/3/25-1886/5/14 Labor History  T-715 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1886/5/18-1887/1/8 Labor History T-716 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1887/1/8-18887/7/16 Labor History T-717 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1887/7/16-1888/3/10 Labor History T-718 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1888/3/10-1905/10/10 Labor History T-719 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1905/10/28-1907/6/22 Labor History T-720 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1907/6/29-1909/3/13 Labor History T-721 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1909/3/27-1910/11/26 Labor History T-722 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1910/10/26-1912/7/27 Labor History T-723 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1912/7/27-1913/8/7 Labor History T-724 Not Available
Carpenters' Local #5 Meeting Minutes 1913/8/7-1913/12/27 Labor History T-725 Not Available
Carson, Elva 1977/03/10 Women in Labor Unions T-553 Available
Carter, Robert 1973/04/25 Jazzmen T-251 Available
Cassmatis, Maria and Alla Popovskaya   Immigrant (Greek and Russian) T-484 Not Available
Castle, Moria L.   Immigrant (South African) T-515 Available
Cavagnaro,Greer 1973/09/05 Immigrant (Italian) T-650 Not Available
Cavic, Lou (3 Tapes) 1973/07/15 Immigrant (Yugoslavian) T-649 Available
Chapo, Mona   Ethnic Artists (Hungarian) T-819 Not Available
Chervitz, Jack   Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-517 Not Available
Chicoineau, Jacques   Ethnic Artists (French) T-811 Not Available
Chiodini, Monsignor 1973/09/13 Immigrant (Italian) T-651 Not Available
Chisholm, Shirley   Women in the Seventies T-539 Not Available
Chislom, Mrs. Betty   Immigrant (Scottish) T-508 Not Available
Chris & Statue Reciprocity Show 1975   T-840 Not Available
Ciardi, John 1961/10/15 Ethical Society T-737 Not Available
Circus 1968   T-837 Not Available
Clark, Father Interview 1961/11/20   T-751 Not Available
Clark, Father Interview 1964/5   T-754 Not Available
Clark, Father Lecture (Part 1) 1961/11/20   T-752 Not Available
Clark, Father Lecture (Part 2) 1961/11/26   T-753 Not Available
Clark, Father Lecture at Rayen Auditorium (Part 1) 1961/11/12   T-749 Not Available
Clark, Father Lecture at Rayen Auditorium (Part 2) 1961/11/12   T-750 Not Available
Clark, Father Oncommunity forum 1962/07/15   T-755 Not Available
Clark, Father Speech at Western Illinois University Macomb     T-748 Not Available
Clark, Joseph W. B. 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-772 Not Available
Clay, Luiz Felipe 1972/10/03 Immigrant (Cuban) T-220 Not Available
Cohen, Charlotte S. 1974/12/05 Women in the Seventies T-427 Available
Cohen, David   Socialists in St. Louis None Available (T-436)
Commoner, Barry 1957/02/10 Ethical Society T-739 Not Available
Commoner, Berry 1982/01/11 Committee for Environmental Information T-675 Available
Conway, Richard 1971/07/21 Immigrant (Irish) T-004 Online
Cortinovis, Irene, Issac Darden and Ina Watson 1980/02/24 UMSL Black History T-788 Not Available
Cousins, Norman 1954/10/24 Ethical Society T-741 Not Available
Couture, George L. 1974/08/08 Depression Era T-371 Not Available
Creole Reeds: Sidney Bechet, Albert Nicholas 1953 Jazzmen T-112 Not Available
Crowder, Robert 1974/07/23 Depression Era T-401 Not Available
Csengody, Mary   Ethnic Artists (Hungarian) T-820 Not Available
Cualdoni, Louis Jean 1973/08/13 Immigrant (Italian) T-658 Not Available
Cunninggim, Dr. Merrimon   Campus Speakers T-088 Not Available
Curtis, Congressman Thomas B. 1974/10/27 Area Elected Officials T-544 Not Available
Curtis, Dr. L. Simington 1978/05/07 Black Community Leaders T-585 Available
Curtis, Dr. L. Simington (2 tapes) 1977/05/05 Black Community Leaders T-562 Available
Curtis, Voda B. 1977/06/13 League of Women Voters T-569 Available
Cusamano, Rose 1973/07/30 Immigrant (Italian) T-652 Available
Dames, Joan Foster 1974/07/10 Women in the Seventies T-405 Available
Danforth, Attorney General John 1975/09/28 Area Elected Officials T-543 Not Available
Davenport, Leona M.   Ethnic Artists (American Indian) T-807 Not Available
Davis, Dr. Robert   UMSL Black History T-789 Not Available
Davis, Julia 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-780 Not Available
Davis, Lorraine 1975/09/23 Women in World War II T-495 Not Available
de Silva, Nanda   Ethnic Artists (Sri-Lankan) T-830 Not Available
Debbs, Ed (2 tapes) 1974/01/29 Committee on Environmental Information T-632 Not Available
DeGregorio, Roland (2 Tapes) 1973/08/28 Immigrant (Italian) T-653 Not Available
Delmond, Garst (2 Tapes) 1974/06/12 St. Louis Labor Leaders T-330 Available
Dempsey, Ann (2 copies) 1971/11/11 Women in the Seventies T-036 Online
