Guide to Civic Affairs & Leaders in Missouri

Resources for Civic Affairs & Leaders History Research

The State Historical Society of Missouri's Manuscript Collections contain personal and professional papers of community leaders, but not politicians, who take active roles to improve their communities, and of organizations with similar goals. Can also include the records of social service organizations with civic aims.


Brief History

The collections of the State Historical Society of Missouri include the materials for civic leaders who are not politicians, who work toward the betterment of the community and the lives of the people who live there. They may be labor leaders, civil rights leaders, environmentalists, the founders of non-profit organizations, or the supporters or opponents of a host of social and economic issues that affect society. Also, included in this category are organizations or groups who advocate for similar causes. Some examples of collections available through the State Historical Society of Missouri include the personal papers of Johnson Lykins Bingham and Martha Lykins who promoted the establishment of the Home for Widows and Orphans of Confederate soldiers; Rosemary Claypool Young who advocated for women, children and automobile safety; or groups such as the League of Women Voters. These, along with around 175 other collections, represent the civic engagement of a host of Missourians who sought to better their communities.