Lindsey Kaye Manshack

Washington University
St. Louis
About the Speaker

Lindsey Manshack is a public health research coordinator at the Washington University School of Medicine and a tribal citizen of the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences from the University of Missouri–Columbia and earned a master’s degree in public health from Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work. She is also a member of the Missouri American Cancer Society Board of Directors. She now works to strengthen community capacity to reduce health disparities and enhance education and awareness about chronic disease risk, prevention, and community resources.

Then and Now: American Indian Representation in Missouri

With over 30,000 residents identifying with American Indian tribal affiliations, Missouri is enriched by tribal diversity. Using data from the US Census Bureau and other nationally recognized sources, this presentation focuses on where the current American Indian population is living within Missouri. It explores land and water rights, tribal preservation efforts, representation vs. misrepresentations, and indigeneity among local Missourians. Audience members will leave with a greater understanding of the American Indian people and the culture which surrounds them.