Chris Sutton

St. Louis
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Whether performing at schools, historical sites, state parks, or on a train, Chris leaves you with an unforgettable performance!  He has done stage, theatre, television commercials, modeling and voice over work. He has also worked as an interpreter, guide & storyteller for the Saint Louis Zoo and for Missouri state parks. He performs brilliant and intriguing living history programs that are done in period clothing through a first person account of someone who lived and experienced each adventure. With his soothing voice, he brings a gripping sense of awe to every presentation and leaves the audience with an unforgettable experience!

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Civil War Riots In Missouri 

The Civil War Riots in Missouri - On the brink of civil war, Missouri is torn between Northern & Southern alliances. Both sides know the key to winning the war is securing the arsenals. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis put their faith in two different men to accomplish this in St. Louis, but only one will prevail and make his mark in Civil War history. Through a first hand account of a Union officer, discover what happens & relive the events that changed our nation forever! 

The History of TAPS!

Of all the bugle calls in the world, none has more notoriety or fame than TAPS. TAPS is the most famous bugle call in the world and one solid cornerstone of American Military history, but do you know the incredible story behind it? One night in July of 1862, in the midst of the American Civil War, an inspirational tradition was born from an unforgettable tragedy. 

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