Dennison, Edgar 1971/12/03 Immigrant (German) T-059 Online
Denton, Ruth Ann (Frasier)   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-678 Not Available
DeRamus, Garnell 1973/02/07 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-237 Available
Dewald, Elise W. 1979/10/26 Artists and Art Collectors T-610 Not Available
Dewald, Elsie W. 1974/10/16 Artists and Art Collectors T-414 Available
Dillard, Irving 1964/09/27 Ethical Society T-736 Not Available
Discus, Virginia 1979/04/29 Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-688 Not Available
Dmytryszyn, Michael   Immigrant (Ukranian) T-254 Not Available
Doughtery, Paul (2 Tapes)   Depression Era T-372 Available, incomplete
Drake, Bill   Negro Baseball League None Online (T-067)
Drew, Gwendolyn A.   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-680 Not Available
Drey, Kay 1983/09/28 Social Reform T-714 Available
Drey, Kay and Leo 1983/10/18 Ethical Society T-733 Not Available
Druie, Bess 1971/11/05 Jazzmen T-033 Online
DuBose, Demosthenes 1973/03/07 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-239 Available
Dunham, Tottie 1988/06/20 Community Liaison for Education and Research  T-1055, T-1056 Available
Durocher, Grace R.   Women in Labor Unions T-558 Available
Eagleton, Senator Thomas 1974/07/07 Area Elected Officials T-549 Not Available
Eckhardt 1971/04/17   T-1050 Not Available
Eckhardt, William 1983/03/30 Theodore Lentz Papers T-709 Not Available
Eckhardt, William 1980/03/16 Ethical Society T-730 Not Available
Edwards, Margaret 1972/11/12 Women in the Seventies T-228 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-636 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-637 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-638 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-639 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-640 Not Available
Ehrlich, Simon J. 1973 Immigrant (Ukranian Jew) T-641 Not Available
Eisendrath, Dr. William N. 1972/01/08 Artists and Art Collectors T-229 Online
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-762 Not Available
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-763 Not Available
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-764 Not Available
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-765 Not Available
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-766 Not Available
Electric Ratepayers Protection Project 1984 Vote Yes on Prob B Radio Ad T-767 Not Available
Escobedo, Dr. Bolivar   Immigrant (Peruvian) T-445 Not Available
Estes, Dr. Mary Margaret 1982/04/20 Retirement Dinner Celebration at Northeast State University T-1060 Not Available
Ethnic Studies Conference (3 Reels) 1973/04/28   T-277 Not Available
Evans, Pearlie I.   Women in the Seventies T-469 Not Available
Fajardo, Concepcion 1973/12/11 Immigrant (Cuban) T-332 Available
Favigano, John   Immigrant (Italian) T-261 Online
Favigano, John and Mr. John Giefer   Immigrant (Italian) T-262 Not Available
Fedele, C. RESTRICTED 1973/02/01 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-241 Available
Feinstine, Escheal 1975/12/09 Paul W. Preisler T-477 Not Available
Fellows, Boyd W. 1974/05/08 Black Community Leaders, KETC T-347 Not Available
Feltman, Nevena   Immigrant (Yugoslavian) T-339 Not Available
Fichtenbaum, Myrna 1974/05/29 Women in the Seventies T-329 Available
Fielding, Merdean 1974/04/12 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-359 Not Available
Fields, Nancy 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-769 Not Available
Fields, Nancy and Anita Bond 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-770 Not Available
Filipak, Father Edward 1973/08/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-654 Not Available
Finneran, Betty 1973/03/01 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-236 Available
Finney, Chick and Martin L. McKay 1971/04/06 Jazzmen T-001 Online
Finney, Chick and Martin L. McKay (2 copies) 1971/05/21 Jazzmen T-003 Online
Finney, Chick, Eddie Johnson, Elijah Shaw and Eddie Randle 1971/08/20 Jazzmen T-010 Online
Fischer, Betty W. 1976/04/15 Immigrant (Australian) T-511 Not Available
Fischer, Richard 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-778 Not Available
Fister, Janiece 1972/06/12 Women in the Seventies T-116 Not Available
Fleming, Leo   Immigrant (Irish) T-574 Available
Flores, Carlos 1975/04/23 Immigrat (Mexican) T-447 Not Available
Ford Middle School "Charlton Tandy, A Hero"     T-866 Not Available
Foreign Policy Symposium (2 tapes) 1977/04/15   T-564 Not Available
Fowler, John (3 Reels) 1982/01/15   T-674 Not Available
Fraley, Rex   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-686 Not Available
