Vol. 115, No. 1, October 2020

Feature Articles

  • In Memory of Lynn Wolf Gentzler, 1949–2020
  • “A Handsome New Home”: Social Welfare Reform and Resistance in Rural Missouri, by Courtney L. Kisat
  • “From the Hell’s Brew of Malice, Hatred, and Vindictiveness”: The 1906 Investigation of George E. Ladd, Director of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, by Larry Gragg
  • Plague, Printers, and Politics: The St. Louis Whig Party and Nativism after the Cholera Epidemic and Fire of 1849, by Ian Brickey

From the Stacks

Research Center–St. Louis

  • The Prison Ministry of the New Life Evangelistic Center, by A. J. Medlock

Book Reviews

  • Citizen Brown: Race, Democracy, and Inequality in the St. Louis Suburbs, by Colin Gordon
    Reviewed by David Lucander
  • Dreams of El Dorado: A History of the American West, by H. W. Brands
    Reviewed by Roger L. Nichols
  • When Sunflowers Bloomed Red: Kansas and the Rise of Socialism in America, by R. Alton Lee and Steven Cox
    Reviewed by Michael Pierce
  • Calamity: The Many Lives of Calamity Jane, by Karen R. Jones
    Reviewed by Rebecca Scofield
  • The Great Oklahoma Swindle: Race, Religion, and Lies in America’s Weirdest State, by Russell L. Cobb
    Reviewed by Nigel Anthony Sellars

Book Notes

  • I Called Him Uncle Harry: Growing Up in the Truman-Wallace Household, by David Wallace
  • Baseball in St. Louis: From Little Leagues to Major Leagues, by Ed Wheatley
  • The CMH Story: From Dreams to Reality and Beyond: A Firsthand History of Rural Health-Care Success in the Missouri Ozarks, by Kerry D. Douglas and James C. Sterling
  • The Women’s Fight: The Civil War’s Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation, by Thavolia Glymph
  • Route 36: Ohio to Colorado, America’s Heartland Highway, by Allan McCallister Ferguson

News in Brief

Cover Description

Stump Speaking, 1856, by George Caleb Bingham (1811–1879). Mezzotint engraving by Louis-Adolphe Goutier, hand-colored. [SHSMO Art Collection, 1963.0012]