African American Experience in Missouri Series Features Author and Historian Larry Gragg

Larry Gragg, author and Professor Emeritus of History at Missouri University of Science and Technology, presented a program on Nov. 2, 2022, at the State Historical Society of Missouri Center for Missouri Studies that examines the impacts of desegregation in Missouri higher education.

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About the Presenter

The author of 10 books, including Forged in Gold: Missouri S&T's First 150 Years, Gragg will look at the challenges to achieve desegregation of the Missouri School of Mines and the University of Missouri in 1950. He will examine a range of factors, including changes in public opinion and precedents set by court cases. Gragg will also focus upon the role of the presidents at the University of Missouri, Lincoln University, and the five state colleges as they addressed increasing demands for an end to segregation in public higher education in Missouri.