Franklin, Bostick and Oscar Ehrhardt 1975/12/12 Paul W. Preisler T-478 Available
Frazier, Douglas 1967/11/26 Ethical Society T-735 Not Available
Freeman, Frankie M. 1973/04/11 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-264 Online
Freitag, Earl (2 Reels)   Moving Industry T-213 Not Available
Fried, Marlene G. 1971/12/07 Women in the Seventies T-064 Online
Friedlander, Michael 1982/1   T-698 Not Available
Friedlander, Michael (2 Reels) 1981/12/09   T-642 Not Available
Gardner, Dr. Ann M. 1974/10/28 Women in the Seventies T-419 Available
Gasway, Lorraine   Ethnic Artists (African American) T-804 Not Available
Gates, Clifford 1981/10/12 UMSL Black History T-791 Not Available
Gates, Nelly and Bert 1971/09/02 Immigrant (Irish) T-014 Not Available
Gellhorn, Edna 1963/12/18 League of Women Voters T-600 Not Available
Gesner, Elmer 1975/09/19 St. Louis Symphony History T-456 Available
Giacoma, Fred 1974/05/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-408 Available
Giacoma, Fred 1973/09/20 Immigrant (Italian) T-656 Available
Gladys, Virginia Easton   UMSL Black History T-790 Not Available
Glaus, John Walter 1973/08/08 Immigrant (Italian) T-655 Available
Goins, Robert 1970/07/29 Black Community Leaders T-026 Online
Grant, David 1975/12/23 Paul W. Preisler T-481 Available
Grant, David 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-777 Not Available
Grant, David (2 copies) 1970/08/24 Black Community Leaders T-027 Online
Grant, James P. (part 1) 1984/04/11   T-863 Not Available
Grant, James P. (part 2) 1984/04/11   T-864 Not Available
Grasse, J. and Mary Ronzio   Immigrant (Itallian) T-657 Not Available
Gray, Wilson 1980/12/16 UMSL Black History T-792 Not Available
Green, C.O.   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-684 Not Available
Greenberg, Ronald K. RESTRICTED 1974/03/19 Artists and Art Collectors  T-349 Not Available
Grybinas, Zigmas   Ethnic Artists (Lithuanian) T-826 Not Available
Gupta, Ashok   Immigrant (Indian) T-439 Not Available
Gurman, Isaac 1974/07/29 Depression Era T-428 Online
Guze, Joy and Louise Robinson 1983/03/30 Theodore Lentz Papers T-710 Not Available
Haley, Alex 1972 Black Community Leaders T-538 Not Available
Hammonds, Bertha 1981/11/10 UMSL Black History T-793 Not Available
Hanke, Harold 1983/02/23 Americans for Democratic Action T-706 Available
Hanss, Marie (2 Tapes)   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-683 Not Available
Happe, Margaret 1973/05/01 Immigrant (German) T-272 Not Available
Harlow, Donovan 1976/02/17 Food Crisis Network T-487 Not Available
Harms, Adaline and Josephine Small 1971/12/03 Women in the Seventies T-065 Not Available
Harper, Evelyn Wright 1975/08/25 Women in World War II T-490 Available
Harper, Mrs. Loretta 1972/12 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-293 Not Available
Harrisburg, Ted     T-1046 Not Available
Harrison, Dr. William 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-781 Not Available
Hartwig, Helen   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-685 Not Available
Hauser, Stephan 1976/04/27 Immigrant (Hungarian) T-516 Not Available
Haynes, Neal J. 1980/08/27 Black Community Leaders T-627 Available
Hearnes, Governor Warren 1974/11/10 Area Elected Officials T-542 Not Available
Hegel, Clara 1975/08/20 Women in World War II T-492 Not Available
Hellany, Asa 1973/12/05 Immigrant (Syrian) T-334 Not Available
Hemenway, David 1975/12/16 Paul W. Preisler T-479 Available
Hessman, Bertha 1977/03/23 Women in Labor Unions T-554 Available
Hessman, Walter 1977/03/23 Depression Era T-555 Not Available
Hickey, Margaret   Women in the Seventies T-313 Available
Hirzy, John William 1972/07/29 People's Party National Convention T-210 Not Available
Hoops, Walter 1971/08/17 Immigrant (German) T-008 Online
Hoops, Walter 1971/08/24 Immigrant (German) T-009 Online
Hubbard, Laverne 1973/04/14 Family Histories T-266 Not Available
Hudlin, Dr. Richard   Depression Era T-373 Available
Hudlin, R. A. 1974/05/02 Black Community Leaders T-340 Not Available
Hudlin, Richard A. Sr. 1974/07/19 Black Community Leaders T-413 Not Available
Hungate, Congressman William 1974/01/06 Area Elected Officials T-550 Not Available
Hungate, William L.   Area Elected Officials None Available (T-671)
Hunleth, Mildred 1975/08/23 Women in World War II T-491 Available
Hunter, Julius AND Singleton Palmer 1981/11/06 UMSL Black History Conference T-768 Not Available
Igoe, Agnes and Ellen Mannion 1973/08/07 Immigrant (Irish) T-007 Online
Irish Immigrant Protest Songs   Immigrant (Irish)  T-247 Not Available
Jacobs, Rabbi Robert RESTRICTED     T-097 Online
Jazz Concert (2 Reels) 1972/02/04 Jazzmen  T-219 Not Available
Jazz Concert on Gaslight Square: Dixieland Band, Palmer Singleton 1972/2 Jazzmen T-113 Not Available
