Center for Missouri Studies

2016 Center for Missouri Studies Fellowship recipients

The Center for Missouri Studies awarded its 2016 fellowships to scholars in Columbia, St. Louis, and Troy, Alabama.

Sarah Lirley McCune, a PhD candidate in history at the University of Missouri-Columbia, received the Center's fellowship in the History of Women in Missouri Politics for her proposal, "The Personal Is Political: Gendered Conflicts and Early Death by Suicide, Alcoholism, Abortion, and Homicide in St. Louis, 1875-1885." McCune is studying how women both shaped and were shaped by the politics surrounding social issues such as domestic violence, alcoholism, and suicide as resolutions to these problems were sought within the court system, reform movements, and other settings.

Diane Everman, an archivist at the St. Louis Jewish Community Archives and the Taylor Family Archives/Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Corporate Archives, won the Missouri Jewish History fellowship for her proposal, "The Preventorium: Fighting Tuberculosis in St. Louis." Everman is researching the contributions to public health efforts in the 1920s to 1940s of a children's camp, founded by the Jewish Sanatorium and sponsored by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, that was intended to help prevent the spread of tuberculosis.

Luke Ritter, a lecturer in history at Troy University in Alabama, received the Center's fellowship in the Environment in Missouri History for his proposal, "The Maternal Politics of Air and Water Pollution in St. Louis." Ritter is examining the prominent role of St. Louis women as leaders of environmental protection causes in the 1950s and 1960s, considering the impact of these leaders on environmental activism and women's general involvement in politics.

The fellowship recipients will hold their appointments for the 2016 calendar year. Each is writing a scholarly essay for possible publication in the Missouri Historical Review, the quarterly journal of the State Historical Society of Missouri, and will also make a public presentation of their work at a date and Missouri location to be determined. The fellowship awards include stipends of $5,000.