Mara Wendy Cohen Ioannides

Missouri State University
About the Speaker

Mara W. Cohen Ioannides teaches in the English Department at Missouri State University and is the president of the Midwest Jewish Studies Association. She has edited the only published volume on the history of the Jews of the Ozarks and has published nearly a dozen articles, book chapters, and books on the Jews of America, the Jews of the Midwest, and the Jews of the Ozarks. She is the authority on Jews of the Ozarks.

Jews of the Ozarks

This presentation highlights the beginnings of the Jewish communities of the Ozarks, why these people came, where they went to, and the impact they had on the larger community. The talk is illustrated with numerous historical images. The goal is to help the listener understand the multicultural/religious nature of one of the most homogeneous regions in the United States.