Ethnicity, Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Women's Experience Research Guide

Collections in the holdings at the State Historical Society of Missouri reflect the evolution of gender roles and women’s status over the course of the state’s history. The experiences of Missouri women are documented in scrapbooks, professional and personal papers, organizational records, correspondence, news clippings, and more. These collections illustrate the important roles Missouri women have played in the state’s development. Examples of the Society’s holdings include the papers of DeVerne Calloway, an activist in St.

LGBTQ Experience Research Guide

Finding evidence of early lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history often involves reading between the lines. Veiled references in diaries or letters, police reports, records of social work organizations, and legal documents give us insight into the experiences of LGBTQ individuals in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as they navigated a society that ostracized and even criminalized their community.

Jewish American Experience Research Guide

Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City

The Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City (JCA), in partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO), works to preserve the stories that compose our region's history. JCA fulfills its mission to preserve American Jewish history in Greater Kansas City and the Midwest by encouraging and supporting the collection of documents, photographs, and other memorabilia concerning Jewish life, history, and culture in the region.

Immigrant Experience Research Guide

The history of Missouri reflects the United States’ ongoing experience as a nation of immigrants. The State Historical Society of Missouri holds numerous manuscripts, photograph collections, publications, and other materials on Missouri immigrants and immigration. In addition to the links provided here, please see the research guides on the German American Experience in Missouri and the Jewish American Experience in Missouri.

African American Experience Research Guide

The story of the African American experience in Missouri is told through the personal papers of individuals and families as well as the records of black organizations and churches. Civil War pensions shed light on the aftermath of the war, while photographs, letters, scrapbooks, writings, and newspapers provide insight into the daily life of African Americans living in the state. The State Historical Society of Missouri is pleased to make available these rich resources that document their lives as Missourians.