Jazz Concert: Palmer Singleton, Ben Thigpen, Leon King, Bill Martin, Norman Mason and Gus Perryman 1964/08/11 Jazzmen T-111 Not Available
Jazz Concert: TV Interview 1971/11/19   T-221 Not Available
Jefferson, Albert (2 copies) 1970/08/10 Black Community Leaders T-029 Online
Johnson, Flowoing Margaret   Community Liaison for Education and Research None Available (T-1063)
Johnson, Margaret (Flowing) 1984/08/17 Women Gathering T-868 Not Available
Johnson, Oscar Jr. 1975/10/04 St. Louis Symphony History T-454 Available
Johnson, Sonia 1984/08/18 Women Gathering T-869 Not Available
Johnston, Monsignor 1973/08/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-660 Not Available
Jones, Juinor R.   Depression Era T-374 Not Available
Jutton, Jessie   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-681 Not Available
Kallos, Arpad de   Ethnic Artists (Hungarian) T-821 Not Available
Kaplan, Dr. Alex 1972/02/15   T-073 Not Available
Kappeser, Myrtle 1977/03/18 Women in Labor Unions T-557 Available
Karcher, Lee G. 1974/07/17 Depression Era T-375 Not Available
Karendjeff, Mimi   Ethnic Artists (Bulgarian) T-808 Not Available
Kasti, Helen   Ethnic Artists (Ukranian) T-831 Not Available
Kastner, John and Harold Grossett   Immigrant (German and Bahamian) T-440 Not Available
Kaszubski, Reverend Z. S.   Immigrant (Polish) T-252 Available
Kennedy, John F.     T-365 Not Available
Kennedy, Mary and Jim 1974/07/20 Depression Era T-376 Not Available
Kennedy, Thomas 1971/09/22 Immigrant (Irish) T-018 Online
Kerber, Dr. Linda 1975/10/27 Campus Speakers, Women in the Seventies T-463 Available
Kindel, Henry P.   Depression Era T-377 Not Available
King, Georgia 1988/6/18 and 1988/7/8 Community Liaison for Education and Research T-1054 Available
Kirby, Dr. Ronald   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-694 Not Available
Kittlaus, Luouis   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-689 Not Available
Klarmann, Joseph, Dan Bolef and Gertrude Faust 1982/1 Committee for Environmental Information T-673 Available, incomplete
Klien, Reverend Susan, Marilyn Lorenz-Weinkampf, Martha Mehl, and Sylwia Falconer 1979/04/26 Women in the Seventies T-603 Not Available
Klump, Mrs. Gertrude   Depression Era T-366 Not Available
Knez, Cecilia and Mary Oldani 1972/02/11 Immigrant (Croatian/Italian) T-091 Online
Koetting, Rosina   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-677 Not Available
Koller, Herman   Immigrant (Ukranian) T-514 Not Available
Korchinsky, Reverend Leonard   Immigrant (Ukranian) T-253 Not Available
Kormier, Mildred   Ethnic Artists (German) T-815 Not Available
Kranzberg, Mrs. Ann   Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-446 Not Available
Krijgsman, Pieternella 1975/04/03 Immigrant (Indonesia/Holland) T-475 Not Available
Kubista, Connie R.   St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-234 Online
Kuehnert, Eunice 1975/08/12 Women in World War II T-500 Not Available
Kuehrner, Anna (2 Tapes)   Ethnic Artists (Hungarian) T-822 Not Available
Kupferer, Thomas, Thomas Morgan, and Alvin L. Serkin 1973/02/20 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-232 Online
Lafata, Ms. Phyllis 1972/02/15 Women in the Seventies T-077 Online
Lallis, Rose (2 Reels) 1971/07/26 Immigrant (Italian) T-005 Not Available
Lander, Leon 1971/09/16 Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-017 Online
Lander, Leon 1972/02/08 Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-072 Available
L'Ange, Alphonse Joseph   Ethnic Artists (French) T-812 Not Available
Lanznar, Martin L. 1974/07/21 Depression Era T-378 Not Available
Laue, Dr. James 1979/04/08 Ethical Society T-729 Not Available
Lee Dr. Calvin 1980/09/10 UMSL Black History T-794 Not Available
LeFlore, Shirley and Mary Brewster 1974/11/13 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-420 Available
Leiva, Mercedes 1974/12/04 Immigrant (Chilean) T-482 Not Available
Lendvay, Emry   Ethnic Artists (Hungarian) T-823 Not Available
Lentz memorial Service 1977/01/15 Ethical Society  T-727 Not Available
Lentz, Erola "Creative Retirement" 1968/10/14   T-1049 Not Available
Lentz, Theodore F. "Humatriotism: Loyalty to Humanity" 1973/02/23   T-1051 Not Available
Leo and Josephine Pace 1972/01/21 Immigrant (Italian) T-090 Not Available
Leontsinis, Emanuel 1973/11/16 Immigrant (Greek) T-333 Not Available
Levine, Elizabeth R. 1974/11/13 Women in the Seventies T-426 Available
Lewis, Tedford L. 2007/01/16 Conscientious Objector T-233 Online
Liebrum, Harrison 1977/05/09 Gas House Workers T-560 Not Available
Litton, Congressman Jerry 1975/02/16 Area Elected Officials T-548 Not Available
Litzman, Sarah and Family   Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-098 Not Available
