Carol Elaine Davit

Executive Director
Missouri Prairie Foundation
About the Speaker

Carol is the executive director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation, a nonprofit land trust. Over her 20+ years in conservation and environmental fields, Carol's work has included land protection, sustainable use of natural resources, conservation education, and production of the 41-year-old Missouri Prairie Journal.

Why Prairie Matters: New Relevancies of a Vanishing Landscape

Prairie in Missouri once covered more than 15 million acres, and prairie soils made the state into the agricultural powerhouse that it is today. Prairie today is reduced to fewer than 60,000 scattered, unplowed acres, but these prairie remnants are biodiversity powerhouses and hold the keys to sustainable future land use to benefit all Missourians.

Benefits of Native Plants to Missouri Communities

Plants originating from to Missouri's prairies, glades, wetlands, forests and other habitats may be planted in developed landscapes, providing many benefits to cities and towns throughout the state. In addition to creating a sense of place, these native plants store carbon, filter and absorb stormwater, provide for pollinating insects and make our human communities liveable–and connect our cultural history to natural history, upon which all life depends.