Carole Elaine Shelton

Storyteller and Author
About the Speaker

Carole Shelton is a retired educator from the St. Louis City Schools. She currently, works part-time in the program "Read From the Start," as a discussion leader. This program is designed to help parents and caregivers become more effective readers to their preschool children. They are fostering skills through reading to prepare their preschoolers for the formal learning experience in school. Carole is also a storyteller who tells a wide variety of stories from around the world with a hint of music to inspire. She also researches and creates historical stories about Black women all over the country.

Many Thousands Gone

"Many Thousands Gone," a Negro spiritual, sung during the Civil War by escaping slaves to reach and join the Union Army. There were hundreds of enslaved men and women living in Missouri before and during the Civil War whose names and lives are long forgotten in time. This program will focus on the struggles for survival as freedom loomed on the horizon.

Portraits of Black Women in Missouri

This program offers first and third person portrayals of Black women in Missouri; creating biographical sketches which illustrates the impact of enslavement and pending freedom upon their lives. Choose one or two of the following:

  • Elizabeth Keckely
  • Mary Robinson
  • Lucy Delaney
  • Harriet Scott
  • Annie Malone