Loehnig, Leo 1976/04/23 Immigrant (German) T-512 Not Available
Logsdon, R. B. 1974/01/22 St. Louis Labor Leaders T-324 Online
Lomax, Muriel 1977/06/21 Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-679 Not Available
Long, Sammy and Olive Brown   Jazzmen T-011 Online (T-011a, T-011b)
Look Look See Mother Run     T-843 Not Available
LoPiccolo, Marguerite 1974/05/01 Hooverville T-335 Not Available
Lorenzo, Sergio   Immigrant (Cuban) T-444 Not Available
Lotz, Helen 1971/11/11 Women in the Seventies T-035 Online
Love, Mrs. Martha 1975/10/13 St. Louis Symphony History T-459 Not Available
Lu, Annette 1975/03/07 International Women's Year, Women in the Seventies T-434 Not Available
Luscomb, Florence   Women in the Seventies T-504 Available
Lynch, Beatrice and Patrick   Immigrant (Norwegian) T-620 Not Available
Macaluso, Sarah (Noto) and Genevieve Noto (2 tapes) 1977/03/23 Women in Labor Unions T-556 Available
Malcolm, Don and Tema Wright 1975/5/3-4 Immigrant (Nigerian and Liberian) T-441 Not Available
Malone, Ora Lee 1974/05/03 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-344 Online
Manley, Helen   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-676 Not Available
Mann, Dr. George (2 Tapes) 1981/04/29 UMSL Black History T-795 Not Available
Mantia, Mary 1973/04/12 Immigrant (Italian) T-259 Not Available
Marillac Dedication 1976/09/12   T-536 Not Available
Marshall, Thurgood 1957/02/24 Ethical Society T-738 Not Available
Martin, Malcolm W. 1974/05/06 KETC T-348 Not Available
Martin, Richard 1980/09/05 Black Community Leaders T-625 Available
Massie, Felice RESTRICTED 1974/03/20 Artists and Art Collectors  T-418 Not Available
Mathison, Ralph H. 1974/12/10 Immigrant (Norwegian) T-486 Not Available
Maurice Wheeler (2 Tapes) 1980/03/14 Socalists of St. Louis and Missouri, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-617 Not Available
May, Geraldine 1976/09/23 Women in World War II T-497 Not Available
May, Morton D. RESTRICTED 1975/11/06 St. Louis Symphony History T-468 Available
Mayer, Franz 1976/03/27 Immigrant (Yugoslavian) T-521 Not Available
McDonald, Vincent and Mary Bresnahan   Immigrant (Irish) T-438 Available
McKinney, E. A. (2 Tapes) 1974/03/15 Jazzmen, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-316 Online
McLaughlin, Wilbur and Paolucci, Lester and Pat 1977/05/09 Gas House Workers T-561 Not Available
McNeal, Ted 1974/05/09 Black Community Leaders T-343 Online
McNeal, Theodore D. 1970/07/22 Black Community Leaders T-024 Online
Mercurio, Sebastian C. 1974/07/22 Depression Era T-379 Not Available
Metzger, Edgar 1982/12/13   T-702 Available
Metzger, Elizabeth 1972/06/19 Women in the Seventies T-115 Online
Miccichi, Mrs. Charles   Depression Era T-380 Not Available
Middendorf, Ella   Immigrant (German) T-255 Not Available
Mihanovich, Clement 1973/08/03 Immigrant (Italian) T-661 Not Available
Miller, Mr. Paul Sr. 1980/09/23 UMSL Black History T-796 Not Available
Miller, William J. 1975/09/22 St. Louis Symphony History T-461 Not Available
Minshall, Gene, Jerry W. Clark, Dow N. Ellison: UAW Local 249 1976/5 Labor History T-522 Available
Minshall, Gene, Jerry W. Clark, Dow N. Ellison: UAW Local 249 1976/5 Labor History T-523 Available
Minshall, Gene, Jerry W. Clark, Dow N. Ellison: UAW Local 249 1976/5 Labor History T-524 Available
Montage, Judith Natale 1974/11/20 Women in the Seventies T-425 Available, incomplete
Montecalvo, Mario 1973/09/10 Immigrant (Italian) T-662 Not Available
Moore, Helen J.   Black Community Leaders T-412 Available
Moore, Helen J.   UMSL Black History T-797 Not Available
Moore, Mrs. Helen J. Mill Creek Area     T-748 Not Available
Moore, Webster 1981/12/01 UMSL Black History T-799 Not Available
Morgan, Barbara 1979/10/17 Artists and Art Collectors T-612 Not Available
Mosby, Dr. Reba (2 copies) 1970/07/09 Black Community Leaders T-030 Online
Mullay, James J. 1971/08/26 Immigrant (Irish) T-013 Not Available
Murphy, Edward 1975/09/10 St. Louis Symphony History T-453 Available
Narber, Jerry and Vearl Harris Interviewed about Father Clark 1967/01/28   T-757 Not Available
Newt, Allen   Negro Baseball League None Available (T-208)
Nicola, Catherine   Ethnic Artists (Romanian) T-827 Not Available
Nixon, Richard M. 1974/08/08 Farewell Speech T-399 Available
Nowell, Rosemary   Immigrant (German) T-450 Not Available
Numi, Joe   Immigrant (Italian) T-406 Not Available
Oldani, Isidore and Charles 1973/09/10 Immigrant (Italian) T-663 Not Available
Original "Aunt Min"     T-841 Not Available
Orland, Dr. Henry   Immigrant (German) T-257 Available
Ovlvey, Mrs. Blanche, Marie Saeger, Stella Burton and Mary Taylor   Depression Era T-381 Not Available
Pagano, Joseph 1974/12/15 Immigrant (Italian) T-337 Not Available
