Episode 1: "The Art of the Missouri Capitol" - Bob Priddy

Season Description

Premiering in September 2018, the Our Missouri Podcast's inaugural season opens with Bob Priddy discussing his book, “The Art of the Missouri Capitol.” From that auspicious start, listeners can explore all corners of the state from Kansas City and the Missouri River Valley to the Governor's Mansion, the Ozarks, and the Land of Big Red Apples. Season 1 also features conversations on key topics, including Genealogy, National History Day, and Missouri's Bicentennial.

Episode Description

Current visitors to the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City will notice large sections of the facility blocked off due to an ongoing construction project to update and maintain the more than 100-year-old structure. While its exterior grandeur might be presently obscured by scaffolding, this episode's guest, Bob Priddy, takes us to all corners of the historic structure in a discussion of his book The Art of the Missouri Capitol: History in Canvas, Bronze, and Stone, co-authored by Jeffrey Ball. In their book, Priddy and Ball provide an expansive overview of the present Missouri State Capitol building from the destruction of its predecessor by lightning in 1911 to the contemporary efforts to preserve its pristine existence along the banks of the Missouri River. Along the way, the authors offer the reader a well-researched story of the capitol’s construction adjoined by stunning photographs that document the building’s rich history.

    About the Guest

    Bob Priddy

    If you have listened to Missourinet over the last 40+ years, you will certainly recognize Bob Priddy's voice. For his substantial career in radio journalism, Priddy was inducted into the Missouri Broadcaster's Association Hall of Fame in 2018. He is also a noted author with several books to his credit including Only the Rivers are Peacefuland Across Our Wide Missouri. Since 2016, Priddy has served as the president of State Historical Society of Missouri’s Board of Trustees, and he has served as a volunteer leader of the organization since 1985.

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