Episode 6: A How-to Guide to Genealogy – Bill Eddleman

Season Description

Premiering in September 2018, the Our Missouri Podcast's inaugural season opens with Bob Priddy discussing his book, “The Art of the Missouri Capitol.” From that auspicious start, listeners can explore all corners of the state from Kansas City and the Missouri River Valley to the Governor's Mansion, the Ozarks, and the Land of Big Red Apples. Season 1 also features conversations on key topics, including Genealogy, National History Day, and Missouri's Bicentennial.

Episode Description

The end of the year is upon us, and it is once again time to load up the car and head out to various parties and events to mark the season. And yet, between watching sports on TV, passing the plate for one more helping of your favorite dish, and awkwardly trying to avoid uncomfortable small talk, don't let the time pass without utilizing this moment with loved ones to finally record information on your family tree. This episode features Bill Eddleman, associate director of the State Historical Society of Missouri's Cape Girardeau Research Center and current president of the Missouri State Genealogical Association, talking about some best practices to consider when researching family and community history. In this "how-to" guide to genealogy, Eddleman explains how genealogists, from novices to seasoned veterans, can navigate the records available in libraries, archives, and online.

    About the Guest

    William R. Eddleman

    William R. Eddleman earned a PhD in Biology from Oklahoma State University. Eddleman served as a professor in the Department of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University from 1995-2014. He served as vice provost and dean of the School of Graduate Studies from 2011-2013 before being appointed as the provost of Southeast Missouri State University. After retiring as provost in 2016, Eddleman became the associate director of the State Historical Society of Missouri's Cape Girardeau Research Center. Presently, he is the president of the Missouri State Genealogical Association.

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