Palmer, Singleton (2 copies) 1971/11/09 Jazzmen T-034 Online
Palumbo, Father Anthony 1973/08/13 Immigrant (Italian) T-665 Not Available
Parker, Sue   Immigrant (New Zealander) T-448 Not Available
Passetti, Armando   Immigrant (Italian) T-409 Not Available
Patte Teeper on KMOX     T-838 Not Available
Patterson, "Pete" Joseph 1974/04/03 Jazzmen T-325 Online
Peek, George "Happy" 1973/07/25 Immigrant (Italian) T-670 Not Available
Peeples, Pauline Wilson 1972/10/12 Women in the Seventies T-215 Not Available
Pempmuller, William   Ethnic Artists (German) T-816 Not Available
Perryman, Gus 1972/04/27 Jazzmen T-106 Online
Pertici, Mario 1973/08/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-664 Not Available
Pest Control Task Force   Committee For Environmental Information  T-631 Not Available
Peterson, Dr. Alphonso 1980/09/17 UMSL Black History T-800 Not Available
Peterson, Karen   Ethnic Artists (Danish) T-810 Not Available
Petrikovitsch, Edward 1972/12/07 Socalist Party T-226 Not Available
Pfaff, Lorenz 1976/04/15 Immigrant (Transylvanian) T-510 Not Available
Phillips, Dr. A.C. 1980/04/25 Black Community Leaders T-616 Not Available
Picard, Alison and Allen 1975/05/06 Immgrant (Scottish) T-449 Not Available
Pierson, Jack 1983/02/11 Americans for Democratic Action T-704 Available
Pierson, Ray (Part 2) 1990/03/05   T-1058 Not Available
Planned Parenthood (2 Reels) KMOX "At Your Service" and "The Thing Without a Name"     T-760 Not Available
Plunk, Dr. Dolores   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-695 Not Available
Poelker, Monsignor 1973/07/30 Immigrant (Italian) T-666 Not Available
Professor Roling      T-1047 Not Available
Przygoda, Mrs. M. M. 1973/05/01 Immigrant (Polish) T-270 Not Available
Pucci, Sylvio 1973/08/30 Immigrant (Italian) T-667 Not Available
Puckett, Charlene 1973/04/06 Family Histories T-265 Not Available
Punch, Jacques W.   Depression Era T-382 Not Available
Puppet Show Music     T-839 Not Available
Rabbit, Representative Richard 1976/04/04 Area Elected Officials T-545 Not Available
Raferty, Lawrence (Part 2) 1975/06/18   T-871 Not Available
Raftery, Lawrence (Part 1) 1975/06/18   T-870 Not Available
Randall, James A. 1973/12/03 Black Community Leaders T-275 Not Available
Rape Crisis Center Director 1974 Women in the Seventies T-572 Not Available
Rasch, Darlyn   Ethnic Artists (German) T-817 Not Available
Redmond, Sidney R. (2 copies) 1970/07/06 Black Community Leaders T-025 Online
Reproductions Decisions Workshop 1977/6 International Women's Year T-614 Not Available
Rhoda, Mrs. Bertha Black 1974/05/05 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-360 Not Available
Rhodes, Robert M.   Depression Era T-606 Not Available
Richardson, Malverna 1984/05/13 Ethnic Artists (African American) T-805 Not Available
Riverboat Jazz Concert at UMSL (2 Reels) 1971/11/19 Jazzmen  T-093 Not Available
Rivero, Alina 1975/03/08 Women in the Seventies T-433 Available
Rocco, Augustine and Mary E. Greco 1973/09/16 Immigrant (Italian) T-659 Not Available
Rogers, Laura   Women in the Seventies T-328 Not Available
Rohr, Elmer   Depression Era T-383 Not Available
Rose, Cynthia 1974/10/14 Immigrant (Polish) T-416 Not Available
Rosen, Dr. Ralph (2 Tapes)   Fluoridation T-643 Available
Ross, Dorothy 1975/07/17 Women in World War II T-498 Available
Ruchelshaus, William 1973/11/28   T-309 Not Available
Rugge, Katherine and Marianne Krug 1974/12/14 Immigrant (German) T-485 Not Available
Russell, Representative James 1974/04/21 Area Elected Officials T-546 Not Available
Russo, Sam 1973/09/10 Immigrant (Italian) T-668 Not Available
Ryan, Tom 1982/09/28 Social Reform T-700 Available
Sakahara, Pauline   Ethnic Artists (Japanese) T-825 Not Available
Sanders, Elizabeth 1974/07/12 Depression Era T-384 Not Available
Sayad, Elizabeth Gentry 1974/04/26 Women in the Seventies T-353 Available
Sayad, Homer E. 1972/04/12 Immigrant (Iranian-English) T-103 Available
Schellingerhout, Reverent Thomas 1973/12/01 Immigrant (Dutch) T-354 Not Available
Schepp, Robert P. 1972/11/02 Immigrant (German) T-224 Not Available
Schiermeyer, Mrs. Virginia 1974/07/22 Depression Era T-385 Not Available
Schilling, Dorthy, James and Walter   St. Louis Labor Leaders None Available (T-331)
Schlafly, Daniel L. 1973/03/26 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-244 Available
Schwartz, Clara and Sarah Goodman 1971/08/31 Immigrant (Russian Jew) T-012 Online
Scott, Anna Lee 1975/12/10 Women in the Seventies T-470 Available
Scott, Carolyn A. (2 Reels)   Women in the Seventies T-117 Not Available
Scott, Mrs. Wallace 1974/12/14 Immigrant (English) T-483 Not Available
Scuito, Ann   Ethnic Artists (Italian) T-824 Not Available
Scuzzo, Dr. Carl C. 1974/05/14 Immigrant (Italian) T-410 Not Available
