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The Missouri Historical Review, an award-winning scholarly quarterly, has served as the cornerstone of SHSMO's publication program since 1906. This richly illustrated journal features current scholarship on all facets of the state's history. The Missouri Historical Review also contains reviews of and notes on recently published books about the history of the state and local areas and the lives of Missourians.

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January 2018 (Vol. 112, No. 2)

Feature Articles

George Washington Carver
The Man and the Myth
87 By Gary R. Kremer Mothers against the Bomb
The Baby Tooth Survey and the Nuclear Test Ban Movement in St. Louis, 1954–1969
107 By Luke Ritter War Letters
Preserving Personal Correspondence from America's Military Conflicts
139 By Andrew Carroll

From the Stacks

Research Center–Kansas City
The Past in Scrapbooks: A Sampling of the Collections in the Kansas City Research Center
By Lucinda J. Adams

Book Reviews

A Nation without Borders: The United States and Its World in an Age of Civil Wars, 1830–1910
By Steven Hahn
Reviewed by Daniel Walker Howe In the Shadow of Dred Scott: St. Louis Freedom Suits and the Legal Culture of Slavery in Antebellum America
By Kelly M. Kennington
Reviewed by Kenneth H. Winn Bloody Engagements: John R. Kelso's Civil War
By John R. Kelso, edited by Christopher Grasso
Reviewed by Thomas W. Cutrer My Fellow Soldiers: General John Pershing and the Americans Who Helped Win the Great War
By Andrew Carroll
Reviewed by John T. Greenwood Frank Little and the IWW: The Blood That Stained an American Family
By Jane Little Botkin
Reviewed by Greg Hall J. C. Penney: The Man, the Store, and American Agriculture
By David Delbert Kruger
Reviewed by David Blanke The Guerrilla Hunters: Irregular Conflicts during the Civil War
By Brian D. McKnight and Barton A. Myers
Reviewed by Mary Jane Warde To Raise and Discipline an Army: Major General Enoch Crowder, the Judge Advocate General's Office, and the Realignment of Civil and Military Relations in World War I
By Joshua E. Kastenberg
Reviewed by Richard S. Faulkner

Book Notes

A Historical Snapshot of Iron County, Missouri, 1857–2017
Edited by John M. Abney
Lanford Wilson: Early Stories, Sketches, and Poems
Edited by David A. Crespy
The First Beverly Hillbilly: The Untold Story of the Creator of Rural TV Comedy
By Ruth Henning
Joseph Brown and His Civil War Ironclads: The USS Chillicothe, Indianola, and Tuscumbia
By Myron J. Smith Jr.
From Warm Center to Ragged Edge: The Erosion of Midwestern Literary and Historical Regionalism, 1920–1965
By Jon K. Lauck
The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World
By A. J. Baime

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A deep snowfall at Concordia, Missouri, on March 24, 1912. [Rehkop/Peterson Collection, C3888-D0160-A, SHSMO-C]