Stephen Sharp Davis

St. Louis
About the Speaker

Stephen S. Davis is an attorney with True North Law Group, LLC, a law firm specializing in property rights and election law litigation.  After graduating from the University of Missouri–Columbia Law School, he became the sixty-second elected Chief Clerk and Administrator of the Missouri House of Representatives.  Steve then served as an Assistant United States attorney in St. Louis.  He left that position to become Mitt Romney’s election law counsel for the State of Missouri.  Steve chaired the Missouri Bar Committee on Citizenship Education and is the recipient of the Missouri Bar’s Solomon Civic Virtue Award.  He lives with his wife and four children in St. Louis.

“Mormonising” Political and Religious Dissent in Nineteenth-Century Missouri

Explaining the example of how Missouri officials dealt with the “Mormon Problem” in the 1830s, attorney Stephen Davis will demonstrate how the same and other officials later dealt with slavery and abolitionists. As Senator David Rice Atchison (former lawyer to the Mormons) said to Jefferson Davis, “We will be compelled to shoot, burn & hang, but the thing will soon be over. We intend to ‘Mormonise’ the Abolitionists.” This action in western Missouri and Bleeding Kansas would ignite the Civil War.

Redistricting and Elections in Missouri

Missouri election law attorney and former presidential campaign election lawyer Stephen Davis will explain the redistricting process in Missouri, proposals for reform, and recent Supreme Court cases.