Selden, David, Demosthenes DuBose, and Louis Hirt 1973/11/07 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-400 Not Available
Selvaggi, Julus 1973/08/15 Immigrant (Italian) T-669 Not Available
Sewell, Wayman   Depression Era T-386 Not Available
Sham, Ali, Kevin Shea and Barry Commoner   Committee for Environmental Information T-634 Not Available
Shaw, Elijah & Vivian Oswald (2 Tapes) 1972/05/03 Jazzmen T-109 Online
Shear, Sue S. 1975/01/16 Women in the Seventies T-429 Available
Sherberg, Ellen, Alberta C. Slavin, Harriet Woods, Linda Tarr-Whelan Sister Jeanne McKenna Marcia Mellitz (4 Tapes) 1979/11/17 Women in Leadership in Missouri Conference, Women in the Seventies T-613 Available
Shet, Sharad 1976/04/26 Immigrant (Indian) T-509 Not Available
Shipp, Evelyn 1975/07/24 Women in World War II T-499 Not Available
Shitavla, Bishnu 1973/12/06 Immigrant (Nepalese) T-336 Not Available
Sievers, Al 1977/03/27   T-1061 Not Available
Sikorski, Edward and Helen   Depression Era T-387 Not Available
Siller, Rodolfo V., Gonzalo, and Severo Guerrero (2 Tapes) 1973/04/03 Immigrant (Mexican) T-245 Not Available
Siller, Rodolfo V., Gonzalo, and Severo Guerrero (2 Tapes) 1973/04/03 Immigrant (Mexican) T-245 Not Available
Simner, Bernay 1972/02/19   T-078 Not Available
Singer, Nancy B. RESTRICTED 1974/03/12 Artists and Art Collectors T-350 Not Available
Slaughter, Eugene 1980/08/21 Black Community Leaders T-623 Not Available
Slavin, Alberta C. 1974/04/13 Women in the Seventies T-364 Available
Slavin, Alberta C.     T-696 Not Available
Slavin, Alberta C. 1982/09/28 Social Reform T-699 Not Available
Sloan, Lee   Moving Industry T-212 Not Available
Smart, Dr. Alice 1970/06/10 Black Community Leaders T-031 Online
Smiley, Adella T. 1973/04/09 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-246 Available
Sommer, Frederick   Artists and Art Collectors T-611 Not Available
Sorkin, Dr. Cylvia A. 1977/02/11 Women in the Seventies T-552 Available
Soule, Reverend Sam   Social Reform T-697 Not Available
Sources of Black History in St. Louis 1981/7/6-7 Black History Conference T-774 Not Available
Southward, Dorothy 1977/05/26 League of Women Voters, Women in the Seventies T-568 Not Available
Spiegel, Abe J.   Immigrant (Polish) None Available (T-355)
Spock, Dr. Benjamin and Julius Hobson 1972/07/28 People's Party National Convention T-206 Not Available
St. Louis Ragtimes Concert (2 Reels) Don Havens, Glen Meyer, Al Stricker, Trebor J. Tichnor and Don Franz 1972/09/15 Jazzmen T-214 Not Available
St. Louis Regional Water Quality Conference   Committee For Environmental Information  T-633 Not Available
Stephens, Alta, Rosemary Smithson, Rebecca Morris, and Marianne O'Bara RESTRICTED   International Women's Year Meeting  T-578 Not Available
Stolar, William 1982/01/12 Fluoridation T-644 Available
Strauser, Ester and Josiah 1974/7 Depression Era T-388 Not Available
Stretch, John   Immigrant (Irish) T-258 Not Available
Stuart, Wilbur 1980/07/23 Black Community Leaders T-624 Not Available
Stuber, George   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-682 Not Available
Sulkowski, Jessie and Lichtenburg, Bertha 1977/04/29 Women in Labor Unions T-559 Available
Suttles, Mule   Negro Baseball League None Available (T-207)
Svec, Marie 1974/06/28 Depression Era T-389 Not Available
Sweets, Nathaniel M. 1970/07/20 Black Community Leaders T-023 Online
Symington, James W. 1976/07/16 Area Elected Officials T-701 Not Available
Symington, Senator Stuart 1974/09/01 Area Elected Officials T-551 Not Available
Tapella, Louis 1976/04/03 Immigrant (Italian) T-519 Not Available
Taylor, Robert   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-690 Not Available
Terry, Milo C. 1974/07/21 Depression Era T-390 Not Available
Theodore Lentz 1976/03/30 Campus Speakers  T-44 Not Available
Thomas, Eugene 1971/12/07 Jazzmen T-063 Not Available
Thomas, Frances 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-779 Not Available
Thomas, Jim   Social Reform T-844 Available
Thomas, Norman 1936   T-356 Not Available
Thomas, Robert J. Jr. 1973/03/08 St. Louis Labor Leaders, St. Louis Teachers Strike T-238 Available
Thompson, M.D. 1974/07/07 Depression Era T-391 Not Available
Torno, Laurent 1975/10/18 St. Louis Symphony History T-455 Available
Towey, Martin 1972/04/06   T-099 Not Available
Trattner, Mrs. Sigmund and Sylvia Ehrlich   Hooverville T-124 Online
Triefenbach, Eloise 1974/03/26 Depression Era T-571 Not Available
Tromelli, Terese 1974/05/07 Immigrant (Italian) T-411 Not Available
Trova, Ernest 1973/02/13 Artists and Art Collectors T-278 Available
Tsichlis, George P. 1974/07/28 Depression Era T-392 Not Available
Tucker, Lillian L. 1973/05/14 Hooverville T-242 Available
