Douglas Peery Doughty

Farmer and Researcher
Northern Missouri
About the Speaker

Doug Doughty dives into history from his family farm in north Missouri, be it Native American Indian history before his ancestors arrived in the 1830s, or his ancestors' struggles and progression through conflicts, wars, and depressions after homesteading in Livingston County in 1838. He focuses on the gaps in Missouri history.  “We know a lot about what happened, but we are far hazier regarding why it happened and why did it happen the way it did. What were the pivotal moments?”

The Mystery of the Trees

This presentation tells the story of Native American trail marker trees in the U. S., Missouri, and on Doughty’s family farm in North Missouri.  Specific trees were shaped as saplings by Native American Indians and transformed into signposts to guide Native Americans to trails, freshwater, shelter, rivers, and other destinations. Doughty explores the significance of why a peculiar-looking burr oak tree on his property was “bent” around 300 years ago. As a result of his own research, the tree has been confirmed as a Native American “Trail Marker Tree” and is listed in the Trail Tree Project Registry, where it stands as one of the oldest Native American trail marker trees in the country. Throughout his presentation, Doughty not only pays tribute to this sliver of Native American history but other plain truths and contributions of Native American Indians to our heritage as well.

"Clash of Cultures, When Paths Cross": The Missouri Mormon War of 1838

This presentation examines a snippet of the Missouri Mormon War of 1838. Doughty’s great-great-grandfather William F. Peery was 18 years old, had set off on his own, purchased land and built a log cabin in Livingston County in the spring of 1838. Soon after he homesteaded, skirmishes broke out between Mormons in Caldwell, Carroll and Daviess Counties and other settlers in the region. Peery enlisted in the Missouri Militia and played a role in the conflict that culminated at Far West in Caldwell County, where many important developments in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints occurred. A dramatic, pivotal moment transpired involving Peery, Mormon prophet and leader Joseph Smith and Missouri Militia Brigadier General, Alexander Doniphan – a moment that likely changed the course of history for all three.