Index to Selected Missouri Newspapers

Use this tool to search for article citations from the Index to Selected Missouri Newspapers. Researchers can find information about people and topics throughout Missouri. Most newspapers published articles from papers in other parts of the state and covered events that occurred outside their readership area.

To request articles from the index, copy and paste the citation information into the Research Request form. Please limit your request to ten citations.

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The Index includes citations from the following newspapers:

  • Boonville Weekly Advertiser (Jan 2, 1880-Dec 30, 1927)
  • Boonville Eagle (May 2, 1868-July 12, 1878)
  • Boonville Observer (March 13, 1844-March 18, 1854)
  • Boonville Observer (March 25, 1854-December 27, 1856)
  • Boonville Western Emigrant (January 10, 1839-March 26, 1840)
  • Columbia Missouri Intelligencer (May 4, 1830-December 12, 1835)
  • Columbia University Missourian (September 14, 1908-August 1, 1916)
  • Columbia Missourian (August 2, 1916-December 30, 1922)
  • Columbia Missourian (January 2, 1923-December 31, 1929)
  • Columbia Statesman (1843-1886)
  • Fayette Missouri Intelligencer (June 29, 1826-April 9, 1830)
  • Franklin Missouri Intelligencer (April 23, 1819-June 16, 1826)
  • Jackson Independent Patriot (December 23, 1820-December 15, 1826)
  • Jackson Missouri Herald (August 13, 1819-August 26, 1820)
  • Jefferson City Inquirer (September 10, 1840-January 26, 1861)
  • Jefferson City Jeffersonian Republican (April 30, 1831-August 10, 1844)
  • Jefferson City People's Tribune (October 4, 1865-December 25, 1878)
  • Jefferson City People's Tribune (January 1, 1879-December 26, 1883)
  • Jefferson City Daily Tribune (January 1, 1875-December 30, 1926)
  • Jefferson City Weekly Tribune (January 2, 1884-December 31, 1884; January 4, 1888-December 27, 1888)
  • Liberty Tribune (April 4, 1846-January 29, 1869)
  • St. Louis Missouri Argus (May 22, 1835-July 4, 1840)
  • St. Louis Missouri Gazette (July 26, 1808-March 6, 1822)
  • St. Louis Missouri Republican (March 20, 1822-December 23, 1828)

Searching tips

  • Each field of this tool performs an exact search of the term entered, and will also find the term if it is part of a larger term. For example a search for <Smith, Joseph> will also return results in which Smith, Josephine and Smith, Joseph A. appear.
  • Names as subjects appear in the index in the format <Last, First> (i.e., <Smith, Joseph>).
  • Names which appear in the description field of the index are generally in the format <First Last> (i.e., <Joseph Smith>), but be aware that many first names were commonly abbreviated, e.g., Geo., Jno., Thos., and Wm. Newspapers also often referred to individuals by initials and a last name. Women are sometimes referred to by their married names, e.g., Mrs. Jno. Hendricks. The indexers indexed the names as they appeared in the newspaper, so researchers should try a variety of possibilities when searching.
  • To expand the options for searching, use the And/Or/Not operators in the second and third search fields. For example, a search for <Joe> And <Smith> will include results in which Joe N. Smith appears in the description. The Not operator can be used to limit the results by excluding a term from the search.
  • Punctuation and capitalization matter. Enter <St. Louis> not <St Louis> or <st. louis>.