Turner, Nannie Mitchell 1970/07/24 Black Community Leaders T-022 Online
Tyler, Dr. Oliver W. H.   Black Community Leaders T-276 Online
Urbeck, Virginia 1976/08/27   T-501 Not Available
Van Den Burg, Herbert 1975/09/26 St. Louis Symphony History T-457 Not Available
Van Uum, Elizabeth 1974/05/10 Women in the Seventies T-338 Available
Vespereny, Helen   Immigrant (Hungarian) T-513 Not Available
Vietnam Veteran, Anonymous     T-712 Not Available
Villalobos, Juan 1976/04/10 Immigrant (Mexican) T-518 Not Available
Vishion, Ernest 1974/07/27 Depression Era T-393 Not Available
Viviano, Sarah 1971/06/28 Immigrant (Italian) T-006 Not Available
Voiles, Earle Interviewed about Father Clark 1967/01/04   T-756 Not Available
Von Der Ahe, Russ   Moving Industry T-211 Not Available
Von Romer, Harry   Socalists of St. Louis and Missouri, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-273 Not Available
Von Romer, Harry (2 Tapes) 1973/05/14 Socalists of St. Louis and Missouri, St. Louis Labor Leaders T-268 Available
Von Romer, Harry and Marie 1983/09/13 Labor History T-713 Not Available
Walsh, Dorothy 1974/07/18 Depression Era T-394 Not Available
Wampler, Berneda (2 Tapes)   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-693 Not Available
Ward, Mrs. Mattie 1974/07/19 Depression Era T-395 Not Available
Wasilow, Tsena   Ethnic Artists (Bulgarian) T-809 Not Available
Watson, Dr. Robert 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-782 Not Available
Watson, Ina Neal 1982/10/09 Black History Conference T-783 Not Available
Wayman, Marge 1975/08/11 Women in World War II T-493 Available
Webb, Normal "Tweed" 1974/05/04 Negro Baseball League T-342 Online
Weherspann, Helen E. 1976/7/9-10 Women in World War II T-489 Available
Weindell, Loretta A.   Depression Era T-396 Not Available
Wesley, Dorothy Porter 1982/05/15 UMSL Black History T-801 Not Available
Wheeler, Doris   Socialist Party None Available (T-758)
Wheeler, Doris 1985/02/03 Memorial Service at Ethical Society T-873 Not Available
Wheeler, Maurice R. and Doris and Edward Petrikovitsch 1972/11/30 Socalist Party T-225 Available
White, Diane 1981/01/26 Black Community Leaders T-628 Not Available
Whitener, Dr. Joy   Depression Era T-403 Available
Widdicombe, Judith 1974/05/03 Women in the Seventies T-352 Available
Wildhaber, Peter and Margaret 1974/07/21 Depression Era T-397 Not Available
Wilding, Clem   Ethnic Artists (German) T-818 Not Available
Williams, Betty 1983/05/08 Ethical Society T-732 Not Available
Williams, Ralph 1971/12/06 Jazzmen T-060 Not Available
Williams, Sidney R. (2 Reels) 1974/10/12 St. Louis Labor Leaders T-318 Not Available
Wilson, Margaret Busch 1974/04/24 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-362 Available
Winklhofer, Franz 1976/04/18 Immigrant (German) T-520 Not Available
Witcoff, Ray 1974/05/13 Black Community Leaders, KETC T-346 Not Available
Witterspoon, Dr. Fredda 1974/04/26 Black Community Leaders, Women in the Seventies T-361 Not Available
Wolff, Mrs. Norman 1975/10/08 St. Louis Symphony History T-462 Not Available
Woods, Harriet 1981/07/14 Area Elected Officials T-635 Available
Woods, Harriet 1984/06/29 Area Elected Officials T-726 Available
Woods, Harriet, Mary Coad, Ann Q. Niederlander and Sue Shear   Women in the Seventies T-452 Available
Woods, Harriett 1978/08/18 Women in the Seventies T-587 Available
Woods, Harriett 1983/03/11 Area Elected Officials T-707 Available
Woods, Harriett 1985/07/17 Area Elected Officials T-761 Available
Woods, Harriett 1987/03/27 Area Elected Officials T-865 Available
Woods, Harriett F. 1977/07/20 Women in the Seventies T-573 Available
Woods, Howard 1972 Black Community Leaders T-274 Online
Woods, Senator Harriett 1979/08/10 Women in the Seventies T-607 Available
Woods, Senator Harriett 1980/09/12 Women in the Seventies T-621 Available
World Federalists 1957/12/06   T-1048 Not Available
Wright, Helen 1975/08/26 Women in World War II T-496 Not Available
Wynn, Dr. Mary Jo 1978/12/13 Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-687 Not Available
Yinger, Dr. Hal   Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation T-692 Not Available
Young, Frances DeForest   Black Community Leaders T-622 Not Available
Young, Judge Nathan B. 1980/04/23 UMSL Black History T-802 Not Available
Young, Judge Nathan B.   UMSL Black History T-806 Not Available
Young, Nathan B. Jr. 1970/07/15 UMSL Black History T-020 Online
Younge Dr. Walter A.   UMSL Black History T-803 Not Available
Zacharian, Simon and Maria 1971/11/20 Immigrant (Ukranian) T-037 Not Available
Zalken, William 1975/09/13 St. Louis Symphony History T-460 Not Available
Zegarra, Olfa 1975/04/10 Immigrant (Peruvian) T-476 Not Available
Zonia, Ohimitri   Ethnic Artists (Romanian) T-828 Not Available