Research Request

Research Procedures

To provide services to all researchers, the following procedures have been adopted for the receipt of and response to research requests:

  1. Complete the Research Request Form on this page.
    Submit one request at a time. Do not send another research request before receiving a reply.

    • Genealogical requests should contain:
      1. The full name of the individual whose record is requested.
      2. County or city.
      3. Exact date of the event if known. For all other requests, please indicate as narrow a period as possible.
    • Obituaries and other newspaper article searches can be submitted through the Newspaper Research Request Form.
    • Historical research requests should be clearly written with a specific question.
  2. Research Center staff will review the request. 
    Requests are processed in the order they are received; most requests will be answered within two to four weeks.
  3. You will receive an e-mail with information regarding research and copy fees and how to pay them. 
    Prepayment of any research fees specified in that e-mail is required. Research fees are nonrefundable and do not guarantee that relevant information will be found.

Research Request Form

Please complete all of the required information. We are unable to respond without this information. It is needed for response and reporting purposes only and will never be shared with any outside entity.

If you are unable to complete and send your request using this form, please put the information requested above in an e-mail and send it to