Vol. 115, No. 2, January 2021

Feature Articles

  • Remembering the Ste. Genevieve Race Riot of 1930: Historical Memory and the Expulsion of African Americans from a Small Missouri Town, By Patrick Huber
  • “The Terrors and Trials of War”: The Civil War Papers of Henry and Cimbaline Fike, Edited and Annotated by Jeremy Neely and Trevor Martin
  • Reconstructing the Founding of St. Louis, By Thomas C. Danisi

From the Stacks

Research Center–Cape Girardeau

  • Commemorations of the Founding of Cape Girardeau: The Weiss Family Papers, Mary Jane Barnett Papers, and Eddleman Family Papers, By Bill Eddleman

Book Reviews

  • The Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States, By Walter Johnson
    Reviewed by Kevin Boyle
  • Commonwealth of Compromise: Civil War Commemoration in Missouri, By Amy Laurel Fluker
    Reviewed by Matthew E. Stanley
  • Household War: How Americans Lived and Fought the Civil War, Edited by Lisa Tendrich Frank and LeeAnn Whites
    Reviewed by Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz
  • The Scourge of War: The Life of William Tecumseh Sherman, By Brian Holden Reid
    Reviewed by Zachery A. Fry
  • Boom and Bust in St. Louis: A Cardinals History, 1885 to the Present, By Jon David Cash
    Reviewed by Benjamin G. Rader

Book Notes

  • The Missouri-Illinois Railroad: Missouri Pacific’s Route through the Lead Belt and Little Egypt, By Charles A. Duckworth
  • Missouri: An Illustrated Timeline, 200 Years of Heroes and Rogues, Heartbreak and Triumph, By John W. Brown
  • Unwanted Spy: The Persecution of an American Whistleblower, By Jeffrey Sterling
  • Becoming Truman: 26 Years of Impersonating Our 33rd President, By Niel M. Johnson
  • Route 66 in Missouri, By Joe Sonderman
  • St. Louis Jazz: A History, By Dennis C. Owsley
  • Sedalia, By Rebecca Carr Imhauser

News in Brief

Cover Description

Rocheport View, by Robert F. Bussabarger (1922–2013). Oil on hardboard, c. 1990. Gift of the Estate of Robert F. Bussabarger. [SHSMO Art Collection, 2016.0277]