Research Guides

Research Guides for Missouri Research

These guides are provided to connect researchers with manuscript, newspaper, photograph, and reference resources to begin investigating Missouri cultural, political, and genealogical history.

Children and the Cape Girardeau Steamboat African American Experience in Missouri
The story of the African American experience in Missouri is told through the personal papers of individuals and families as well as the records of black organizations and churches. Civil War pensions shed light on the aftermath of the war, while photographs, letters, scrapbooks, writings, and newspapers provide insight into the daily life of African Americans living in the state. The State Historical Society of Missouri is pleased to make available online these rich resources that document their lives as Missourians.
Battle of Wilson's Creek American Civil War in Missouri
The American Civil War in Missouri collection includes letters and diaries offering valuable insight into how Missourians, both civilians and those in the military, experienced the Civil War.
Environment Guide Environment, Conservation & Wildlife Guide
Missouri is rich in scenic natural formations such as waterways, rocky hills, and caves; in habitats for fauna and flora; and in natural resources such as fertile soils, valuable minerals, and abundant supplies of water. The State Historical Society of Missouri houses an extensive collection of manuscripts, photographs, editorial cartoons, magazines, and other materials that focus on this subject.
Genealogy Guides Genealogy Guides
Researchers at the State Historical Society of Missouri will find a wide variety of published and unpublished sources to help them discover their family history. The collection offers 4,500 newspapers from every Missouri county; over 250,000 books on state, local, and family history; thousands of manuscripts that include family and personal papers, oral histories, organizational and business records; maps; photographs; and an impressive art collection.
German Guide German American Experience
Missouri’s rich German American heritage stretches back to early statehood, and the State Historical Society of Missouri has a long tradition of collecting and translating German American manuscripts, publishing research on the topic, and helping support those interested in their Missouri German heritage.
Immigrant Guide Immigrant Experience
The history of Missouri reflects the United States’ ongoing experience as a nation of immigrants. The State Historical Society of Missouri holds numerous manuscripts, photograph collections, publications, and other materials on Missouri immigrants and immigration.
Jewish American Experience in Missouri Jewish American Experience in Missouri
Explore the experience of Jewish Americans in Missouri through the articles, newspapers, and manuscripts found in the holdings of the State Historical Society of Missouri.
Korean War Korean War
Missourians' involvement in the Korean War is documented in SHSMO's collections of manuscripts, newspapers, and editorial cartoons.
LGBTQ Experience
The LGBTQ research guide is a collection of research resources including manuscript collections, photography, published sources, and other resources about the LGBTQ community in Missouri.
Militia Research Guide Missouri Militias and National Guard
Research Missouri militias from pre- and early statehood through the Spanish-American War and the Missouri National Guard that followed in the early 20th century.
Native American Guide Native American Experience
Collections of primary source materials related to Native Americans held by the State Historical Society of Missouri include records, papers, correspondence, letters, and firsthand accounts of travelers on the Missouri and western frontiers. The Missouri Historical Review also features a number of articles on Native Americans in Missouri.
Vietnam WarVietnam War
The Vietnam War research guide is a collection of research resources including local newspapers, manuscript collections, and editorial cartoons about military service in the Vietnam War and the political climate in the US during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.
World War I World War I
Collection of letters, diaries, and photographs exploring Missourians serving in the war and Missourians at home during the war.
World War II World War II
The World War II research guide is a collection of newspapers, letters, diaries, records, photographs, and memoirs written during or about wartime military service.These records help us to understand the effects the war had on Missourians fighting overseas as well as those providing strength on the home front.