David Christopher Warren

Mineral Area College
Park Hills
About the Speaker

D. Christopher Warren is an active Civil War historian and reenactor. He teaches American History at Mineral Area College in Park Hills. He is a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; Turner Brigade; Missouri Civil War Reenactor’s Association; and the Historical Studies Honor Society for American Public University. Warren also holds a bachelor of science degree in education and social studies from Central Methodist University and a master of arts degree in Civil War military history from American Public University.

Civil War Flags of Missouri and Arkansas

Utilizing a wide selection of photos and PowerPoint presentation, historian D. Christopher Warren brings a lesser-known area of Missouri’s Civil War history to light. The goal of this program is to expand knowledge of the Civil War in Missouri by explaining the various organizations of troops, the varieties of flags they carried into battle, and what happened to these unique treasures once the guns fell silent. To add to this unique program, Warren also presents the program in a period-specific Union Color Sergeant’s uniform and explains the importance of the regimental color guard.

Civil War Engineers of Missouri

Utilizing a wide selection of photos and PowerPoint presentation, as well as some interesting props, historian D. Christopher Warren presents a history of a unique military force during the Civil War that many have overlooked. Drawing upon his great-great-great grandfather’s regimental history and his own years of reenacting experiences and scholarly research, Warren takes his audience into the depths of Missouri’s premier engineering unit and their exploits from Sherman’s March to the Grand Review at the war’s end. Furthermore, by portraying the part of a member of the unit, Warren gives a performance that will make the audience feel as if they knew someone who had actually been there.