Mary C. Neth Prize

The Mary C. Neth Prize is given biennially to the author of the best article on women or gender issues appearing in the preceding two volumes of the Missouri Historical Review.

The Mary C. Neth Prize was created in memory of a professor in the University of Missouri–Columbia Department of History who specialized in women's history.

The prize includes a $500 cash prize and a certificate for the author.

The award is given at the discretion of a panel of judges selected by the executive director.

For further information, contact SHSMO at (573) 882-7083 or

Neth Prize Recipients

  • 2023
    • Elizabeth Eikmann, "Soul Sister Pictures: The Photography of Emme and Mamie Gerhard" (April 2023)
  • 2021
    • Amanda L. Izzo, "‘To Help Them Brush Aside the Limitations That Hold Them Back’: Ruth Porter, Liberal Interracialism, and St. Louis Community Organizing in the Civil Rights Era" (April 2021)
  • 2019
    • Luke Ritter, "'Mothers against the Bomb: The Baby Tooth Survey and the Nuclear Test Ban Movement in St. Louis, 1954-1969" (January 2018)
  • 2017
    • Sharon Romeo, "'The First Morning of Their Freedom': African American Women, Black Testimony, and Military Justice in Civil War Missouri" (April 2016)
  • 2015
    • Linda Harris Dobkins, "What Men Expected, What Women Did: The Political Economy of Suffrage in St. Louis, 1920–1928" (October 2014)
  • 2013
    • Lawrence O. Christensen, "The Courtship of Maria Savage" (October 2012)
  • 2011
    • Rebecca S. Montgomery, "'With the Brain of a Man and the Heart of a Woman’: Missouri Women and Rural Change, 1890-1915" (April 2010)
  • 2009
    • Kimberly A. Schreck, "The Patriarch, His 'Wives,' His 'Slaves,' and His 'Children': Contested Wills in the Case of Keen v. Keen" (October 2007)
  • 2007
    • Lisa G. Guinn, Big Rapids, MI, "'Building Useful Women' from the Depths of Poverty: The Founding and Establishment of the Girls' Industrial Home and School in St. Louis, 1853-1916" (April 2006)